When people in Barsetshire aren’t going to the movies at the Odeon, they are reading books for entertainment, or writing them for their highly stylized publishers, such as Adrian Coates. Angela Thirkell readers delight in the Barsetshire books, but what are people in Barsetshire reading? Thanks to Caroline Evans and Beth Thoenen. (C & G = Carroll & Graf, MB = Moyer Bell)
AT Book Author Work Comments Ch. Ed. Pg.
Cheerfulness Breaks In ? My Burning Flesh Translated from the Mixo-Lydian by a young woman on staff of Daily Dustbin. 14 C&G 266
Happy Returns Frederick Brittain and Bernard Lord Manning Babylon Bruis’d and Mount Moriah Mended Its “gifted authors” don’t like Children’s Corners. Long thought imaginary, this is a real book that has been through several editions. 11 MB 251
High Rising ? The Noseless Horror Laura reads it in bed. 15 C&G 250
Private Enterprise ? Without My Bones, All Corpses Calling, and an American one, Meet Mr. Murder Chaplain at Southbridge likes these thrillers. 9 MB 300-301
Private Enterprise ? “others too numerous to catalog, especially as we have not yet invented them” At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
The Headmistress E. M. Delafield (?) A Good Man’s Love Dorothy got it from Miss Humble at the “libery.” Delafield’s book was published in 1932. 13 MB 330
Jutland Cottage A. T. Mahan Influence of Sea-Power on History, 1660-1805
(maybe this is real? YES)
Admiral Phelps lends it to Captain Gresham, who had already read it. 6 MB 152-153
The Duke’s Daughter Archdeacon Short Survey of the Religious and Lay Aspects of Glebe Land Mr. Grantly should be reviewing this but is worrying about Tom. 1 MB 20
County Chronicle Bohun Poem: “To his Mistress on Seeing Sundrie Woorme-castes”   10 MB 236
Jutland Cottage Canon Fewling Article for Church Times on St. Paul’s qualifications for the Royal Navy if he had lived today This was his highest ambition, and he took great pleasure in giving offprints to friends. 4 MB 94-95
The Duke’s Daughter Dean Crawley A Foreigner in Finland Mr. Grantly should be reviewing this but is worrying about Tom. 1 MB 20
The Duke’s Daughter Dickens Bleak House, which is said Hroj Czandik in Mixo-Lydian Gradka is herself translatink. 8 MB 202
The Headmistress Doctor Professor Ronnquest A little book on his own Frederika Bremer’s visits to England and America Wants Oxbridge Press to publish it. 13 MB 343-344
Cheerfulness Breaks In Esme Bellenden Men of Harlech Likely to beat out Hampton for the next Banned Book of the Month. 5 C&G 78
Private Enterprise F. E. Arbuthnot Delightful articles for Country Life with illustrations   11 MB 367
Private Enterprise F. E. Arbuthnot Coot and Hern   7 MB 200
Private Enterprise George Knox A biography of Lord Stanhope   7 MB 204
Private Enterprise George Knox Biographical works At the book binding expo 7 MB 198
The Duke’s Daughter George Knox Biographies   15 MB 343
Private Enterprise Hilary Grant Book on the French romantic poet Jehan le Capet alia Eugene Duval At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
?? le Capet, Jehan Belphégor ??which book with Hilary mentions this? ? ?? ??
The Brandons Hilary Grant Novel on le Capet’s sex life Dedicated to Delia in return for her carving his name on a marrow. 14 C&G, large 354
Peace Breaks Out Lady Emily’s mother A Step Too Far Shocked Mr. Gladstone. 7 MB 221
Pomfret Towers Lady Pomfret’s mother-in-law A Step Too Far Shocked Mr. Gladstone. 5 C&G 101
Cheerfulness Breaks In Lilian Tuckwell The Truth about Byron;   The Truth about Shelley, Keats, The Brownings; and many other popular works. The Vicar’s wife is reading the one about Byron. 9 C&G 171
Marling Hall Lionel Harvest Cast Me Abroad Mr. Harvey prefers this scathing exposure to Lord Pomfret’s work. 4 C&G 88
Jutland Cottage Lisa Bedale “some excellent thrillers” Aconite at Night and what else? 3 MB 68
The Duke’s Daughter Lord Lufton Article on “Cows in Poetry” Rejected by the Spectator. 9 MB 213
Marling Hall Lord Pomfret A Landowner in Five Reigns   4 C&G 88
Private Enterprise Lord Pomfret A Landowner in Five Reigns At the book binding expo 7 MB 198
Private Enterprise Lord Pomfret’s mother A Step Too Far At the book binding expo. Had shocked Mr. Gladstone. 7 MB 198
Northbridge Rectory Merriman Cultural Influence of the Court of King Rene Ever since Mr. Downing reviewed this, Merriman has had his knife into him. 5 C&G 89
Jutland Cottage Miss Hampton Temptation at St. Anthony’s   10 MB 281
Jutland Cottage Miss Hampton A Gentle Girl and Boy, Chariots of Desire “Chariots” is plural here. 10 MB 285
Jutland Cottage Miss Hampton Temptation at St. Anthony’s   10 MB 286
Jutland Cottage Miss Hampton Working on My Daughter is My Son, on a problem of modern life Bent: “It will be strong meat. Can England take it?” 10 MB 286
Miss Bunting Miss Hampton Temptation at St. Anthony’s   12 MB 286
Miss Bunting Miss Hampton Chariot of Desire “Chariot” is singular here. 12 MB 286
Private Enterprise Miss Hampton Powerful novels most of which had been banned in Manchester and the Vatican City At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
Before Lunch Miss Starter’s Grandfather Essays in Anglican Agnosticism Her father asked, “Without the Church of England where would we agnostics stand?” 9 C&G 225
Private Enterprise Mr. Barton Minor Domestic Architecture of East Barsetshire At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
The Headmistress Mr. Carton Fluvius Minucius, A Critical Study Dedicated in elegant Latin to Miss Sparling’s grandfather. 13 MB 344
Northbridge Rectory Mr. Downing Anthology of Provençal lyrics Miss Pemberton asked Mr. Villars to do a little notice on this for the Journal of the English Word-Lovers’ Association. 5 C&G 89
Northbridge Rectory Mr. Downing “books on Provençal literature” These seem to be apart from the dictionary. 8 C&G 155
Northbridge Rectory Mr. Downing Working on an article for the Journal of Provençal Studies   13 C&G 262
Private Enterprise Mr. Downing Scholarly edition of an early twelfth-century tenso by Peire de Baruelh At the book binding expo. A tenso is a form of a troubadour song. 7 MB 198
Before Lunch Mr. Middleton Accumulated material for an article… …for the Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects. 1 C&G 8
The Old Bank House Mr. Tebben ? Dr. Crawley knew and respected him as an authority on the literature of Scandinavia and (snakeless!) Iceland. 9 MB 223
Private Enterprise Mrs. Barton Renaissance novels At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
Jutland Cottage Mrs. Rivers Lad’s Love Title said to be taken from a flower, giving two characters the giggles. 3 MB 68
Private Enterprise Mrs. Rivers Lad’s Love The first one was chosen by the Middle-Aged Women’s Book Guild. 7 MB 204-205
Private Enterprise Mrs. Rivers Autumn Passion Flower, Esthonian Equinox She isn’t exactly Barsetshire, but was included because her husband is a cousin of Lord Pomfret. 7 MB 199
Northbridge Rectory Numa Garagou/
Guibert le Biau
Andalhou Dull and prolix work. Mr. Downing wants Mr. Villars’ opinion of a footnote in it. 8 C&G 162
The Duke’s Daughter Oliver “some notes on the Caroline poet Bohun” He was having them published privately by the Barchester Chronicle. 9 MB 213
Happy Returns Philip Winter A book on Horace Swan saw the book on a shelf. 5 MB 108
Private Enterprise Philip Winter Little book on Horace published by Oxbridge University Press At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
Love Among the Ruins Robert Graham He’s going to be a poet, according to Clarissa His father wants him to go into the Guards. 8 MB 291
Pomfret Towers Sasha Menski Worm that Eatest the Flesh Julian Rivers likes the jacket that Bolikoff designed for this book. 11 C&G 245
The Duke’s Daughter Sister Propria Persona Selectivity in the Church Today Mr. Grantly should be reviewing this but is worrying about Tom. 1 MB 20
Private Enterprise Sixth Earl of Pomfret Translation of an ode of Ronsard privately printed At the book binding expo 7 MB 199
Cheerfulness Breaks In Spurge-Mackworth A Concept of Neo-Phallic Thought Mrs. Bissell commends the chapter on the Libido-Involuntary to Miss Bent. 14 C&G 264