Companion to Before Lunch

Here we return to East Barsetshire to meet John and Catherine Middleton, neighbors who host a meeting about how to protect Pooker’s Piece (at which nothing is accomplished); the Skeynes Agricultural Show; Daphne becomes engaged and unengaged to Alistair Cameron (who really loves Lillian Stonor); C. W. Bond wins Daphne, Alistair wins Lillian. This is probably the most serious and introspective of her books, and, while rating as one of the very best, is not entirely typical.


Book Title and Abbreviation

High Rising HR
Wild Strawberries WS
The Demon in the House DH
Mrs. Morland and Son MMS
August Folly AF
Summer Half SH
Pomfret Towers PT
The Brandons B
Before Lunch BL
Cheerfulness Breaks In CBI
Northbridge Rectory NR
Marling Hall MH
Growing Up GU
The Headmistress H
Miss Bunting MB
Peace Breaks Out PBO
Private Enterprise PE
Love Among the Ruins LAR
The Old Bank House OBH
County Chronicle CC
The Duke’s Daughter DD
Happy Return HR2
Jutland Cottage JC
What Did It Mean? WDM
Enter Sir Robert ESR
Never Too Late NTL
A Double Affair DA
Close Quarters CQ
Love at All Ages LAA
Three Score and Ten TST


Character, Description, and Book Abbreviations

Alcock, Mrs. Cook for the Bonds at Staple Park. BL
Bagshaw A friend of John Middleton. Accompanied Middleton and Potter on an “epic” walking tour, the description of which improved with time. BL
Barton, Alice Daughter of Walter and Susan Barton of Nutfield Village. Delicate, timid, romantic, and studious, she attended her first house party at Pomfret Towers and was attracted by the repulsive Julian Rivers, an “artist,” then came to her senses and married big, protective Roddy Wicklow. Three children: Guy, Alice, Phoebe. PT, BL, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PE, OBH, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S& T
Barton, Walter Resident of Mellings House in Nutfield on Pomfret Estate. Senior partner of architecture firm Barton and Wicklow. Wife Susan, children Guy and Alice. His firm repaired Hiram’s Hospital. Author of Minor Domestic Architecture of East Barsetshire. PT, BL, CBI, NR, MH, HM, PE, OBH, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA
Bevan, Mrs. Lodger at Clematis Cottage. BL
Bishop of Barchester Never mentioned by name. Parsimonious, low-church, unpopular. One son, said to be “in mission field” but really worked in office at Westminster. Preached love for Germans, Communists, etc., and was a Liberal. Nicknamed “Old Gasbag.” Worthy successor to Trollope’s Bishop Proudie. Never made on “on-stage” appearance. SH, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Bond, Aethelstane Son of Jedediah Bond. Entered House of Lords after expensive, but on the whole honorable, election. At the front of the field in philanthropy. BL, ESR
Bond, Alured d. 1952. 2nd Lord Bond. Resident of Staple Park near Worsted. Wife Lucasta, son C. W. Strongly opposed Sir Ogilvy Hibberd’s purchase of Pooker’s Piece in BL. Small, round, with white mustache. Fond of Gilbert and Sullivan. A bit overshadowed by his masterful wife. During the war he gave Staple Park to a boys’ school and lived at the White House. Traced ancestry back to King Alfred with a “gap of only 30 generations.” Surprisingly, a Liberal. Dead by time of WDIM. AF, BL, MH, GU, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Bond, Cedric Weyland (C. W.) Son of Lord and Lady Bond of Staple Park. Attended Hacker’s public school. In AF was fond of Betty Dean, but this was ruined by “excessive parental enthusiasm.” Became engaged to Daphne Stonor in BL. Lived in the White House next to Laverings after the war. Two sons. AF, BL, LAR, OBH, WDIM, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Bond, Ethelwulf (1st Lord) Son of Jedediah Bond, father of Alured. Carefully married money and received a peerage in 1907. BL, ESR
Bond, Ivanhoe Son of Jedediah Bond. M.P. from one of Lord Pomfret’s rotten boroughs. BL, ESR
Bond, Jedediah Lord Alured Bond’s grandfather (or great-grandfather by some accounts). A Yorkshire woolen manufacturer who made the family fortune by working his men harder and paying them less than anyone else in South Riding. Shot three ringleaders of a gang of machine-breakers, dragged two more into counting-house by their collars and beat them until they were bruised and bleeding. Jumped 15 feet into yard, rescued the injured child of one of the workers, galloped to the doctor, and paid for the treatment. Sons Ivanhoe, Aethelstane, and Ethelwulf. Proud of Saxon ancestry. BL, ESR
Bond, Lucasta Wife of Lord Alured Bond of Staple Park. “Benevolent Tyrant.” Half-sister of Lord Stoke. An organizer and go-getter for causes she believed in. In ESR lived in Bath, then in 3S&T moved to Cheltenham to live with Old Lady Norton. AF, BL, MH, GU, MB, LAR, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL
Brown, Farmer Farmer near Skeynes from whom Pucken could get manure for the Middletons’ garden, though it was a poor second to Lord Stoke’s manure. BL
Browning, Dr. Doctor for whom Daphne Stonor worked until he “most selfishly died.” BL
Brunel Built or designed RR viaduct across valley of the river Woolram at  Stale Park. BL
Bunyan Father of C. A. (Fife) Fortescue, 1st Baron Alberfylde. BL
Cameron, Alistair Partner of John Middleton in his architectural firm. Read the classics for pleasure, wrote reviews on them. Did most of the work of the firm. Prejudiced against women because his “blood had been curdled by two aunts and a governess early in life.” In BL, after brief engagement to Daphne Stonor, became engaged to Daphne’s step-mother Lillian. BL, MH, 3S&T
Cameron, Mr. Alistair Cameron’s father. Served in same regiment as Col. Stonor. He and his wife both died while Alistair was in school. BL
Carruthers Member of Lord Bond’s club. Said he cleaned his paintings with soap and water. Former Undersecretary for India. BL
Charles Footman for the Bonds at Staple Park. BL
Crawley, Mrs. Wife of Josiah Crawley, Dean of Barchester. Gave lavish teas to county families, subtly underscoring the miserliness of the Bishop and Bishopess at the Palace. Two sons, six daughters, including Secunda, Tertia, Octavia. SH, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Daphne Lily Langtry’s calf. Daphne Stonor and C. W. Bond attended her birth on the night they became engaged. BL
Dean, Betty b. 1917. Second daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean. 18 at first appearance in AF. Scholarship to Oxford, took first in Greats, did post-graduate work at Bryn Mawr. Fond of C. W. Bond, but their relationship was “spoiled by excessive parental enthusiasm.” Matured from self-important, obnoxious, ostentatiously agnostic teen who psychoanalyzed everyone and had the usual schoolgirl crushes on educated women, to a competent if masterful type. Worked for the Red Cross during war. Married wealthy American Woolcott Van Dryven. Three children. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, HR2, WDIM, LAA
Dean, Jessica b. 1925? 1932? Youngest daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean, Child of 3 or 4 at first appearance in AF, but was an actress in PE; confused chronology unless she was a stage veteran at 16. Collected salvage and learned jujitsu during war. Married producer-writer Aubrey Clover, who wrote sophisticated small cast plays for her with his music and lyrics. Had daughter Sarah Siddons. Clever, voluble, sympathetic with shy people like Ludo Lufton. Interfered in people’s lives for their own good. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Dean, Laurence Eldest son of Frank and Rachel Dean. Became engaged to Margaret Tebben in AF. Did liaison work with Poles during war. Later became a partner in father’s engineering firm. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, HR2, JC, WDIM
Edwards, Miss Lady Bond’s secretary. Daphne Stonor substituted for her when she was away. BL
Ethyl Parlormaid for Middletons. BL
Ferguson Chauffeur for the Bonds at Staple Park. BL
Flora Excessively plump 12-year-old brown spaniel belonging to John Middleton. Preferred to obey anyone rather than her master. BL
Fortescue, Mrs. C. Augustus (Fifi) Only child and heiress of Bunyan, 1st Baron Alberfylde. Her residence, The Cedars in Muswell Hill, was sold to Sir Ogilvy Hibberd on her death. BL
Fosgrave, Abel Friend of Lord Bond. “Had a very good taste in wine and named his first daughter Septima.” BL
Foster, Edith, Lady Pomfret d. 1938. Wife of 7th Earl, Old Lord Pomfret. Mother of Lord Mellings, who was killed in border skirmish in India. Nee Thorne. Once beloved of Lord Stoke. Invalid, living mostly abroad. Died before BL. PT, BL, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Giles, Lord, 7th Earl d. 1940. Old Lord Pomfret. Resided at Pomfret Towers. Fabled for rudeness, boring dinners, and efforts to prevent modernization of the surrounding countryside. Brother of Lady Emily Leslie and Lady Agnes Foster. Married Edith Thorne. Author of A Landowner in Five Reins. Bought Pooker’s Piece to keep Sir Ogilvy Hibberd from building on it. Died in May 1940, in CBO, with the names of his dead wife and son on his lips. PT, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Ludovic Neville Eustace Guido (Lord Mellings) b. 1938. Son of Giles and Sally Foster. Shy and frail like his father, with same painful conscientiousness, sense of honor and duty. Oxford, Sandhurst, and Guards Regt. Brought out of much of his shyness by friendship with Jessica Dean. Married Lavinia Merton in the final Thirkell book. BL, MH, HM, MB, PE, LAR, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA
Foster, The Hon. Giles b. 1942. Younger son of Giles and Sally (Wicklow) Foster. Strong, graceful, athletic, and an excellent horseman like his mother. Trained to be an estate agent with his uncle Roddy Wicklow. BL, HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Foxham Baker at Skeynes. BL
Fred Lord Stoke’s uncle, who left Lord Stoke’s father some Chinese Chippendales, though all his money went to his illegitimate children: a boy on the Stock Exchange, a girl who married a feller in India. BL
Gladys Niece of Mrs. Phipps of the Worsted Post Office. BL
Glazebury Deceased landlord of the Stoke Arms. BL
Gorwulf Person of local importance who lived at Gorwulfsteadings and had a Pollett for a serf in the Middle Ages. BL
Graham, Clarissa b. 1931. Second daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. Neat, precise, and delicate-appearing. Marked resemblance to grandmother, Lady Emily Leslie. Dark cloudy hair, dark eyes, fair skin. Educated at Cambridge, then confused about what to do with herself. Greatly affected by Lady Emily’s death, she behaved badly, with precocious condescension, to her fiancé Charles Belton and others. Married Charles on New Year’s Day, 1952. One son, one daughter. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Edith b. 1937. Spoiled youngest daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. As a child she recited poems which she invented. Admired by John-Arthur Crosse and George Halliday, but they both later married other girls. Married William Harcourt. One child, Gwendolyn Sally. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Emily (Emmy) b. 1927. Eldest daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. Strong, boyish, and boisterous. Five years old in WS. Fair hair, blue eyes. Cow-minded, in PBO she was breeding bulls with cousin Martin Leslie at Rushwater. Married Tom Grantly. Children James and Agnes. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, James b. 1926. Oldest son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. At Eton in MH, entering military in LAR. Said to resemble David Leslie. In Guards Regt. Major by the time of LAA. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, John b. 1929. Second son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. In Army Guards Regt., captain by time of LAX Described by Nannie Allen as a “tow-row boy just like his Uncle David.” WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Lady Agnes (Leslie) Wife of Sir Robert Graham, daughter of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Children James, John, Robert, Emily, Clarissa, and Edith. Lived at Holdings in Little Misfit. Air-headed, obsessed with her children, called by her brother David a “divine idiot.” As she aged she became more like her well-intentioned, interfering mother, but with more practical results. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Robert Jr. b. 1933. Youngest son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. At Eton in PBO. Introspective and poetic as a child, fond of small children. In Guards, Lt. by time of LAA. WS, BL, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Sir Robert Husband of Lady Agnes (Leslie). Made first “On stage” appearance on the last page of ESR. Became General in WWII, apparently high in command and diplomatic structure. Constantly absent on some mission or other. Retired in 1954. Fifteen years older than Agnes, who said he always knew what was best to be done. WS, BL, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Hammond, Dr. Physician to Denis Stonor. Always said Denis would outgrow his delicacy. BL
Handiman, Lucius Planted Hangman’s Oak with acorns brought from Virginia in 1672. Legend says butter is improved by stirring with a twig from the Oak. BL
Henry Uncle of Lord Stoke. Thought nine was an unlucky number. BL
Hibberd, Sir Ogilvy Unpleasant man who wanted to buy Laverings Farm. A Liberal, with heretical opinions on the Root Vegetable bill. Finally bought The Cedars, Muswell Hill. Bought “Pooker’s Piece” in Before Lunch and wanted to put up a garage and tea shop there, a move strongly opposed by local gentry. A Lloyd George peer. Finally sold “Pooker’s Piece” to Lord Pomfret. Created Lord Aberfordbury by end of WW II. Like the Bishop, an offstage villain. Also thwarted when he tried to buy Wiple Terrace and build a factory. BL, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Higgins Baker at Skeynes with whom Lady Bond usually dealt. BL
Hocker, Miss Apparently daughter of Head of Hocker’s public school. Kept a parrot. Remembered by “old boys” C. W. Bond and Denis Stonor. BL
Hopgood Farmer at Foxling who crossed a Jersey with a West-Midland Shorthorn. Offspring had a crumpled horn and won all the prizes at that year’s Barchester Agricultural, but was no good later. BL
Leslie, David b. 1907. Youngest son of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Spoiled and self-centered, a bit of a lady-killer despite thinning hair. Described as “bone selfish,” he was easily bored. Mary Preston was infatuated with him in WS, but married his brother John. Finally married Rose Bingham in PBO. WS, BL, MH, GU, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA
Leslie, Henry Owner of Rushwater House, husband of Lady Emily. A country-squire type who bred the famous Rushwater bulls. In progressively poorer health from WS until he is dead by the time of PBO (1945). WS, B, BL, MH, HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, DA
Leslie, Henry (Major) b. 1936. Eldest son of John and Mary (Preston) Leslie. Nice but dull. Attended Southbridge School, collected Empire stamps, and ostentatiously carried a Greek New Testament to church. Showed promise of becoming more interesting when he corrected (subtly) the Latin pronunciation of Miss Banks, the Latin mistress. BL, PBO, PE, LAR, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Leslie, John b. 1899. Oldest surviving son of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Widower, deceased wife’s name was Gay. Became engaged to Mary Preston in WS. Regional Commissioner during war. Bought Old Rectory at Greshamsbury as home. WS, BL, MH, BO, PE, LAR, BH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ
Leslie, John Jr. (Minor) b. 1938. Second son of John and Mary (Preston) Leslie. At Southbridge he climbed all the way around School Chapel. Also climbed to the top of Rushwater House and into Siddons’ room, to the top of the “temple” at Rushwater; tried to climb the Mertons’ monkey puzzle tree. Put the bell back up in the Palace fish pond so the fish could ring for food (the Bishop had ordered it taken down). BL, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Leslie, Lady Emily (Foster) 1868-1948. Sister of Old Lord Pomfret, wife of Henry Leslie of Rushwater. Children Martin (killed in WWI), John, Agnes, and David. Delightfully unpredictable, interested in painting and arranging other people’s affairs with benevolent intent. Supposedly based on AT’s acquaintance Mary, Lady Wemyss, whose family was not amused by the affectionate portrayal. Beginning to age at first appearance in WS, became progressively more absent-minded and ethereal as series progressed, Died in OBH, calling her deceased husband and son to wait, she’s coming with them. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Leslie, Martin b. 1915. Grandson of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie, raised by them because as son of their oldest son he would be owner of Rushwater after Henry’s death. His mother had remarried and lived in America. First seen preparing for his 16th birthday in WS. In N. Africa, then wounded at Anzio in war. Received the George Cross for doing something gallant with a bomb. Went to War Office because of bad leg wound, later had to resort to a crutch (in one book he is mistakenly said to have lost a foot). Became engaged to Sylvia Halliday in PBO. Raised cattle and prize bulls. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Lily Langtry Mr. Middleton’s best Jersey cow. He believed himself firmly attached to her, but couldn’t recognize her among her fellows. She calved, attended by Pucken, C. W . Bond, and Daphne Stonor, on the night of the Skeynes Agricultural (which event hastened the romance of C. W. and Daphne.). BL
Longtooth, Thorstein Hero of epic Norse ballad. Mr. Tebben hoped that bones found near Rising Castle were those of Longtooth and gave evidence of battle there long ago. BL
Louis, Prince Cobalt Was or wasn’t (point of debate at the Bonds’ tea parties) father of Princess Louisa Christina. Member of Hatz-Reinigen family. BL, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Louisa Christina, Princess of Cobalt Princess to whom The Hon. Juliana Starter was lady-in-waiting. Now deceased. Member of the Hatz-Reinigen family. BL, JC, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Mallow d. 1946. Lord Stoke’s cowman, the best in the county. Died in PE, after a “feeling of oppression” (obviously brought on by post-war government and conditions.) BL, PE
Mallow, Mrs. Wife of Lord Stoke’s cowman. Ruined his enjoyment of the Skeynes Agricultural by his worrying about what she’d say if he returned with muddy boots. BL, PE
Margarison Former owner of Lamb’s Piece at Worsted where the Tebbens lived. Married his housekeeper—”and about time, too!” BL
Margett “Old” Margett. Crusty old cottager of Anglo-Saxon type with a great store of folk tales, many rather earthy, and some of which he invented. Lived in a crusty old cottage. Once ate three live frogs on a wager. BL, GU, OBH, WDIM
Margett Kept shop at Worsted. Brother of Sarah Pucken. BL
Mellings, Lord Harry Ludovic Son of Old Lord Pomfret. Killed in a border skirmish on the NW frontier. PT, BL, PBO, LAR, OBH, WDIM, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Mickleham, Lord Victorian statesman, literateur, and bearded impostor. Married three times (once to a Miss Foster, a Victorian beauty with lots of money), his descendants consisting largely of nieces and nephews older than their uncles and aunts. 18 children, including The Hon. Juliana Starter. Author of Cimabue: A Poetical Drama in Prologue, Five Acts, and Epilogue, performed once by Irving and never again. Once proposed to Lord Stoke’s mother. BL, ESR, LAA
Middleton,  Catherine Wife of John Middleton. Married him when she was 30, he was 20 years older. Enjoyed mild flirtation with Denis Stonor in BL. Was always tired-looking. One of several AT heroines who are languid and middle-aged, but attractive to younger men. BL, MB, LAR, CC, DD, 3S&T
Middleton, John (Jack) Resident of Laverings Farm near Worsted. Wife Catherine. Verbose (in the style of George Knox), slightly bald. Loved to play the role of gentleman farmer. Head of a firm of architects. Brother of Lillian Stonor. BL, MH, GU, MB, PBO, LAR, DD, LAA, 3S&T
Middleton, Mrs. John Middleton’s mother. Not fond of the country, she languished and died after they moved to Laverings Farm. BL
Miller, Mrs. Sgt. Wife of Denis Stonor’s drill sergeant at school. Denis admitted that as a schoolboy he had been madly in love with her, although she had four married daughters BL
Milner, or Milvin?, Sir Barclay Diet specialist who treated The Hon. Juliana Starter. Apparently very “Harley Street” or equivalent. Recommended Kornog, a starch-free bread. BL
Mopsall Baker at Winter Overcotes who supplied Kornog bread to The Hon. Juliana Starter. BL
Palfrey Mrs. Stonor’s maid at the White House, formerly cook for Col. Stonor. Her father was captain of an oil tanker. Born at Foxling-in-Henfold. BL
Palmer, Fred Major landowner around Worsted and Skeynes. J.P. Owner of dairy herd. Brother of Rachel Dean. Called Henry by Rachel Dean in AF. AF, BL, GU, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM
Palmer, Louise Wife of Fred Palmer of Worsted. Female “squire” of Worsted because of her dominant and masterful personality. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, OBH
Patten, Bill Cousin of Mr. Patten, the stationmaster at Worsted. Father of second gardener at the Manor House at Worsted. Guard at Worsted Station. AF, BL
Patten, Mr. Stationmaster at Worsted. Brother-in-law of Margett, the builder. Uncle of Bert Margett, the head porter, and Alf. Retired in LAR. AF, BL, MH, LAR
Phaedra Mrs. Palmer’s cow. Won a milking competition. BL
Phipps, Ernie Village boy at Worsted. Son of Tebbens’ housekeeper. Apparently was the “young Phipps” mentioned in BL. AF, BL, GU
Phipps, Miss Ran Skeynes post office, the center of local news and gossip. BL
Phipps, Mrs. Housekeeper for Tebbenses at Worsted. Children Doris and Ernie. Née Pollett. AF, BL, GU, LAR, HR2
Picton, Dr. Physician who recommended to Miss Juliana Starter a diet which included a bread called Ita-lot. BL
Plimsoll Matron of Hacker’s public school. Her teeth fell out the bathroom window. BL
Pollett Chauffeur for the Middletons. Brother of Ed. BL
Pollett, Jim Drove bus between Worsted and the Ram and Twins. AF, BL
Pollett, Sid Engineer on Winter Overcotes-Worsted-Skeynes RR line. AF, BL, GU, DD
Pomfret, Giles, Lord, 7th Earl d. 1940. Old Lord Pomfret. Resided at Pomfret Towers. Fabled for rudeness, boring dinners, and efforts to prevent modernization of the surrounding countryside. Brother of Lady Emily Leslie and Lady Agnes Foster. Married Edith Thorne. Author of A Landowner in Five Reigns. Bought Pooker’s Piece to keep Sir Ogilvy Hibberd from building on it. Died in May 1940, in CBO, with the names of his dead wife and son on his lips. PT, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Pooker, Rev. Horatio Vicar of Skeynes Agnes from 1820-43. Bought a field coveted by ancestors of both Lord Bond and Mr. Palmer, and left it to Charity Commissioners. This was the “Pooker’s Piece” which Sir Ogilvy Hibberd intended to buy in BL to build a garage and teashop, strongly opposed by local gentry. Milk from cows that grazed there made poor butter. Tract was finally bought by Lord Pomfret. BL
Potter Friend of John Middleton, with whom he took an “epic” walking tour, the telling of which improved with time. They were accompanied by Bagshaw. BL
Prack Psychologist in Cincinnati. Betty Dean said he was the man on Memory Fixation. Mixo-Lidian refugee. BL
Preston, Mary b. 1911. Daughter of the late Col. Preston and Mrs. Preston (Sir Robert Graham’s oldest sister and a great hypochondriac). Became engaged to John Leslie in WS after thinking she was in love with his brother David. 3 sons, John, Henry, and Clive. Lived in Old Rectory in Greshamsbury. Said mistakenly to have daughters in MH. WS, BL, MH, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ
Pridham, Sir Edmund b. 1866. Elderly country squire type, J.P. at Pomfret Madrigal, close friend of Lavinia Brandon—even proposed to her once in a friendly way. Childless widower, commanded Barsetshire Yeomanry in WWI, had crippled leg from war wound. Knew everybody in the county and all their relationships. “Doyen of the county in years and service … Had an eye that had frightened the toughest troopers in the Barsetshire Yeomanry out of their wits and made the Bishop, who was saying the Russians were our brothers, wilt uneasily into a mumbling explanation.” B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Pringle Boy at Denis Stonor’s school (Hacker’s) who caught Matron’s teeth when they fell out the bathroom window and carried them in the pocket of his best knickers for two days, thinking they were a gift from heaven. BL
Pucken Tom Pucken’s father, who was suffocated when a load of hay overturned and buried him while drunk in a ditch near Southbridge. BL
Pucken, Ireen Fourth daughter of Tom and Sarah Pucken. Kitchenmaid for Mrs. Palmer at Worsted. BL
Pucken, Lucasta (Lou) Youngest daughter of Tom and Sarah Pucken. Lady Lucasta Bond stood godmother with overpowering condescension. Became vegetable maid at Staple Park. Silly and unintelligent, dominated by her mother. BL
Pucken, Mrs. Tom Puckens’ old mother who “had 7 sons, was a fine old lady and made all her sons give her their wages every Friday night.” Descendant of the Saxon Wamba the Witless. BL
Pucken, Sarah Margett Wife of Tom Pucken. Former kitchenmaid for Lady Bond at Staple Park. Five daughters. “Obliged” for any of the local gentry as cook, housekeeper, etc. Brother was shopkeeper at Worsted. BL
Pucken, Tom Carter, cowman, and odd-job man for John Middleton at Laverings. Wife Sarah. BL, LAR
Slattery, Dr. Physician who was the man for tonsils according to Lord Stoke. BL
Spencer Butler to Lord Bond at Staple Park. Tended to bend his master to his will. Bond had (courageously) fired him by LAR. BL, LAR
Staple Selina, Jupiter, Hercules Lord Bond’s cows. Selina finished 3rd in the milking competition. BL
Starter, the Hon. Miss Juliana Visitor to Lady Bond at Staple Park. On special diet requiring a bread called Kornog (starch-free!) Really an Hon., daughter of Victorian statesman, literateur, and bearded impostor Lord Mickleham. Youngest of his 18 children. Despite preoccupation with diet and health, had a remarkably penetrating mind, understood people well. Was once lady-in-waiting to Princess Louisa Christina of Cobalt. Cousin of the Luftons; Ludovic had to stay with her when he was in London for the House of Lords. He described her as a “stingy old beast.” BL, HR2, JC, ESR, LAA
Stoke, Lady d. 1914. Wife of “Old” Lord Stoke (father of the present one). Was once proposed to by the Hon. Miss Starter’s father, Lord Mickleham. BL, OBH, ESR, 3S&T
Stoke, Lord Father of the present Lord Stoke. Twice married; first wife was a Miss Hooper from Somerset. DH, BL, OBH, JC, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Stoke, Lord Thomas b. 1866. Ancient and eccentric antiquarian, half-brother of Lucasta Bond. A bachelor who once loved Edith Thorne (who married Old Lord Pomfret). Traveled by horse and carriage or on horseback in defiance of modern age. Was convinced that everything he dug up was Viking remains. Extremely and conveniently deaf. In NTL, he is called Algernon Courcy Stoke and is said to have been born in 1876. HR1, DH, PT, B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Stonor, Col. Deceased husband of Lillian Stonor, father of Denis and Daphne by previous marriage. Col. of 23rd, the regiment in which Old Lord Pomfret’s son, Lord Mellings, was serving when he was killed. Retired at time of second marriage. BL, 3S&T
Stonor, Daphne Stepdaughter of widowed Lillian Stonor. Twenty-one years old in BL. Energetic and competent, she married C. W. Bond after a brief engagement to Alistair Cameron. Two sons by the time of LAR. BL, LAR, CC, 3S&T
Stonor, Denis Stepson of widowed Lillian Stonor. Twenty five years old in BL. Wrote music, took himself too seriously, and was full of self-pity for his poor health. Was infatuated with older, married Catherine Middleton.  Went on to become a successful composer after ballet produced with money loaned by Lord Bond. Wrote ballet music in U.S, during war when his health wouldn’t let him join armed forces. Returned to England briefly in LAR. Teamed up with Aubrey Clover for successful two-man show. Improved greatly during and after BL to become a likable sort. BL, MB, LAR, CC, DD, WDIM, 3S&T
Stonor, Lillian Widowed sister of John Middleton. Husband was Indian Army Col. Stepmother of Denis and Daphne, close to her own age. Became engaged to Alistair Cameron in BL. Had habit of thinking aloud in a rather disjointed way, which masked a deep understanding of others. BL, MH, MB, 3S&T
Tebben, Gilbert Husband of Winifred, father of Margaret and Richard. Resident of Lamb’s Piece near Worsted. Civil servant, interested in old Norse history and epics. AF, BL, GU, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM
Tebben, Margaret Daughter of Gilbert and Winifred Tebben of Worsted. Married Laurence Dean, later mentioned as having son and daughter. AF, BL, GU, MB, PE, LAR, JC, WDIM
Tebben, Winifred (Ross) Wife of Gilbert Tebben of Worsted. Mother of Margaret and Richard. Took a First in Economics at Oxford, wrote several books on the subject. Was enamoured of her tutor, Mr. Fanshawe, but met and became engaged to Gilbert Tebben on a Scandinavian cruise. Known for her small and impractical economies, especially with leftover food, which was a sore trial for her family. AF, BL, GU, HM, MB, LAR, OBH, DD, DA
Ted “Old Ted” who worked for Lord Stoke’s father, went wherever bees were swarming, because bee-stings were good for his rheumatics. Had a nasty run-in with a pig when a lad, and wore one of the pig’s teeth, which had been removed from his arm, on an old watch chain. BL
Tolford-Spender A man to whom John Middleton wrote a letter about the church at Monk’s Pardon; this managed to save its architectural style. BL
Tudor, Glamora Seemed to be the star of every motion picture at the Barchester Odeon, including “Moonlight Passion,” “Lips of Desire,” “They Loved Too Well,” etc. Always with a different leading man. B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Van Dryven, Cutsam Porck Deceased father of Woolcott Van Dryven. Was American minister at Ducal Court of Schaur-Antlitz. BL
Van Dryven, Woolcott Jefferson Wealthy American who married Betty Dean. He “looks after his money and does a spot of archaeology.” Had a Classical Excavation diploma from U. of Pittsburgh. BL, PE, LAR, WDIM, LAA
Wicklow, Roddy Son of Mr. Wicklow of Barton and Wicklow, Architects. Assistant estate agent to Mr. Hoare at Pomfret Towers, later took over the estate himself. Big, good-natured, he married Alice Barton and became invaluable assistant to his brother-in-law Giles, Lord Pomfret. Wounded in leg, which kept him out of most of war, but returned to fight in Belgium near war’s end. PT, B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM,  ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Williams, Dr. Physician for Princess Louisa Christina of Cobalt. Recommended bran in her diet, according to Miss Starter. BL

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