Companion to The Headmistress

Set in the village of Harefield. Centers around the Belton family, who have moved for financial reasons from their home at Harefield Park to Arcot House in the village. Also prominent is Madeleine Sparling, headmistress of the Hosiers’ Girls’ School which has leased the Park from the Beltons. This book introduces Sam Adams and his daughter Heather, a student at the school. Highlights: the cast of characters in the village and all their war work committees; Capt. Christopher Hornby comes to make arrangements about Arcot House, on which he holds the lease; Heather Adams falls into icy water and is rescued by Freddy Belton; many discussions and grumblings about rationing, Hitler, the BBC, the government, etc.; growing fondness of both Mr. Oriel the vicar and Mr. Carton for Miss Sparling; Elsa Belton and Christopher Hornby clear out the attic; Charles Belton comes home for embarkation leave. Christopher wins Elsa, Mr. Carton wins Miss Sparling (for the future—­after her retirement.) Some memorable scenes and characters.


Book Title and Abbreviation

High Rising HR
Wild Strawberries WS
The Demon in the House DH
Mrs. Morland and Son MMS
August Folly AF
Summer Half SH
Pomfret Towers PT
The Brandons B
Before Lunch BL
Cheerfulness Breaks In CBI
Northbridge Rectory NR
Marling Hall MH
Growing Up GU
The Headmistress H
Miss Bunting MB
Peace Breaks Out PBO
Private Enterprise PE
Love Among the Ruins LAR
The Old Bank House OBH
County Chronicle CC
The Duke’s Daughter DD
Happy Return HR2
Jutland Cottage JC
What Did It Mean? WDM
Enter Sir Robert ESR
Never Too Late NTL
A Double Affair DA
Close Quarters CQ
Love at All Ages LAA
Three Score and Ten TST


Character, Description, and Book Abbreviations

Adams Sam Adams’s grandfather. Was in railway shops at Crewe. HM, DD
Adams Sam Adams’s father. Chief engineer in HMS Carroway, Adm. Hornby’s flagship. Killed when he fell under a lorry while intoxicated. HM, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM
Adams, Heather b. 1928. Daughter of Sam Adams. First seen as a large, awkward, red-faced, graceless student at the Hosiers’ Girls’ Foundation School. Infatuated with Freddy Belton, but Freddy was definitely not attracted to red-haired, pimply, lumpish Heather, despite having pulled her out of an ice-covered pond. Great mathematical ability. Mrs. Belton and Miss Bunting helped improve her social graces out of all recognition. She won a maths scholarship to Cambridge, developed into a capable, intelligent, “Lucy Marlingish” person who helped her father in his business. Married Ted Pilward, son of Hogglestock brewing magnate. Two children, elder was Edward Belton Pilward. HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Adams, Hilda d. 1919. Sam Adams’s mother. Was in service at Hartletop Priory, walked out with the third footman before she married Mr. Adams, “the worst day’s work she ever did.” Three other children died young. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD
Adams, Rose 1905-1935. First wife of Sam Adams. Died when daughter Heather was seven years old. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD
Adams, Samuel b. 1902. At first appearance he was a widower with daughter Heather. At first he was definitely “one of the people” and proud of it, and of his rise from poverty to wealth and power as owner of iron works and rolling mills at Hogglestock. He was loud, flamboyant, socially inept, and convinced that money can do anything. He improved greatly by association with county families, especially Mrs. Belton. Married Lucy Marling (almost as overwhelming a personality as himself), bought the Old Bank House at Edgewood, had daughters Amabel Rose and Leslie, and son William. Became solidly conservative and used his money to foil unnecessary “progress” and liberal inroads. Leased part of Pomfret Towers to use as a central office. Defeated Sir Robert Fielding as Labour candidate for Parliament, but became a Conservative and joined the Church of England. HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Andrew, (Uncle) d. 1944. Relative of Mrs. Hoare, brother of her Uncle Joe. Lived in Tregaskis. Left Mrs. Hoare his Indian brasswork. HM
Apperly, Miss Games mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM
Archdeacon’s wife Daughter of Dean Josiah and Mrs. Crawley. HM
Barton, Alice Daughter of Walter and Susan Barton of Nutfield Village. Delicate, timid, romantic, and studious, she attended her first house party at Pomfret Towers and was attracted by the repulsive Julian Rivers, an “artist,” then came to her senses and married big, protective Roddy Wicklow. Three children: Guy, Alice, Phoebe. PT, BL, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PE, OBH, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S& T
Barton, Walter Resident of Mellings House in Nutfield on Pomfret Estate. Senior partner of architecture firm Barton and Wicklow. Wife Susan, children Guy and Alice. His firm repaired Hiram’s Hospital. Author of Minor Domestic Architecture of East Barsetshire. PT, BL, CBI, NR, MH, HM, PE, OBH, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA
Belton Fred Belton’s grandfather, an excellent amateur photographer. Son of the Nabob. Repaired the “Garden House” in the 1890s. HM, DD, HR2, CQ
Belton, Charles Thorne b. 1922. Younger son of Fred and Lucy Belton of Harefield. First seen as haphazard, energetic, self-centered, immature. In Army artillery during war. Married Clarissa Graham after long on-again-off-again engagement in which Clarissa, unsettled by her grandmother Lady Emily Leslie’s death, behaved badly. They were married on New Year’s Day, 1952. Charles taught at Beliers Priory School, later at Harefield House School. One son, one daughter. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Belton, Elsa b. 1918. Pretty daughter of Fred and Lucy Belton. Served in hush-hush job during war. Married Capt. (later Adm.) Christopher Hornby in 1943. Rather spoilt. HM, MB, PE, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, CQ
Belton, Fred Owner of Harefield Park, but family financial problems caused him to lease it for the duration of the war to the Hosiers’ Girls’ Foundation School. Moved to Arcot House in Harefield; missed his old home and the stately, stable way of life it represented. Married to the former Lucy Thorne. Children Freddie, Elsa, Charles. Gruff but kindly old country squire. HM, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, CQ, LAA
Belton, Freddie b. 1910. Elder son of Fred and Lucy Belton. Commander in Royal Navy, worked at Admiralty for much of war and at War Office afterward. Rose to Rear Adm. Early in war served in cruiser Barsetshire and destroyer Gridiron. Was engaged to a WREN who died in an air raid. Married Susan Dean, lived in Dowlah Cottage in Hallbury. Son Frederick, daughter. HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, CQ
Belton, Frederick “The Nabob” Made the Belton fortune in the Honourable East India Co. Great-grandfather of Fred Belton, apparently the builder of Harefield House. Became more than a little eccentric in later years. Built the “Garden House” for a French woman who was no better than she should be. Also built almshouses in Harefield. HM, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, CQ
Belton, Lucy Thorne Wife of Fred Belton of Harefield. Children Freddie, Elsa, Charles. Descendant of fine old county family (Trollope’s Dr. Thorne). Acted as good influence to wear down the rough edges of Sam Adams. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Bishop of Barchester Never mentioned by name. Parsimonious, low-church, unpopular. One son, said to be “in mission field” but really worked in office at Westminster. Preached love for Germans, Communists, etc., and was a Liberal. Nicknamed “Old Gasbag.” Worthy successor to Trollope’s Bishop Proudie. Never made on “on-stage” appearance. SH, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Bishop of Barchester In the 1860s he married one of Squire Gresham’s daughters. Apparently the successor to Bishop Proudie. Great-uncle of Mr. Oriel. Had 15 children. HM
Bodger “Old Bodger” from Starveacre Hatches. Like his father before him, a ratcatcher on the Pomfret estates. Recommended by Mr. Belton to Sam Adams. Killed 15,000 rats. HM, MB, OBH, WDIM
Brandon, Delia b. 1920. Daughter of Lavinia Brandon. 18 at first appearance in B. Became engaged to Hilary Grant in B. Son Freddie, daughter Felicia. Worked in Barchester Infirmary during war. Competent and a bit overpowering, much like Octavia (Crawley) Needham and Geraldine Birkett Fairweather. Fascinated by nursing. B, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, HR2
Brandon, Lavinia Oliver 1891-1961. Attractive and languid widow, in early middle-age at first appearance in B. Son Francis, daughter Delia. Absent-minded, inattentive, apt to say anything that came into her mind. Originally lived at Stories in Pomfret Madrigal (used as a nursery school for evacuees during war). One gathers that Mrs. Brandon, along with Mrs. Morland, is something of a self-portrait of Mrs. Thirkell as she saw herself. Expert at looking languidly beautiful and falling asleep at inappropriate moments, and at rejecting unwanted suitors. Beautiful hands, graced by a diamond given to her by Aunt Sissie Brandon because she was just the sort of woman Fred Brandon would have liked. Became engaged to Bishop William Joram in CC, moved to the Cathedral Close on their marriage. B, CBI, MH, GU, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Brownscu, Gradko “Gogo” Mixo-Lydian refugee. Had title of Prodshk Browncu. Managed to live in considerable but unhygienic luxury. Yellow-faced and melancholy with beret and sheepskin coat. If possible, the Brownscus were even more selfish, disagreeable, and ungrateful than their compatriots. According to them, everything was better in Mixo-Lydia. After the war they ran a school for peasant-weaving, folk-dancing, etc. at Bathwater Cold in the Cotswolds. CBI, GU, HM, MB, DD, CQ
Brownscu, Mme. Head of Mixo-Lydian refugees, wife (??) of Gradko. Real title was Prodshka Brownscu. Small, wiry woman with frizzled dark hair and leopardskin coat. Even more selfish, ungrateful, and disagreeable than her husband, if possible. The Brownscus represented the explanation for English resentment against the worst of the East European refugees who stayed in England after the war. CBI, GU, HM, MB, DD, JC, CQ
Buck, Dr. Physician in Harefield area, called into the army. HM
Buckston, Dr. Skin specialist much admired by Dr. Gus Perry. HM
Carton, Mrs. Sidney Carton’s old mother in Bognor. HM, MB
Carton, Sidney Middle-aged former Oxford don when first encountered in HM. Tall and untidy with receding hairline and spectacles. Amateur genealogist who knew all county relationships and histories. Resident of Assaye House in Harefield. Married Madeleine Sparling, Headmistress of Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, CQ, 3S&T
Chiffinch, Nurse Known as “Squiffy” to her nursing friends, Sisters Heath and Ward. First seen in PT caring for those ill of influenza. Drove Julian Rivers to distraction by being motherly. Later was nurse to Mrs. Keith and Lady Emily Leslie. Was at Cottage Hospital in MB. Shared apartment with Sisters Heath and Ward, and they planned to open a nursing home for wealthy patients needing unnecessary care. DH, PT, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T, MB
Copper Nickname for Charles Belton’s red-haired friend Bobby. Had a motorcycle and brought Charles home on it for embarkation leave. Was one of the ground staff at the aerodrome. A bit lower-class with unpleasant broken teeth. HM
Crawley, Josiah Canon, Dean of Barchester. First seen as a friend of Lady Pomfret in PT. Eight children, 17 grandchildren in PE. Had shared digs with George Knox at Oxford. Once blackballed Sir Ogilvy Hibberd for Polyanthus Club. Grandson of Josiah Crawley, curate of Hogglestock in Trollope’s novels. Opposed Bishop’s parsimony and low-church, Liberal views. DH, SH, PT, B, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Crawley, Josiah Grandfather of Dean of Barchester, most prominent in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage and Last Chronicle of Barset. Moody, unhappy, ascetic, conscientious, hard-working curate of Hogglestock. Vindicated of stealing a cheque in Last Chronicle. Son Bob, daughters Grace and Jane, wife Mary. Later Vicar of St. Ewold’s. SH, CBI, HM, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, DA, CQ, LAA
Crawley, Mrs. Wife of Josiah Crawley, Dean of Barchester. Gave lavish teas to county families, subtly underscoring the miserliness of the Bishop and Bishopess at the Palace. Two sons, six daughters, including Secunda, Tertia, Octavia. SH, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Crawley, Octavia Youngest daughter of Dean Crawley. Competent, managing, hard-working. Interested in nursing. Married Rev. Tommy Needham and was a conscientious clergyman’s wife. Numerous children. CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Dean, Helen Eldest daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean. “Demon driver” of fast cars. Married middle-aged Oxford don Charles Fanshawe. Three children, including Rachel. AF, HM, PE, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, ESR, CQ, 3S&T
Dunstable, Martha Character in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage, Dr. Thorne, and Last Chronicle of Barset. Daughter of wealthy man who made fortune selling Ointment of Lebanon. Married Dr. Thorne. HM, CC
Ellangowan, Lady Raven-haired lady who was carried off in a decline at age 25. Her portrait hung in Arcot House, Harefield. HM, HR2
Ellangowan, Lady Catriona Wife of Lord Ellangowan of Aberdeathly Castle, Scotland. Capt. Christopher Hornby almost married her. HM, OBH, DD, HR2
Ellangowan, Lord Scottish peer, related to Christopher Hornby. Wife Catriona. Laird of Aberdeathly Castle. HM
Ellangowan-Hornby, Mrs. Adm. Widow of Adm. Hornby, daughter of old Lord Ellangowan whose portrait hung in Arcot House. Died in Harefield, making Arcot House available for the Beltons to move into. HM, CQ
Fanny, Aunt Deceased aunt of Mrs. Hoare, had lived in Derbyshire. Left Mrs. Hoare a Sheraton table. Sister of Aunt Patience. HM
Fanshawe, Charles Don at Paul’s College, Oxford, self-proclaimed “despiser of women,” something of a character. Honorary “Uncle” of Dean children at Worsted, former tutor of Winifred Tebben. In late 40s when first introduced in AF. Married much younger Helen Dean, after believing he was too old for her. Three children, including Rachel. Later became Dean of Paul’s. Was remembered for climbing around entire outside of college without touching round when he was an undergraduate. AF, CBI, HM, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Ferdinand, Isabella One of Hosiers’ Girls’ School students at Harefield Park. A natural rebel with strong dramatic leanings, played leading roles in drama productions and minor mischief. HM, MB
Fillgrave, Sir Abel Well-known surgeon whom Delia Brandon wanted to see operate. Undoubtedly a descendant of Dr. Fillgrave in the Trollope novels, esp. Dr. Thorne. CBI, GU, HM
Foster, Edith, Lady Pomfret d. 1938. Wife of 7th Earl, Old Lord Pomfret. Mother of Lord Mellings, who was killed in border skirmish in India. NéeThorne. Once beloved of Lord Stoke. Invalid, living mostly abroad. Died before BL. PT, BL, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Lady Emily b. 1940. Daughter of Giles and Sally Foster. Strong, graceful, and athletic like her mother, headstrong like Old Lord Pomfret. Wanted to go into raising vegetables; assumption is that she got job with Adams at Amalgamated Vedge. Attended Barchester High School. MH, HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Ludovic Neville Eustace Guido (Lord Mellings) b. 1938. Son of Giles and Sally Foster. Shy and frail like his father, with same painful conscientiousness, sense of honor and duty. Oxford, Sandhurst, and Guards Regt. Brought out of much of his shyness by friendship with Jessica Dean. Married Lavinia Merton in final Thirkell book. BL, MH, HM, MB, PE, LAR, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA
Foster, The Hon. Giles b. 1942. Younger son of Giles and Sally (Wicklow) Foster. Strong, graceful, athletic, and an excellent horseman like his mother. Trained to be an estate agent with his uncle Roddy Wicklow. BL, HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Gladys (Hoare) Married daughter of Mrs. Hoare of Harefield. Lived in Australia, had four daughters. HM
Glass Known as “Eye” or “Monocle” Glass because he was an artist who painted people’s eyes to put in lockets, one of which was owned by Mrs. Ellangowan-Hornby and given by her nephew to Mrs. Hoare. HM
Gradko Legendary Mixo-Lydian hero of epic Gradkonski. HM, MB, DD
Graham, Edith b. 1937. Spoiled youngest daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. As a child she recited poems which she invented. Admired by John-Arthur Crosse and George Halliday, but they both later married other girls. Married William Harcourt. One child, Gwendolyn Sally. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, John b. 1929. Second son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. In Army Guards Regt., captain by time of LAX Described by Nannie Allen as a “tow-row boy just like his Uncle David.” WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Lady Agnes (Leslie) Wife of Sir Robert Graham, daughter of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Children James, John, Robert, Emily, Clarissa and Edith. Lived at Holdings in Little Misfit. Air-headed, obsessed with her children, called by her brother David a “divine idiot.” As she aged she became more like her well-intentioned, interfering mother, but with more practical results. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Robert Jr. b. 1933. Youngest son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. At Eton in PBO. Introspective and poetic as a child, fond of small children. In Guards, Lt. by time of LAA. WS, BL, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Sir Robert Husband of Lady Agnes (Leslie). Made first “On stage” appearance on last page of ESR. Became General in WWII, apparently high in command and diplomatic structure. Constantly absent on some mission or other. Retired in 1954. Fifteen years older than Agnes, who said he always knew what was best to be done. WS, BL, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Grant, Hilary Son of Felicia and Edward Grant, was reading classics with Rev. Miller at first appearance. Was writing a book on Jehan le Capet. After recovering from infatuation with Mrs. Brandon, married her daughter Delia. Son Freddie, daughter Felicia. Apparently became an archaeologist after the war. Author of “A Diabolist of the Reformation.” B, CBI, MH, HM, PE, OBH, CC, HR2, WDIM
Grant, Mrs. Felicia Widow of Edward Grant, mother of Hilary. Lived mostly in Italy and adopted Italian folkways, with which she bored everyone to death and embarrassed her son. The prototypical “Englishwoman abroad.” Author of a book on Calabria, where she remained during the war. B, CBI, MH, GU, HM, PE, OBH, CC
Gresham, Beatrice Daughter of Squire Gresham in Trollope. Married Caleb Oriel, former Rector of Greshamsbury. [AT has Oriel as Bishop Proudie’s successor.] 15 children. HM, CQ, LAA
Gresham, Frank “Old Mr. Frank” Gresham, M.P. for East Barsetshire, whose granddaughter married a Dean of Barchester. Grandfather of present squire. Married Mary Thorne, illegitimate niece of old Dr. Thorne. In Trollope’s Dr. Thorne. CBI, HM, MB, CC, JC, CQ
Griffith, Miss Music mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM
Grimier, M. French master in school where Mr. Carton had once taught. Couldn’t control small boys (like all French masters). Was writing a life of Gambetta. HM
Hargreaves, Major Elderly Major from Chandernagore Cottage in Harefield. HM
Harriet, Cousin Cousin of Mrs. Hoare at Morecambe. Very blind. HM
Harvey, Frances Tall, fair, and not quite young sister of Geoffrey Harvey. Determined, pushy and domineering. Worked at Regional Commissioner’s Office. In censorship during War. After War was secretary to Lord Aberfordbury (formerly Sir Ogilvy Hibberd). Almost got Oliver Marling to propose by chasing him flagrantly, but he escaped. Also served in Dept. of Efficiency and Purging at Gatherum Castle. Mr. Marling said she looked like “an educated rocking horse.” MH, HM, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, NTL, 3S&T
Harvey, Geoffrey Worked at Regional Commissioner’s Office with John Leslie. Obnoxious communist who thought Russia was wonderful. Tall, thin, long hair. Greatly admired by Oliver Marling when he was young and impressionable. Related to the Nortons. Brother of Frances. Artistic and effeminate. Wrote novel about Pico della Mirandela. Rented Red House in Marling. Later returned to Red Tape and Sealing Wax in London, and then became head of PEUGI in Paris. Mistakenly called Oliver in LAA. MH, HM, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, NTL, LAA, 3S&T
Harvey, Martin Actor admired by Sidney Carton. Played Dickens character Sydney Carton. HM
Head, Miss Literature mistress for Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Became Head of Barchester Prep. School. HM, WDIM
Henry, Uncle Relative of Mrs. Hoare. Lived at Durnfield Grange. Died and left Mrs. Hoare a painting. Wife Janet. HM
Hibberd, Sir Ogilvy Unpleasant man who wanted to buy Laverings Farm. A Liberal, with heretical opinions on the Root Vegetable bill. Finally bought The Cedars, Muswell Hill. Bought “Pooker’s Piece” in Before Lunch and wanted to put up a garage and tea shop there, a move strongly opposed by local gentry. A Lloyd George peer, something to do with shipping – from Goole. Finally sold “Pooker’s Piece” to Lord Pomfret. Created Lord Aberfordbury by end of WW II. Like the Bishop, an offstage villain. Also thwarted when he tried to buy Wiple Terrace and build a factory BL, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Hoare d. 1942. Estate agent for Old Lord Pomfret in PT. Came to Towers as under-agent when he was 30. Succeeded by Roddy Wicklow. PT, HM, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM, CQ
Hoare, Gladys Daughter of Pomfret Towers estate agent. Lived in Australia. Her father’s great aunt left her all her diamonds. Husband partly Dutch,. four children. HM
Hoare, Mrs. d. 1948. Widow of Lord Pomfret’s estate agent. Lived at Harefield in Dowlah Cottage. Daughter Gladys. Active, bustling woman full of good works, always nursing relatives in impossible parts of England. Her house was overcrowded with legacies of furniture, etc., left to her by grateful relatives. HM, DD, CQ
Hoare, Sarah Cousin of Mr. Hoare. Mother was a Parisienne. She left Mrs. Hoare a French clock when she was Taken. HM
Holly, Miss Cecily Secretary to Madeleine Sparling of Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Short and stout with black eyes and a businesslike air. “Like an energetic plum pudding.” Taught advanced math as a relaxation, furthered Heather Adams’ interest in the subject. Had five younger brothers. Graduate of Fairlawns at St. Ethelburg. Became Head of Hosiers’ when Miss Sparling retired. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CQ
Hooper, Miss Secretary of Sam Adams at the Hogglestock Works. HM
Horbury, Canon Grandfather of Madeleine Sparling. A great Old Testament scholar. Absent-minded old fellow, always lending out books which his friends never returned. HM, PE, HR2, CQ
Hornby, Christopher b. 1903. Nephew of old Mrs. Ellangowan-Hornby of Arcot House, Harefield. She left him a fortune to add to his own considerable one. Son of an admiral. Married Elsa Belton in HM. Tall, dark and quiet, about 39 or 40 in 1943. Home was Castle Aberdeathly on slopes of Ben Gaunt above Loch Gloom, 10 miles from Inverdreary. Was an admiral by 1948. HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, CQ
Horton Butler to the Bartons at Pomfret Madrigal. Died in HM (1943.) PT, HM
Humble, Ellen Granddaughter of the Beltons’ cowman. Acted as maid to Miss Sparling at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Tended to be reduced to idiocy by presence of her betters (a minor reduction). Became nanny first for Anne Fielding, then for Harcourts. HM, LAR, LAA
Humble, Miss Faithful Ran twopenny library and tobacco shop in Harefield. Mother of Ellen. HM, LAR, LAA
Humble, Mrs. Barmaid at the Three Tuns, husband in the army when she had her second child, not his. HM
Humble, William b. 1859. “Old Humble,” cowman for the Beltons. His mother was a Wheeler. HM, LAR
Humble, J Proprietor of General Supply Store in Harefield. HM
Hunter, Mrs. Slavo-Lydian supporter. Was asked to Mrs. Perry’s sewing party on approval, though not a Harefield native. Not approved. HM
Hurdles Butcher of Harefield. HM
Icken Handyman and estate carpenter for the Beltons. HM
Janet, Aunt Relative of Mrs. Hoare. Died at Christmas 1944, and left Mrs. Hoare all her silver. Husband Henry. Lived at Durnford Grange. HM
Jenks Head Keeper at Pomfret Towers. Father of Pvt. Tom Jenks. GU, HM, PE
Jenks, Pvt. Tom Son of Lord Pomfret’s Head Keeper. Was at convalescent home at Beliers Priory. Shot Matron’s cat for a squirrel while recuperating from appendicitis. Nephew of Mrs. Phipps’ sister. Had a second operation. Proposed to Selina Crockett but was refused. Engaged to a Land Arm girl in HM. GU, HM
Joe, Uncle Relative of Mrs. Hoare at Tregaskis. Was “breaking up.” Had brother Andrew, deceased. Would leave his house to Mrs. Hoare. HM
Keith, Lydia Tomboyish younger sister of Robert, Kate and Colin. Awkward, gauche, boisterous and energetic, until marriage to Noel Merton moved her energy into constructive channels. Children Lavinia, Harry, Jessica. During war she miscarried her first child because of overwork. Hurt by Noel’s flirtation with Peggy Arbuthnot in PE but was reconciled to her husband, whom she loved dearly. SH, B, CBI, NR, U, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Kropov, Professor A Mixo-Lydian refugee and arch-imposter who got a chair in  “Romano-Lydian Culture” created for his benefit. HM
Leslie, Henry Owner of Rushwater House, husband of Lady Emily. A country-squire type who bred the famous Rushwater bulls. In progressively poorer health from WS until he is dead by the time of PBO (1945). WS, B, BL, MH, HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, DA
Leslie, Lady Emily (Foster) 1868-1948. Sister of Old Lord Pomfret, wife of Henry Leslie of Rushwater. Children Martin (killed in WWI), John, Agnes, and David. Delightfully unpredictable, interested in painting and arranging other people’s affairs with benevolent intent. Supposedly based on AT’s acquaintance Mary, Lady Wemyss, whose family was not amused by the affectionate portrayal. Beginning to age at first appearance in WS, became progressively more absent-minded and ethereal as series progressed, Died in OBH, calling her deceased husband and son to wait, she’s coming with them. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Levine Dressmaker in Bruton St. Almost too expensive for Mrs. Belton. HM
Marks, Miss Former Hosiers’ Girls’ School mistress. Went into Board of Trade. HM
Marling, Lucy Emily b. 1918. Younger daughter of William and Amabel Marling. Loud, bossy and boisterous, but mellowed with age, hard work and troubles. Favorite phrase “I’ll tell you what.” Married out of her class to Sam Adams. Very efficient and knowledgeable, helped administer the agricultural side of Sam’s business empire. They lived in The Old Bank House at Edgewood and had daughters Amabel Rose and Leslie, son William. MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Marling, William Squire of Marling Hall. Wife Amabel. Opinionated, irascible, and forgetful, but genuinely fond of his family. Had five brothers and sisters, all dead. Greatly saddened by deterioration of his way of life. Apparently still alive in 3S&T, with an entry in the Barchester Agricultural. MH, HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Measel, Miss Former mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School, Left to nurse her old mother. HM
Merriman, Dorothea Frances “Merry,” Old Lady Pomfret’s secretary in PT at first introduction. Very efficient, self-effacing and conscientious. Had an invalid married sister whom she sometimes visited. Was secretly and quietly in love with Gillie Foster. When he married Sally Wicklow and became Lord Pomfret, she went as companion to Lady Emily Leslie. Returned to Pomfret Towers after Lady Emily’s death to help with county business and ease the load on the frail but hard-working earl. Married Rev. Herbert Choyce in DA. One of AT’s most memorable and sympathetic characters. PT, MH, HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Merton, Lavinia b. 1943. Daughter of Noel and Lydia (Keith) Merton. “As much of a flirt as Lavinia Brandon,” for whom she was named. Married Ludo Foster, Lord Mellings. HM, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Michelle, Mlle. French mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM
Milburd, Mr. Owned Harefield Park before the Nabob (Bolton) bought it. Ruined in the South Sea Bubble and committed suicide. HM
Minucius, Fluvius Writer about whom Canon Horbury and Sidney Carton were experts. HM, CQ
Morgan, Dr. Female doctor at Harefield. Had half-baked highbrow ideas and gave patients large doses of unwanted psychology. Insignificant appearance and uncertain, temper, spent much of her money on unsuitable clothes. HM, MB, OBH, DD
Needham, Tommy Secretary to Dean Crawley. In war stationed first in Iceland, then in N. Africa where he lost an arm. Married Dean Crawley’s daughter Octavia and became Vicar at Worsted. Eight children by the time of 3S&T, including fraternal twins born in that book. CBI, MH, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Norris, The Hon. Mr. While at Lazarus College he became entangled with a barmaid at the Devonguilla Arms who was already married, but subsequently married Eleanora Purvis, a nice young lady. Once an acquaintance of Colin Keith (who was Eleanora’s cousin at Oxford. SH, HM
Norton, Lady Victoria Known by most of Barsetshire as the “Dreadful Dowager.” Face like a well-bred horse, domineering personality, thought herself the best gardener in the county. Author of Herbs of Grace about gardening. Clothes tended to imitate the Queen Mother. Lived in Cheltenham, Lady Bond moved in with her in 3S&T. WS, B, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Norton, Lord Deceased husband of Dowager Lady Norton. A vegetarian because of gastric troubles. A Lloyd George peer. B, HM, CC, DD, WDIM, CQ
Olive Mrs. Powlett’s niece. Found work at Harefield Post Office. HM
Oriel, Caleb b. 1873. Vicar of Harefield. Tall, thin, with large Adam’s apple. Ascetic and unworldly. Courted Madeleine Sparling unsuccessfully in HM. Somewhat high church. Married Gwendolyn Harcourt. HM, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, LAA
Oriel, Mrs. Mother of Mr. Oriel of Harefield, with whom he lived as a young clergyman. HM
Oriel, Miss Elder sister of Mr. Oriel of Harefield. Kept house for him until her death. HM
Patience, Aunt Relative of Mrs. Hoare. Weak in the intellect. Sister of Aunt Fanny. HM
Perry, Bob Son of Dr. and Mrs. Perry of Harefield. Received Smallbones Anatomical Award at Knight’s. Eldest son by 15 months, slightly darker hair. Replaced brother Jim as Knight’s house physician, later went into practice in Harley Street. Married daughter of Dr. Featherly Hargreaves. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Perry, Dr. b. 1897. G.P. at Harefield, as was his father. Three sons, all doctors. Short, jovial. Lived at Plassye House. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, CO, LAA
Perry, Gus Son of Dr. and Mrs. Perry of Harefield. Twin brother of Jim. Medical training at Knight’s. Slightly bushier eyebrows than brothers. Specialized in skin diseases and became G.P. at Harefield with his father. Destined to replace Dr. Ford one day in trust of the county. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Perry, Jim Son of Dr. and Mrs. Perry of Harefield. House physician at Knight’s, became surgeon. Slightly longer nose than brothers. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, LAA
Perry, Mrs. Maud Wife of Dr. Perry of Harefield. Given to causes and enthusiasms, especially for Mixo-Lydia. HM, MB, LAR, DD, HR2
Peter Friend of the Harveys’ at Bureau of Tape and Sealing Wax. Offered to share his London flat with them. Apparently an obnoxious, artistic type with similar friends. MH, HM
Pettinger, Bertha Headmistress of Barchester High School. Highly unpopular. Known to the girls as “The Beast.” Had tired waved hair and painted her face. Madeleine Sparling lived with her before the Hosiers’ Girls’ School moved to Harefield Park. Received OBE when she retired. SH, B, CBI, NR, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, 3S&T
Pilson, Gertie Worker at Harefield telephone exchange. HM
Potter Chemist in Harefield. Dr. Perry said he “could retire anytime from what he’s made off my patients and the lipstick trade.” MH, HM
Potter, George Furniture removal and storage man in Harefield. Cousin of Potter the Chemist. HM
Potter, Job 1852-18? “Young Job” who would have been 92 if he’d lived, but fell through ice and drowned in Beltons’ lake. Old Humble knew a song about him. HM, DD
Potter, Major In same regiment as Capt. Fred Arbuthnot in India. HM, HR2
Powlett, Mrs. Cook for Mr. Oriel, rector at Harefield. Shopping in Barchester was her one weakness and her day out was sacred. HM, CC, HR2
Pratt Fishmonger at Harefield. HM, HR2
Prsub Greatest Mixo-Lydian dramatist. Died at age 20. HM
Purvis, The Hon. Eleanora Wife of the Hon. Mr. Norris of Lazarus College. Mother’s name was Marian. Cousin of Helen Keith. SH, HM
Rivers, Hermione Wife of George Rivers, mother of Phoebe and Julian. Niece of Old Lord Nutfield, Amabel Marling’s father. Wrote books about middle-aged women’s platonic love affairs with younger men. PT, CBI, MH, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Rivers, Julian One of the few thoroughly despicable Thirkell characters. Long-haired, unwashed, considered himself an artist but is best at being a conceited prig. A member of the “Set of Five,” a group of artists as inept as himself. Made a pest of himself to naive Alice Barton in PT, until Roddy Wicklow rescued her. Unwillingly in Army briefly during war, but rescued as a “valuable artist.” PT, MH, HM, PBO, PE, HR2, ESR, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Robarts, Canon Only Barchester clergyman who did not have unchristian feelings for the Bishop; however, he’d been slightly mad for years. In PBO he became gently madder and madder until he died. His last words were “I’ve got him now!” which the lower classes took to mean the Devil, but his friends knew it was because he thought he’d gotten the Bishop removed by Act of Parliament. Probably grandson of Mark Robarts in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage. HM, PBO, LAR, HR2
Ronnquist, Herr Doktor Professor Of Upsala, Switzerland. Through him Sidney Carton got a manuscript on Fluvius Minucius for Madeleine Sparling. Wrote a book on Frederika Breme’s visits to England. HM
Ruth Maid to Mrs. Perry in Harefield. Not called up in war because overage. Competent woman with steel-rimmed spectacles who disapproved of everything but was very loyal. HM, DD, HR2
Sarah Cook at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Had an illegitimate child. Niece of Mrs. Powlett, Mr. Oriel’s cook. Mother of second illegitimate child named Poyntz. HM, LAR
Shuttleworth, Robert Master of Hosiers’ Company 1536-39, founder of Hosiers’ Boys’ School. Bobbin Day on St. Hosier’s Day at end of February celebrated the founding. HM
Simnet Butler for Birketts at Southbridge School. Was in France 1914-17. Impressively dignified. Formerly scout for Colin Keith’s hall at Oxford. Married Florrie, sister of Eileen the Red Lion barmaid, left Southbridge to serve as butler to Canon and Mrs. Joram in the Close. CBI, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, HR2, JC, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Simnet Brother of Southbridge School butler, former scout at Lazarus College. Later the Apparitor of Worship for the Hosiers’ Company. Weedy and bespectacled widower, whose late wife was a “great hand at making rissles.” Married Dorothy, Mr. Oriel’s maid. HM, LAR, HR2, CQ
Simnet, Dorothy Fiftyish, slightly subnormal, maid to Mr. Oriel at Harefield. A Plymouth sister. Married Simnet, brother of the Southbridge butler. HM, LAR, HR2, CQ
Simnet, Mrs. Old Mrs. Simnet, mother of the butler and his brother. Lived in Barchester. HM, LAR, CQ
Slawkenbergius Did a translation of Flavius Minucius. HM
Sparling, Dr. Madeline b. 1900. Headmistress of Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Mentioned by implication in CBI as being offensively treated by Miss Pettinger of Barchester High School, to which the Hosiers’ Girls were evacuated. The Hosiers leased Harefield Park in HM and she escaped the Pettinger’s clutches. Tall, stately, rather attractive. Short dark hair, brown eyes. Given honorary D.Litt. by Oxbridge. Married Sidney Carton after also being courted by Caleb Oriel. Retired in LAR. CBI, HM, MB, PE, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, CQ, 3S&T
Sparling, Mr. Madeline Sparling’s father, a wine merchant who married a clergyman’s daughter. HM
Sparling, Madeleine (Horbury) Madeleine Sparling’s mother. Clergyman’s daughter who died in 1914 when Madeleine was 15. Granddaughter of Canon Harbury. HM
Sund, Miss Old and deaf, but was brought to Bobbin Day at Hosiers’ Girls’ School because she loved to see young people. HM
Tebben, Winifred (Ross) Wife of Gilbert Tebben of Worsted. Mother of Margaret and Richard. Took a First in Economics at Oxford, wrote several books on the subject. Was enamoured of her tutor, Mr. Fanshawe, but met and became engaged to Gilbert Tebben on a Scandinavian cruise. Known for her small and impractical economies, especially with leftover food, which was a sore trial for her family. AF, BL, GU, HM, MB, LAR, OBH, DD, DA
Thorne, Dr. Thomas Old Dr. Thorne of the Trollope novels. Married heiress Martha Dunstable and reared Mary, illegitimate daughter of his brother Henry. Distant cousins of the Thornes of Ullathorne. HM, CC, DA
Thorne, Mary From Trollope novels Dr. Thorne and Framley Parsonage, An illegitimate daughter of Henry Thorne and Mary Scatcherd, adopted by Dr. Thorne of Greshamsbury. Married Frank Gresham after inheriting the Scatcherd fortune. Father was killed by Roger Scatcherd. Great-aunt of Charles Belton, left him some government bonds and, supposedly, “altered her will yearly through a long and quarrelsome life.” Her mother left Barset with a tradesman whom she married and accompanied to Australia or America. HM, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, JC, DA, LAA
Updike b.1918. Elder son of Philip and Betty Updike. Was studying law when war began, rose to rank of colonel. Later joined father in solicitor’s practice. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, CQ
Updike b.1922. Elder daughter of the Updikes of Harefield. Promoted rapidly in WAAFs during war, after which she started a domestic science school. Very quiet and competent. Later was head of Barchester Library, then secretary for Lord and Lady Pomfret. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, DA
Updike b.1926. Younger daughter of the Updikes of Harefield. Was doing well at St. Perdita’s School in HM. The school was evacuated from St. Leonard’s to Abergobblyn. Received scholarship to Cambridge. Entered a travel agency after war. HM, LAR, HR2
Updike b.1928. Younger son of the Updikes of Harefield. Raking in scholarships in HM (1943) while attending Southbridge School. Entered military service in LAR, became an accountant after war. HM, LAR, HR2
Updike, Betty Wife of Harefield solicitor Philip Updike. Tall, fair, very young-looking. Two sons, two daughters. Engagingly incompetent, continually sustaining minor injuries in a ridiculous manner. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, DA, CQ
Updike, Phil Lived at Clives Corner in Harefield. A solicitor with 4 children ages 15 to 25 at first appearance. Quiet, short, gray-haired, and middle-aged. From a long line of solicitors. Bit of a gossip. HM, LAR, DD, DA, CQ
Valoroso Family of evacuees taken in by Bishop Joram during war. Father was an acrobat, later in service in Middle East. Mother had taken to drink but Bishop Joram put a stop to that. Daughters Ruby and Marleen were excellent tap dancers. All more than a bit low-class. HM
Watkins, S. W. Acquaintance of some of the Harefield people. Had a bookplate that read “Stolen from S. W. Watkins.” HM
Weaver, Sir Hosea Master of the Hosiers’ Company, a Cambridge man with a degree in Political Economy. Was in hush-hush job with Philip Winter at Dower House during war. HM, DD
Wheeler Father of “S”. Sarah Wheeler. Odd-job man and patron of the Old Begum Alehouse. Wife was a laundress. HM, LAR, CQ
Wheeler, Bill “Wheeler’s cousin” at Little Misfit, the only man who really understood the Pomfret Towers chimneys. “Old Wheeler” of the Pomfret estate. PT, HM, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Wheeler, Florrie b.1927. Housemaid for the Beltons at Arcot House. HM, HR2
Wheeler, Sarah (S.) Nurse-housekeeper for Beltons at Harefield House. Only grudgingly admitted to having a first name; the Beltons only knew the initial “S.” The Sarah was extracted by Government Officialdom. Aunt of Ellen Humble. HM, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM
Wheeler, Sid Landlord of the Nabob’s Head in Harefield. HM, LAR, HR2, WDIM
Wickens Ex-scout from St. John’s, with a game leg. Along with his deaf, silent wife, looked after Mr. Sydney Carton at Harefield. Served in WWI. HM, HR2
Wicklow, Roddy Son of Mr. Wicklow of Barton and Wicklow, Architects. Assistant estate agent to Mr. Hoare at Pomfret Towers, later took over the estate himself. Big, good-natured, he married Alice Barton and became invaluable assistant to his brother-in-law Giles, Lord Pomfret. Wounded in leg, which kept him out of most of war, but returned to fight in Belgium near war’s end. PT, B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM,  ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Wicklow, Sally b.1914. Daughter of Mr. Wicklow the architect. Enthusiastic outdoorswoman who loved horses and dogs, “the best hands in the county.” Married Giles Foster, who became Lord Pomfret, and took much of the burden of duties over from him because of his poor health. Children Ludovic, Emily, Giles. Conscientious and hard-working, she was on every important committee during and after the war. PT, B, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T