Writings of Angela Thirkell

Angela Thirkell‘s first work was probably published in the early 20s, possibly in 1921 in Cornhill Magazine. She went on to write over 30 novels including 28 that were set in Trollope’s Barsetshire. She also wrote a memoir of her childhood Three Houses which was one of her first books and was published to great acclaim. In addition to her articles and books, the Angela Thirkell Society has published two short volumes of her letters; one recounts the babyhood of Angela’s son Lance to her mother (Angela was living in Australia at the time) and one of her letters to her long-time friend and typist, Mrs. Bird (these are scanned and linked as are other works published by the Society). 

This section of the Angela Thirkell Society website provides texts and aids of and about the writing of Angela Thirkell, providing a good deal of help for those who want to study or read for pleasure the works of Angela Thirkell. There is a “topical” (for the most part) Index by Hazel Bell, A Dictionary of People by Johnny Pate (both of these feats accomplished before computers). There are excellent book summaries by both Johnny Pate and Amalia Angeloni Jacobucci (beware: they both contain spoilers) and Pate’s summaries are found not only in the Dictionary but in the Book Companions (Dictionary entries by book, as companions when you are reading a Thirkell Barsetshire novel). There is a “shopping list” of Angela Thirkell’s books, designed for the days when used bookstores were thriving and the only viable source for many books. Finally, Books Being Read in Barsetshire will be the only documentation of the known works of Miss Hampton, titles not to be missed!