17 The Close, Barchester   (Fielding)

Aberdeathly Castle Inverdreary, Scotland   (Hornby)

Adelina Cottage, Wiple Terrace, Southbridge   (Misses Hampton and Bent)

Aloes Cottage, Northbridge   (Miss Talbot & Miss Dolly)

Arcot House, Harefield   (1. Mrs. Ellangowan-Hornby  2. Belton )

Assaye House, Harefield    (Sidney Carton)

Beliers Priory, Lambton   (Resident  Waring (Baronet))

Brandon Abbey   (Brandon)

Capes Castle   (Capes)

Chaldicotes   (Thorne)

Clives Comer, Harefield   (Updikes)

Crosse Hall   (Crosse (Baron))

Dower House, Worsted   (1. Dean  2. Birkett)

Dowlah Cottage, Hallbury   (1. Mrs. Hoare 2. Belton Fredd & Susan)

Editha Cottage, Wiple Terrace, Southbridge   (1. Horton 2. Feeder)

Framley Court, Framley   (Lufton (Baron))

Framley Parsonage, Framley   (Lufton (Dowager Baroness))

Gatherum Castle   (Palliser (Dukes of Omnium))

Glycerine Cottage, Northbridge   (Misses Crowder & Hopgood)

Hall’s End, Hallbury   (Fielding)

Harefield Park, Harefield   (1. Belton 2. Hosiers’ Girls’ School 3. Priory School)

Hartletop Priory   (Hartletop (Lord))

Hatch House, Hatch End   (Halliday)

Holdings, Little Misfit   (Graham)

Hovis House, Northbridge   (Dunsford)

Jutland Cottage, Southbridge   (Phelps)

Lamb’s Piece, Worsted   (Tebbens)

Laverings Farm, Skeynes   (Middleton)

Louisa Cottage, Wiple Terrace, Southbridge   (Bissell)

Manor House, Worsted   (Palmer)

Marling Hall, Marling   (Marling)

Mellings House, Nutfield   (Barton)

Northbridge Manor, Northbridge   (1. Keith 2. Merton)

Old Bank House, Edgewood   (1. Sowerby 2. Adams)

Old Manor House, Hatch End   (1. Crosse (John-Arthur) 2. Carter)

Old Rectory, Greshamsbury   (Leslie (John))

Palace, The Close, Barchester   (The Bishops of Barchester)

Plassey House, Harefield   (Perry)

Pomfret Towers   (Foster (Earls of Pomfret))

Pridham Hall   (Sir Edmund Pridham)

Punshions Cottage, Northbridge   (Pemberton, Downing)

Rectory, Northbridge   (Villars)

Red House, Marling   (1. Smith 2. Harvey)

Rising Castle, High Rising   (Stoke (Baron))

River Rising Cottage, Winter Overcotes   (Beedle)

Rokeby Cottage, Hatch End   (Scatcherd)

Rushwater House, Rushwater   (Leslie)

Staple Park, Worsted   (Bond (Baronet))

Stories, Pomfret Madrigal   (Brandon)

Tadpole Hall, Tadcaster   (Tadpole (Lord))

The Cedars, Muswell Hill   (Hibberd (Sir Ogilvy))

The Cedars, Marling   (Marling (Oliver & Maria))

The Deanery, The Close, Barchester   (Crawley)

The Hollies, Northbridge   (Turner)

The Lodge, Silverbridge   (Warings)

The Milky Way, Northbridge   (Miss Hopgood’s Aunt)

The Towers   (Harcourt (Dukes of Towers))

The Vinery, The Close, Barchester   (Joram)

Tork Cottage, Northbridge   (Beasley)

Valimere House, Hallbury   (Merrivale)

Vicarage, Southbridge   (Crofts)

Vicarage, Rushwater   (Banister)

Vicarage, Edgewood   (Grantly ‘)

Vicarage, Greshamsbury   (1. Fewling 2. Parkinson)

Vicarage, Hallbury   (Dale)

Vicarage, Hatch End   (Choyce)

Vicarage, Pomfret Madrigal   (1. Miller 2. Parkinson)

Vicarage, Harefield   (Oriel)

Vicarage, Lambton   (Needham)

White House, Worsted   (Bond (C.W. & Daphne))