Aberfordbury, Lord See Hibberd, Sir Ogilvy    
Adams Sam Adams’s grandfather. Was in railway shops at Crewe. HM, DD
Adams Sam Adams’s father. Chief engineer in HMS Carroway, Adm. Hornby’s flagship. Killed when he fell under a lorry while intoxicated. HM, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM
Adams, Amabel Rose b. 1950. Daughter of Sam and Lucy (Marling) Adams. Fair and blue-eyed. DD, HR2, 3S&T
Adams, Heather b. 1928. Daughter of Sam Adams. First seen as a large, awkward, red-faced, graceless student at the Hosiers’ Girls’ Foundation School. Infatuated with Freddy Belton, but Freddy was definitely not attracted to red-haired, pimply, lumpish Heather, despite having pulled her out of an ice-covered pond. Great mathematical ability. Mrs. Belton and Miss Bunting helped improve her social graces out of all recognition. She won a maths scholarship to Cambridge, developed into a capable, intelligent, “Lucy Marlingish” person who helped her father in his business. Married Ted Pilward, son of Hogglestock brewing magnate. Two children, elder was Edward Belton Pilward. HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Adams, Hilda d. 1919. Sam Adams’s mother. Was in service at Hartletop Priory, walked out with the third footman before she married Mr. Adams, “the worst day’s work she ever did”. Three other children died young. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD
Adams, Leslie Younger daughter of Sam and Lucy (Marling) Adams. 3S&T
Adams, Lucy See Marling, Lucy  
Adams, Rose 1905-1935. First wife of Sam Adams. Died when daughter Heather was seven years old. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD
Adams, Samuel b. 1902. At first appearance he was a widower with daughter Heather. At first he was definitely “one of the people” and proud of it, and of his rise from poverty to wealth and power as owner of iron works and rolling mills at Hogglestock. He was loud, flamboyant, socially inept and convinced that money can do anything. He improved greatly by association with county families, especially Mrs. Belton. Married Lucy Marling (almost as overwhelming a personality as himself), bought the Old Bank House at Edgewood, had daughters Amabel Rose and Leslie, and son William. Became solidly conservative and used his money to foil unnecessary “progress” and liberal inroads. Leased part of Pomfret Towers to use as a central office. Defeated Sir Robert Fielding as Labour candidate for Parliament, but became a Conservative and joined Church of England. HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Adams, William Son of Sam and Lucy (Marling) Adams. CQ, 3S&T
Addison b. 1940. Student at Beliers Priory School. Stung by wasp and was much swollen, but enjoyed the fuss. LAR, DD
Aella, St. Saxon swineherd who refused to drive pigs afield at Lent. Pigs died, Aella was canonized. Slain by bailiff of monastery. MB, HR2, ESR
Aelthwithric, Bishop Bishop of Barchester in Anglo-Saxon days. Went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with all the ready cash and much of the plate. Was never heard of again. HR2
Agnes Elderly aunt of Mrs. Dunsford. Went into a decline and died. WDIM
Albert Lord Stoke’s footman, later butler. Brother of Mrs. Knox’s housemaid, Annie. Cousin of Mrs. Panter of Hatch End. DH, ESR, NTL, 3S&T
Alcock, Mrs. Cook for the Bonds at Staple Park. BL
Alcock, Ruby Student at Barchester High, contemporary of Grace Grantly. In the “unraveling game” the word “mouthwash” made her think of Paradise Lost. (There was a mouthwash named “Milton.”) OBH, 3S&T
Alf Half-wit who worked as odd man for the George Knoxes. Amiable fellow who had a way with birds and animals. Illegitimate son of a not-too-bright mother and a traveling salesman. 3S&T
Alfie Grandson of the Dales’ cook. Brother of Wallie. MB
Alice Miss Barbara Dunsford’s great-aunt on her fathers side. Was cured of consumption on the Riviera but died of scarlet fever the next year. DA
Allen, Albert Husband of Nannie Allen. A dashing commercial traveler who drank himself to death in a couple of years. GU, DD, CQ
Allen, Nannie Formidable retired Nannie to David Leslie and to George Waring. Mother of Selina Crockett Hopkins. Lived in Ladysmith Cottages, Worsted. Daughter of a small Barsetshire farmer. Husband Albert died of drink. Also Nannie to Leslie and Cecil Waring, and was in service at Gatherum Castle when Lady Cora and Jeff Palliser (Lord Silverbridge) were children. MH, GU, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, CQ, LAA
Amanda Former receptionist at Maidenhair, the best Barchester hairdresser. Worked in regional commissioner’s office with “things clamped over herYears.” MH
Amber Well-broken mare used by Jenkins for children’s riding lessons. MMS
Anderson, Minor Student at Southbridge School. His dreadful cold was helped by Bronko-Kure. PE
Andrew Youngest of Helen Keith’s grandfather’s second family. Married a Miss Winter (his second wife) whose parents were from Bermuda and who supposedly had a trace of black blood. SH
Andrew, (Uncle) d. 1944. Relative of Mrs. Hoare, brother of her Uncle Joe. Lived in Tregaskis. Left Mrs. Hoare his Indian brasswork. HM
Angus Keeper for Adm. Christopher Hornby in Scotland. Recited rhymes to the Pomfret children when they visited.  
Animals of Barsetshire White Porkminster (pig); Cropbacked Cruncher (pig); Norfolk Nobbler (pig); Lopsided Angora rabbit  
Annie Kitchenmaid to Sam Adams at the Old Bank House CC
Annie The Villars’ second housemaid at Northbridge Rectory. Her footfall made one think of air-raids. NR
Annie “Mr. Knox’s Annie.” Housekeeper for George Knox at Low Rising Manor House both before and after his marriage to Anne Todd. Sister of Lord Stoke’s footman, Albert. HR1, DH, 3S&T, MMS
Antonio Son of Rosina, Giles Foster’s father’s cook-housekeeper in Italy. DA
Apperly, Miss Games mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School HM
Appleyard Landlord of flats where Aubrey and Jessica (Dean) Clover lived. WDIM
Arabin, Eleanor Harding Character in Trollope. Married John Bold and had son Johnnie. After Bold’s death married Francis Arabin, choosing him over other suitors, Mr. Slope and Bertie Stanhope. Had two more children, Ellie and Susan. CBI
Arabin, Francis, Dean Character in Trollope. Fellow of Lazarus College, Vicar of St. Ewold’s, Dean of Barchester Cathedral. Married Eleanor Harding Bold. Children Ellie and Susan. Put bathrooms into Deanery in 1876. CBI, MB, OBH, CC, HR2, CQ, 3S&T
Arbuckle, Imogen Student at Barchester High School. Was made to remove her red nail polish, then painted her nails with blue ink and received a bad conduct mark. OBH
Arbuthnot Father of Fred and Effie, son of Col. and Mrs. Arbuthnot. Strong resemblance between his daughter Effie and Aunt Sissie Brandon; it is almost certain that his real father was Capt. Frederick Brandon. PE
Arbuthnot Acquaintance of Mr. Wickham in India in Last War. PE
Arbuthnot, Capt. Fred d. 1945. Indian Army husband of Peggy, killed in Burma during the war by a native who stole a gun and went rather mad shooting it. Was in the 462nd. A lover of crowds, gaiety – and women. Same Captain to whom Miss Brandon left £10,000. Was raised by his grandmother, Mrs. Col. Arbuthnot, when his parents died young. B, PE, CC, HR2
Arbuthnot, Effie (F.E.) b. 1909. Full name Florence Edith. Capable, tall, large-framed woman with rather harsh features. Sister of the dashing but deceased Capt. Fred Arbuthnot, sister-in-law of the beautiful Peggy. Fond of birds and gardening, she was the author of Coot and Hern. In PE she refused a proposal from Mr. Wickham and accepted one from Col. The Rev. Francis Edward Crofts, vicar of Southbride. PE, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Arbuthnot, Mrs. Col. Full name Lily Elliman. Capt. Frederick Brandon had to transfer to another regiment because he gave her a ring while in India. Aunt Sissie Brandon described her as silly but pretty, like Lavinia Brandon. Mentioned by Mr. Wickham in PE, and turns out to be the grandmother of Capt. Fred Arbuthnot. Fred’s father’s father was almost certainly Capt. Frederick Brandon. B, PE
Arbuthnot, Peggy b. 1919. Widow of dashing and unfaithful Indian Army captain Fred Arbuthnot. Fair-haired, pretty, not especially bright. Reminded Noel Merton of Mrs. Brandon as she must have been in her younger days. Father a retired Indian judge, mother an admiral’s daughter; lived in Devonshire. After attracting numerous suitors, especially Colin Keith, she married Francis Brandon. Daughter Effie and a pair of twins. PE, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Archdeacon’s wife Daughter of Dean Josiah and Mrs. Crawley HM
Archdeacon of Barchester From Plumstead. Peaceable, patient man who never lost his temper except when frost stopped the hunting. Son-in-law of Dean Crawley. Not fond of foreigners. Never mentioned by name. Father-in-law of Guy Barton. CBI, NR, HM, PE, LAR, CC, DD, WDIM, ESR, DA
Archie Bishop who was David Leslie’s “Uncle Archie.” Christened David at Rushwater. LAR
Arden, Rev. Enoch Pastor of dissenting church in Hallbury. Believed in direct inspiration and thought Latin and Greek were works of the devil. Bit of a Communist. Was given a stern lecture by Sam Adams. MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2
Arminger, Robert Graham, Gent. Contemporary of William Halliday, Gent. Had extensive property in Little Misfit. Ancestor of the Grahams. ESR
Atkins Master in lower school at Southbridge when Tony Morland was a student. MMS
Aurilio, Marco Italian peasant with whom Felicia Grant lodged in Calabria. Had killed five men. CBI
Bacon, Mr. One-time rival to publishing firm Bungay, but was absorbed by it in a consolidation in 1887. Publisher of books by Arthur Pendennis, Esq. PT
Badger, Miss John Leslie’s secretary in his London office. WS
Bagshaw A friend of John Middleton. Accompanied Middleton and Potter on an “epic” walking tour, the description of which improved with time. BL
Baker, Major F.C. Secretary of golf club, winner of Military Cross with bar. HR2
Baker, Mrs. Ill-tempered old lady with whom Conque, Lady Emily Leslie’s French maid, took her annual holiday. Lived in Folkestone; the holiday consisted of a day excursion to Boulogne. Housekeeper at Rushwater before Mrs. Siddon. After Lady Emily’s death, Conque went to live with her. WS, OBH, ESR
Balder Old plumber, the only one who understood the Gatherum Castle plumbing CC
Bangs, Molly Heroine of novel written by Mrs. Morland under the pseudonym Esme Porlock. NTL
Banister, Canon Vicar of St. Mary’s, Rushwater, later Canon of Barchester Cathedral. Always got eyeglasses tangled in cord. WS, CBI, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, ESR
Banister, Mrs. Mother of Canon Banister. Had once stayed with Mrs. Merrivale at Hallbury MB
Banks, “Dogger” Wickham and Tubby Fewling argued whether or not this fellow naval man was the one who got entangled with the barmaid at Southsea. Nickname came from the Battle of the Dogger Banks in the North Sea. JC
Banks, Miss Female Latin mistress at Southbridge Preparatory School during the War. Small and slight, with fair skin and a bad complexion. Masculine in dress and appearance, very obnoxious and pro-Labour. Knew little about Latin, preferred a “modernized” pronunciation. Was sacked in PBO, later was in UNESCO in Paris, where she was sacked by Geoffrey Harvey. PBO, PE, LAR, CC, DD
Bantam Mother of illegitimate children of John-Arthur Cross’s great-grandfather ESR
Banton, Mrs. Elderly former patient of Sisters Heath and Ward whose mind was affected. NTL
Barclay Capt. Tom Barclay’s father, a ferocious old gentleman much like Mr. Marling. Married Dora Stoke. MH
Barclay, Capt. Tom Young officer from Yorkshire. Had three sisters. Was great friend of Lucy Marling, then married her widowed sister Lettice Marling Watson. Stepchildren Diana and Clare. Lived in Yorkshire after the war and had two sons. MH, GU, LAR, OBH, CC, DD
Barclay, Lettice see Marling, Lettice  
Barclay, Mrs. Capt. Tom Barclay’s mother. Maiden name Dora Stoke. Mr. Marlin remembered her as a handsome girl at the Hunt Ball in ’97. MH
Bare, Col. Col. of 462nd Indian Army Rgt. in ’93, when Gen. Harry Waring was attached to them. PE
Barker, Jimmy Evacuee child who took three bits of bread while another child complained he ain’t got none. CBI
Barton Ancestor of Bartons of Nutfield. Built Cross Hall in Italy. Possibly same as below. ESR
Barton Father of Walter and grandfather of Guy Barton. Architect who overhauled Boon’s Benefit Cottages in Winter Overcotes. GU, CQ
Barton, Alice Daughter of Walter and Susan Barton of Nutfield Village. Delicate, timid, romantic and studious, she attended her first house party at Pomfret Towers and was attracted by the repulsive Julian Rivers, an “artist,” then came to her senses and married big, protective Roddy Wicklow. Three children: Guy, Alice, Phoebe. PT, BL, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PE, OBH, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S& T,
Barton, Guy Son of Walter and Susan Barton. Briefly engaged to Phoebe Rivers in PT. Later married daughter of the Archdeacon. Was in RAF in the war, then partner in his father’s architecture firm. PT, CBI, MH, PE, JC, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA
Barton, Mrs. Guy Strong-willed and competent daughter of the Archdeacon. Engagement to Guy Barton is announced in CBI. Her mother was a Rivers. Organized Land Girls during war. PT, B, CBI, MH
Barton, Susan Author of historical novels about obscure bastards of Popes and Cardinals. Lived more in the 16th century than in the present. Husband Walter, children Guy and Alice. PT, CBI, MH, PE, CC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA
Barton, Walter Resident of Mellings House in Nutfield on Pomfret Estate. Senior partner of architecture firm Barton and Wicklow. Wife Susan, children Guy and Alice. His firm repaired Hiram’s Hospital. Author of Minor Domestic Architecture of East Barsetshire. PT, BL, CBI, NR, MH, HM, PE, OBH, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA
Basset-Lowke Railway construction engineer who designed model trains. PE
Bateman Former batman of Col. Crofts, later his general factotum. Married Eileen, barmaid at the Red Lion in Southbridge. PE, CC, JC, ESR, CQ, 3S&T
Bateman, Eileen See Eileen  
Beak, Miss Employee of the Marleena Domestic Enquiry Bureau. GU
Beasley, Commander Royal Navy, Ret. Elderly and crotchety resident of Tork Cottage in Northbridge. No one ever got up nerve to ask about the cottage’s name because he was so cross. While pretending to be a gas case in a drill during the war, got fed up and went home to write to the Times. Believed the key to the past and the future was to be found in Cleopatra’s Needle, and explained all occurrences thereby. NR, WDIM, DA
Beauxcilsz, Ghismon Native of Provence who deserted one woman to seek favors of another. Later found dead in the Puy de Stryges with mark of cloven hoof on his chest. WDIM
Beckett, Rev. Anselm Husband of Tertia Crawley. HR2
Bedale, Lisa See Dale, Isabel  
Beedle Elderly stationmaster at Winter Overcotes. Mourned the decline in the station and the railways brought about by the war. Son Henry spent the war in a German prison camp. GU, LAR, OBH, CC, LAA
Beedle Nephew of stationmaster at Winter Overcotes. Worked for the Pomfrets. LAA
Beedle, Henry Son of Winter Overcotes stationmaster. Captured before Dunkirk, spent war in German prison camp. Worked for Sam Adams raising vegetables after the war. GU, OBH
Beedle, Mrs. Wife of stationmaster at Winter Overcotes. Worried constantly about son Henry during his imprisonment by the Germans during the war. Was nurserymaid at Beliers Priory when George Waring was young. GU, OBH
Beeton, Mrs. Cook at Rising Castle for Lord Stoke. Had an operation on her leg. Had a sister in Eastbourne. Same name as writer of a famous cookbook. 3S&T
Bell See Dale, Bell  
Bell, Tommy RAF acquaintance of George and Sylvia Halliday. A bit common. PBO
Bellenden, Esme Author of a Banned-Book-of-the-Month, Men of Harlech. CBI
Bellinger Student at Southbridge School. Had pet dormouse. Shergold had to run him into Barchester when his parents’ car broke down. PE
Belton Fred Belton’s grandfather, an excellent amateur photographer. Son of the Nabob. Repaired the “Garden House” in the 1890’s. HM, DD, HR2, CQ
Belton Sister of the Nabob. Was furious about his French paramour. HR2
Belton, Charles Fred Belton’s old Uncle Charles. Wore a wig and drank a bottle of port every night. LAR
Belton, Charles Thome b. 1922. Younger son of Fred and Lucy Belton of Harefield. First seen as haphazard, energetic, self-centered, immature. In Army artillery during war. Married Clarissa Graham after long on-again- off-again engagement in which Clarissa, unsettled by her grandmother Lady Emily Leslie’s death, behaved badly. They were married on New Year’s Day, 1952. Charles taught at Beliers Priory School, later at. Harefield House School. one son, one daughter. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Belton, Clarissa See Graham, Clarissa  
Belton, Elsa b. 1918. Pretty daughter of Fred and Lucy Belton. Served in hush-hush job during war. Married Capt. (later Adm.) Christopher Hornby in 1943. Rather spoilt. HM, MB, PE, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, CQ
Belton, Elsa Sister of Fred Belton. LAR
Belton, Fred Owner of Harefield Park, but family financial problems caused him to lease it for the duration of the war to the Hosiers’ Girls’ Foundation School. Moved to Arcot House in Harefield; missed his old home and the stately, stable way of life it represented. Married to the former Lucy Thome. Children Freddie, Elsa, Charles. Gruff but kindly old country squire. HM, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, CQ, LAA
Belton, Freddie b. 1910. Elder son of Fred and Lucy Belton. Commander in Royal Navy, worked at Admiralty for much of war and at War Office afterwards. Rose to Rear Adm. Early in war served in cruiser Barsetshire and destroyer Gridiron. Was engaged to a WREN who died in an air raid. Married Susan Dean, lived in Dowlah Cottage in Hallbury. Son Frederick, daughter. HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, CQ
Belton, Frederick b. 1948. Son of Freddie and Susan (Dean) Belton. DD, HR2
Belton, Frederick “The Nabob” Made the Belton fortune in the Honourable East India Co. Great-grandfather of Fred Belton, apparently the builder of Harefield House. Became more than a little eccentric in later years. Built the “Garden House” for a French woman who was no better than she should be. Also built almshouses in Harefield. HM, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, CQ
Belton, Lucy Thorne Wife of Fred Belton of Harefield. Children Freddie, Elsa, Charles. Descendant of fine old county family (Trollope’s Dr. Thorne). Acted as good influence to wear down the rough edges of Sam Adams. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Belton, Mary Sister of Fred Belton of Harefield. LAR
Belton, Susan see Dean, Susan  
Benny Boxing instructor for upper form at Southbridge School. Former great Army boxer. HR1
Benson Common acquaintance of Colin Keith and Robin Dale in North Africa during war. Collected butterflies and had hair growing out of his ears. PE
Benson, Rev. Parson at Southbridge for thirty years around the turn of the century. Port-drinking, fox-hunting type. PE
Bent, Miss Friend of the rather terrifyingly masculine Miss Hampton. Resided with her at Adelina Cottage, Wiple Terrace, Southbridge. Much more feminine and fussy than her companion, a bit folksy-artsy, scraggly in appearance and somewhat domestic. CBI, GU, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Benton Col. Passmore’s dentist. Made his false teeth and told him he had the best mouth for fitting he’d ever seen. Wrote article about Passmore’s mouth, though Passmore sometimes had to have his uppers forcibly extracted. Also Mr. Villars’ dentist. NR
Berkeley Rode to hounds up Nutfield way and lost his false teeth when he jumped the big fence at Starveacres. Mare stepped on his teeth, went dead lame, and Old Berkeley tried to swear without a tooth in his head, according to Mr. Marling. MH
Bernardo Italian writer. Disagreed with Miss Pemberton’s theory that Giacopini was illegitimate offspring of Cosimo de Strelsa. NR
Bert Worked in Wheeler’s garage. B
Bertha Housemaid at Pomfret Towers. Her brother used to be the boot and knife boy. DA
Bertha Head housemaid at Gatherum Castle when Lady Cora Palliser was a child. JC
Bertha Head housemaid at Rushwater in the days of Mr. Henry Leslie. PBO, LAR
Bessie Under-housemaid at Rushwater. WS, PBO, LAR


Northbridge resident seen shopping at Scatcherd’s. Immensely wealthy, but always wore the same tailor-made suit. NR
Betts, Mrs. Member of WVS during war. In clothing exchange. Had a row with Madame Tomkins. PBO
Bevan Barchester man on National Health who had waited two years for his new uppers . DD
Bevan, Mrs. Lodger at Clematis Cottage. BL
Beverly, Fritz Young American Naval officer. Common acquaintance of Lee Sumter and Mr. Wickham. LAA
Bill One of a group accompanied by Betty Turner to Fish Hill, where they saw a golden-crested mippet. NR
Bill Young naval man visiting Adm. Phelps. Had been torpedoed and was on his way to rejoin his ship along with his friend Tubby Smith-Hetherington. Had met Rose (Birkett) Fairweather in Las Palombas. Mrs. Birkett gave him Rose’s ocarina to replace the one that was lost with his kit. Was present when Capt. Vian rescued Altmark prisoners from Ark Royal. CBI, JC
Bill Drayman for Pilward and Sons, Entire, at Southbridge. CBI
Billie Artist’s model, housekeeper (and etc.!) for Belikoff, who painted her as a rather nightmarish abstract or surrealist painting described  enthusiastically by Julian Rivers. Deceased. PT
Binder, General Visited the Spenders and admired Mrs. Spender’s method of carrying tea, sugar, and butter in boxes to help those for whom it was rationed. NR
Bingham, Bobby For her wedding, gave his niece a corkscrew which played “Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes.” HR2
Bingham, Hermione Daughter of Lady Dorothy “Dodo” Bingham. Twin sister of Rose. Married Lord Tadcaster of Tadpole Hall. One daughter. WS, PBO, LAR, CC, HR2, ESR, DA
Bingham, Lady Dorothy “Dodo” d. 1956. Mother of Rose and Hermione (twins). Also had three sons. Masterful fox-hunting type. Widow at first appearance in WS. Second daughter of Duke of Towers. Aunt of Lionel Harvest. Distant cousin of the Leslies. WS, PBO, LAR, OBH, HR2, ESR, DA
Bingham, Mr. Husband of Lady Dorothy. Died meekly years ago, not missed. Wealthy businessman. PBO, LAR
Bingham, Rose Daughter of Lady Dorothy “Dodo” Bingham. Became engaged to David Leslie in PBO. Children Dorothy and Henry. Sophisticated and intelligent, she served in Foreign Office during war. Had three brothers in the Army. Quite capable of curing David of his “bone-selfishness.” WS, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, ESR, DA
Bird, Mrs. Chairman of Women’s Institute at Worsted. AF
Birds of Barsetshire (and elsewhere) Broad-Tailed Gallowsbird, or Jack Ketch
Club-Footed Sparrowhawk Common Flygobbler
Golden-Crested Mippet (Betty Baldpate)
Great Kitchen Skewer of Australia
Islington Brooder (chicken)
Lesser Clawhammer
Lesser Clodhopper
Lesser Halfwit
Lesser Gallowsbird
Mippeta Calva Horrida
Mpopo-popo of Mngangaland (small squinty owl that is featherless most of the year)
Pied Gobblebelly
Red Nitwit
Speckled Tottling (chicken)
Speckled Willesden (chicken)
Splay-Footed Bumblegobbler
Stengah (Whisky-Soda Bird) of India
Two-Toes Flygobbler
Birkett, Amy Wife of William Birkett, headmaster of Southbridge School. “Ma Birky” to the schoolboys. Daughters Rose and Geraldine. Close friend of Laura Morland, the novelist. HR1, DH, SH, CBI, NR, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, 3S&T, MMS
Birkett, Geraldine Younger daughter of William and Amy Birkett. Attended Barchester High School. As high school student, fond of the more gruesome aspects of nursing and medicine. Worked in Barchester Infirmary during war. Infatuated with Fritz Gissing until she finally saw him in his true colors. Married Geoffrey Fairweather. Son John. HR1, SH, B, CBI, GU, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, DD, JC, NTL, CQ
Birkett, Rose Older daughter of William and Amy Birkett. Beautiful but mentally negligible. Engaged six or more times, including to Philip Winter in SH until she threw her ring at him at the Keiths’. Always had an oft- repeated catchword (perfectly foul, meager, dispiriting, shattering, etc.) In CBI married John Fairweather of the Royal Navy, who could control his “elegant nitwit” well. Stationed abroad most of the war in Washington, S. America, Portugal, etc. Returned to England after war and became much more sensible, often helping others with their problems. Children Henry, Amy, two others all born 1940-1946. HR1, SH, CBI, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Birkett, William (Henry?) Headmaster of Southbridge School. Usually called William, but is called Henry in GU and 3S&T. Had been assistant master and Head of the Prep School before becoming Headmaster. Retired in 1947 and took the Dower House at Worsted. HR1, SH, CBI, NR, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Bishop’s wife Unpleasant, inhospitable, snobbish. One son. MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, CQ, 3S&T
Bishop of Barchester Never mentioned by name. Parsimonious, low-church, unpopular. One son, said to be “in mission field” but really worked in office at Westminster. Preached love for Germans, Communists, etc., and was a Liberal. Nicknamed “Old Gasbag.” Worthy successor to Trollope’s Bishop Proudie. Never made on “on-stage” appearance. SH, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Bishop of Barchester In the 1860’s he married one of Squire Gresham’s daughters. Apparently the successor to Bishop Proudie. Great-uncle of Mr. Oriel. Had 15 children. HM
Bissell, Elaine Wife of Headmaster of Hosiers’ Boys’ Foundation School. Plump, placid and efficient. Devoted to her husband, whom she called “Daddy.” Childless, but guardian to mentally defective niece Edna. Former psychology teacher. A bit Red, but nice, and her views became more conservative with time. CBI, PBO, PE, CC, 3S&T
Bissell, Mr. Head of Hosiers’ Boys’ Foundation School, which was evacuated during war from London to Southbridge. Lean, middle-sized man, well-meaning but quick to feel slighted, since the Hosiers’ boys were socially inferior to the Southbridgians. Had Communist leanings at first appearance. Devoted to his wife Elaine, whom he called “Mother,” although they had no children. Improved through constant association with the Birketts, became quite likable although gauche. CBI, PBO, PE, CC, JC, 3S&T
Black, Miss Employee of Messrs. Gaiters Bookshop. Spoke disparagingly about the quality of books read by the Bishop and Bishopess. NTL
Blackett, Mrs. Person who, according to Lady Emily Leslie, will be delighted with changes that Sally (Wicklow) Foster made in the Towers. OBH
Blackstone Master at Prep School attended by Oliver Marling and Ludovic Lufton. Had tufts of hair inYears. Later a Rural Dean in Lancashire. DD
Bluebell Cow owned by the Leslies at Rushwater. PBO, DD
Blumenfeld, Nat American musical producer for whose last production Denis Stonor did music and lyrics. LAR, CC, 3S&T
Blundello Jeweler’s firm; Mr. Hooker went to Lady Graham once a year to check her jewelry NTL
Bob Letter carrier in Edgewood. Last name probably Goble.  
Boccafiume, Cardinal Descendant of the Borgias. Wrote to Mrs. Barton about her book. PT, LAA
Bodger, “Old Bodger” from Starveacre Hatches. Like his father before him, a ratcatcher on the Pomfret estates. Recommended by Mr. Belton to Sam Adams. Killed 15,000 rats. HM, MB, OBH, WDIM
Bodger Cook for the Millers at St. Ewold’s. HR2
Bodger Percy Bodger’s father, best well cleaner in the county. Dead at the time of OBH. OBH
Bodger, Percy (“Purse”) Grandson of “Old Bodger,” the ratcatcher at Pomfret Towers. Helped excavate the well at the Old Rectory at Hallbury, then cleaned out Sam Adams’s well at the Old Bank House. MB, OBH, CC, 3S&T
Bohun, Thomas Canon of Barchester 1657-65. Metaphysical (and somewhat off-color) poet. Oliver Marling wrote a book about him. Died in the Great Plague, leaving money to found cottages of Boon’s Benefit in Winter Overcotes. MH, GU, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Bolikoff Artist and Russian expatriate admired by Julian Rivers and despised by everyone else. PT
Bolton, Earl of Miss Bunting, who apparently had a low opinion of him, made sure no one confused him with her former employer, the Marquess of Bolton. “He wore leather boots and cambric underwear” quoth Oliver Marling (W.S. Gilbert’s Bab Ballads, “The Periwinkle Girl.”) MH, OBH, CC
Bolton, Lady Iris Daughter of Marquess and Marchioness of Bolton, former pupil of Miss Bunting. MH, MB
Bolton, Lady Phyllis Sister of Lady Iris Bolton, former pupil of Miss Bunting. MH, MB
Bolton, Marquess and Marchioness of Former employers of Miss Bunting. MH, MB
Bompard Mentioned by Harold Downing as an advocate of certain methods of pronunciation of 12th-century French in Provençal dialect. NR
Boncassen, Isabel Beautiful American heiress. Married Lady Cora Palliser’s grandfather, Lord Silverbridge (son of the Duke of Omnium). Principle character in Trollope’s The Duke’s Children. She was accepted only reluctantly by the Duke. HR1, CC, DD, JC
Bond Elder son of C.W. and Daphne Bond. Attended Priory School, where it was thought he was coming down with whooping cough (or pretending to. HR2
Bond, Aethelstane Son of Jedediah Bond. Entered House of Lords after expensive, but on the whole honorable, election. At the front of the field in philanthropy. BL, ESR
Bond, Alured d. 1952. 2nd Lord Bond. Resident of Staple Park near Worsted. Wife Lucasta, son C. W. Strongly opposed Sir Ogilvy Hibberd’s purchase of Pooker’s Piece in BL. Small, round, with white mustache. Fond of Gilbert and Sullivan. A bit overshadowed by his masterful wife. During the war he gave Staple Park to a boys’ school and lived at the White House. Traced ancestry back to King Alfred with a “gap of only 30 generations.” Surprisingly, a Liberal. Dead by time of WDIM. AF, BL, MH, GU, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Bond, Cedric Weyland (C.W.) Son of Lord and Lady Bond of Staple Park. Attended Hacker’s public school. In AF was fond of Betty Dean, but this was ruined by “excessive parental enthusiasm.” Became engaged to Daphne Stonor in BL. Lived in the White House next to Laverings after the war. Two sons. AF, BL, LAR, OBH, WDIM, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Bond, Ethelwulf (1st Lord) Son of Jedediah Bond, father of Alured. Carefully married money and received a peerage in 1907. BL, ESR
Bond, Ivanhoe Son of Jedediah Bond. M.P. from one of Lord Pomfret’s rotten boroughs. BL, ESR
Bond, Jedediah Lord Alured Bond’s grandfather (or great-grandfather by some accounts). A Yorkshire woolen manufacturer who made the family fortune by working his men harder and paying them less than anyone else in South Riding. Shot three ringleaders of gang of machine-breakers, dragged two more into counting-house by their collars and beat them until they were bruised and bleeding. Jumped 15 feet into yard, rescued the injured child of one of the workers, galloped to the doctor, and paid for the treatment. Sons Ivanhoe, Aethelstane and Ethelwulf. Proud of Saxon ancestry. BL, ESR
Bond, Lucasta Wife of Lord Alured Bond of Staple Park. “Benevolent Tyrant.” Half-sister of Lord Stoke. An organizer and go-getter for causes she believed in. In ESR lived in Bath, then in 3S&T moved to Cheltenham to live with Old Lady Norton. AF, BL, MH, GU, MB, LAR, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL
Bones Family in Nutfield. Children Alf and Jimmy. Father a butcher. PT
Bonescu, Gradka Unattractive and lumpish Mixo-Lydian. Acted as cook-housekeeper to Fieldings at Hall’s End in Hallbury. Father was a university professor. Alternately cringing and arrogant. Studied to pass English exam. Miss Bunting achieved an amazing transformation and earned Gradka’s undying gratitude by helping her become a competent and self-assured person (compared to the rest of her countrymen.) Disliked her fellow-Mixo-Lydian refugees. Returned to Mixo-Lydia to found the Bunting College of English, later was Mixo-Lydian ambassador. MB, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, WDIM, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Bonky Nickname of friend of Henry Grantly. Waiting for call-up papers for armed forces, just as Henry was. OBH
Bostock Of Bostock and Plummer of Barchester, drapers. Got London fashions just as they went out of date. The Bishop’s wife and Miss Pettinger shopped there. OBH, CC, HR2, JC, CQ
Bostock, Mr. Vicar at Rushwater after Canon Banister. Didn’t understand cows properly. Later a Canon. PBO, LAR, OBH, DD, ESR, DA
Boulle, Jean-Claude b. 1918. Skinny, spotty 16-year-old son of Prof. and Mme. Boulle in WS. Boy scout and ardent French Royalist. The display of Royalist support the children planned for Martin Leslie’s birthday party backfired and fell flat. WS, LAR, DD
Boulle, M. Henri French professor whose family leased the Vicarage at Rushwater for the summer in WS. Gave Martin Leslie French lessons. WS, LAR, DD
Boulle, Mme. Madeleine Wife of Prof. Henri Boulle. Children Pierre, Ursule, Jean-Claude. WS, LAR, DD
Boulle, Pierre b. 1909. Frenchman, son of Prof. Henri Boulle. Tutored Martin Leslie in French. Had French Royalist sympathies. Fell in love with Lady Agnes Graham, “rescued” her daughter Edith from fishpond. Was confused with Jules Duval in PBO. In French Mixo-Lydian embassy in DA, mentioned as Maitre Boulle, professor at Academie Francaise in 3S&T. WS, PBO, LAR, DD, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Boulle, Ursule b. 1916. Short, stout 18-year-old daughter of Prof. and Mme. Boulle in WS. Devoted French Royalist. Developed schoolgirl crush on the repellent Joan Stevenson. WS, PBO, LAR, DD
Bowen Mentioned as Master of Paul’s College who resigned just after Mr. Tebben went down. Lived somewhere in the West. Married his housekeeper after his wife died. “An able man, but no disciplinarian.” AF
Bradford Elderly Southbridge Jr. Classics master, replaced (briefly) by Colin Keith. SH
Bramble Pony belonging to the Leslies at Rushwater. PBO
Brandon Cedric Brandon’s uncle. Lived at Putney. Possible dark horse to inherit Aunt Sissie Brandon’s estate. B
Brandon Miss Amelia Brandon’s and Capt. Fred Brandon’s father. Wealthy jute merchant. Built Brandon Abbey. B
Brandon, Amelia (“Sissie”) 1858-1938. Aunt of Henry Brandon (deceased husband of Lavinia). Resided at Brandon Abbey, an architectural monstrosity. Very wealthy, headstrong and irascible spinster, whose only emotional attachment was to her brother, Capt. Frederick Brandon, killed by a pig in India many years before. Vacillated about whether to leave her fortune to Hilary Grant or Francis Brandon. After her death in B, her fortune went to charity, except for £10,000 left to Capt. Frederick Arbuthnot, whose father was almost certainly the son of Capt. Frederick Brandon as the result of a liaison with Mrs. Col. Arbuthnot. B, CBI, MH, MB, PE, CC, HR2
Brandon Capt. Frederick Miss Amelia Brandon’s brother. Killed by a pig in India in Jubilee Year. Scapegrace who got into trouble over Mrs. Col. Arbuthnot and had to exchange into another regiment. Mrs. Col. Arbuthnot’s son (father of Fred and Effie Arbuthnot) was almost certainly Capt. Brandon’s illegitimate son. He gave the colonel’s wife a diamond bracelet. B, PE
Brandon, Cedric Relative of the Brandons. His uncle lived at Putney. B
Brandon, Delia b. 1920. Daughter of Lavinia Brandon. 18 at first appearance in B. Became engaged to Hilary Grant in B. Son Freddie, daughter Felicia. Worked in Barchester Infirmary during war. Competent and a bit overpowering, much like Octavia (Crawley) Needham and Geraldine Birkett Fairweather. Fascinated by nursing. B, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, HR2
Brandon, Florence Edith (“Effie”) b. 1947. Daughter of Francis and Peggy (Arbuthnot) Brandon CC, HR2, WDIM
Brandon, Francis Oliver b. 1915. Son of Lavinia Brandon. 23 at first appearance in B. Became engaged to Peggy Arbuthnot in PE. Although charming, could be selfish and self-centered. Had tendency to flirt with pretty women. Hurt both his mother and wife before getting his comeuppance from Lady Cora Palliser. Much of his bullying of his wife occurred when his business underwent a financial crisis. Three daughters, Effie and twins. B, CBI, PE, LAR,, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ
Brandon, Henry 1880-1920. Colorless deceased husband of Lavinia Brandon. Died of pneumonia at Cannes. B, PE, CC, HR2, DA
Brandon, Lavinia Oliver 1891-1961. Attractive and languid widow, in early middle-age at first appearance in B. Son Francis, daughter Delia. Absent-minded, inattentive, apt to say anything that came into her mind. Originally lived at Stories in Pomfret Madrigal (used as a nursery school for evacuees during war.) One gathers that Mrs. Brandon, along with Mrs. Morland, is something of a self-portrait of Mrs. Thirkell as she saw herself. Expert at looking languidly beautiful and falling asleep at inappropriate moments, and at rejecting unwanted suitors. Beautiful hands, graced by a diamond given to her by Aunt Sissie Brandon because she was just the sort of woman Fred Brandon would have liked. Became engaged to Bishop William Joram in CC, moved to the Cathedral Close on their marriage. B, CBI, MH, GU, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Brandon, Peggy See Arbuthnot, Peggy  
Braque One of the “neo-phallic” school of painting. LAR
Bremer, Frederika Swedish writer of children’s stories. LAR, HR2
Brentwood, Jim Friend of Wickham on the Australian station. From Garoopna. HR2
Briskit The Hallidays’ pony. PBO
Bronson-Hewbury Grandfather of Mrs. Bob Perry. Had a place in Berkshire. HR2
Bronwen, Wendy Friend and admirer of Miss Dunsford, acquired in Mentone on her visit to the Riviera. Called Wendy by Miss Dunsford. DA
Brother Diothennic Monk at St. Aella’s monastery who was the only source for the story about Bishop Aethwithric. HR2
Brown Father of Sid Brown and Brown the garageman at High Rising. LAA
Brown Haig Brown’s father. Named his son after the General under whom he served in WWI. JC
Brown, Abner Dairyman whose cows grazed on one of the school fields at Southbridge. Nephew of Joe Brown, landlord of the Red Lion. CBI
Brown, Emie Son of Haig Brown. Got head stuck in discarded saucepan. JC
Brown, Farmer Farmer near Skeynes from whom Pucken could get manure for the Middletons’ garden, though it was a poor second to Lord Stoke’s manure. BL
Brown, Farmer Of Northbridge. Owner of Parsley Island where Swan and Tony  Morland camped and where a rain-soaked picnic helped to begin the  breakup of Philip Winter and Rose Birkett. SH
Brown, Fred Mrs. Spender’s uncle, whom she was sure the Rev. Villars knew because he (ViIlars) had been head of Coppin’s School in Somerset. It turned out that Fred went to Harberton Grammar School in Yorkshire. NR
Brown, Haig Northbridge police constable, nephew of Mr. Brown of the Red Lion in Southbridge. Two sons, one of whom was Ernie. JC, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Brown, Henry Cousin of Mr. Brown the garageman and Sid Brown of High Rising. Lived in Low Rising, rented canal boats owned by Mr. Brown of the garage. Tony Morland used a bike his mother leased from Henry and returned it in poor condition. DH
Brown, Joe Landlord of the Red Lion at Southbridge, also owned a taxi. Once attended Old Sewerworks Road School in London. CBI, GU, PBO, PE, JC, NTL, 3S&T
Brown, Judge American whose views on peanut cartel were quoted by Woolcott Von Dryden (Betty Dean’s husband). LAR
Brown, Lady Lived at Les Monettes, where she gave a Russian dancer carte blancheto gamble at Monte Carlo. He lost everything, including his gold anklet. NR
Brown, Lily Daughter of Old Brown, Rushwater gardener. Married Ted Poulter. PBO, OBH, DA
Brown, Mrs. Haig Wife of Northbridge police constable. Two sons (one was Ernie). Washed and cleaned house for Admiral and Mrs. Phelps. CQ
Brown, Miss Elderly fitter in Bostock and Plummer’s dressmaking establishment. CC
Brown, Mr. Garageman at High Rising. Extracted Adrian Coates’s car from the ditch. HR
Brown, Mrs. Mother of Sid Brown and Brown the garageman. Wouldn’t use her false teeth because of Biblical injunctions against graven images. PBO, DD
Brown, Old d. 1944. Head gardener for the Leslies at Rushwater. WS, PBO
Brown, Sid Worked for railroad as Stationmaster at Stoke Dry. HR1, LAA, MMS
Browne Father of Dowager Duchess of Towers. Got a second in Latin at Balliol in Jowett’s time. Put a piglet dressed in a barmaid’s nightgown in the Master’s waste-paper basket. LAA
Browne, Simon Brother of Dowager Duchess of Towers. An archbishop. LAA
Browning, Dr. Doctor for whom Daphne Stonor worked until he “most selfishly died.” BL
Brownscu, Gradko “Gogo” Mixo-Lydian refugee. Had title of Prodshk Browncu. Managed to live in considerable but unhygienic luxury. Yellow-faced and melancholy with beret and sheepskin coat. If possible, the Brownscus were even more selfish, disagreeable and ungrateful than their compatriots. According to them, everything was better in Mixo-Lydia. After the war they ran a school for peasant-weaving, folk-dancing, etc., at Bathwater Cold in the Cotswolds. CBI, GU, HM, MB, DD, CQ
Brownscu, Mme. Head of Mixo-Lydian refugees, wife (??) of Gradko. Real title was Prodshka Brownscu. Small, wiry woman with frizzled dark hair and leopardskin coat. Even more selfish, ungrateful and disagreeable than her husband, if possible, The Brownscus represented the explanation for English resentment against the worst of the East European refugees who stayed in England after the war. CBI, GU, HM, MB, DD, JC, CQ
Brunel Built or designed RR viaduct across valley of the river Woolram at  Stale Park. BL
Brynhild Acquaintance of George Halliday. Everyone called him Dicky. ESR
Bubb Maker of the best safes according to Lord Stoke. NTL
Buchell, Sir George His dog chased Hilda Plane’s sister’s chickens and a dozen pullets died of fright, but he paid up like a gentleman. MH
Buck, Dr. Physician in Harefield area, called into army. HM
Buckley, Tom Pal of Wickham’s on Baroona on the Australian station. Was fined for not recording his vote. HR2
Buckston, Dr. Skin specialist much admired by Dr. Gus Perry. HM
Budge Councilor of Barchester. Owned the Gas Works. On committee which helped elect Sam Adams as M.P. Wife called him “Pops.” Had five married children. HR2
Bulls and cows of Barsetshire Rushwater Churchill Rushwater Cowslip (champion milker) Rushwater Primrose Rushwater Randolph Rushwater Ranelagh Rushwater Ranger Rushwater Ratcatcher Rushwater Robert Rushwater Romany Rushwater Romper Staple Jupiter  
Bunce d. 1957. “Old Bunce,” the ferryman at Northbridge. Claimed the war would start in the fall because he knew the signs. Daughters Effie and Ruby. Foul-mouthed domestic tyrant, suspected of beating his daughters (who probably deserved it.) Probably meant to be a descendant of Trollope’s Bunce, senior bedesman in Hiram’s Hospital, though Old Bunce represents all the negative traits of the “lower orders,” unlike Trollope’s Bunce. SH, CBI, NR, MB, PE, OBH, JC, WDIM, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Bunce, Effie Came by the day to do for Miss Pemberton in Northbridge. Worked at Master’s Dairy near Hallbury in MB. Had several illegitimate children by unknown fathers. SH, NR, MB, OBH, WDIM, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Bunce, Gary Youngster who attended High Rising tea in honor of birth of Gwendolyn Sally Harcourt. LAA
Bunce, George Ne’er-do-well and expert card cheat in Barsetshire Regiment. OBH
Bunce, Hovis The fourth (and youngest) of Effie Bunce’s illegitimate brood, popularly supposed to be the result of a bus excursion to the coast of one  day’s duration. NTL
Bunce, Mrs. Wife of “Young Bunce,” the Keiths’ cowman. Came in to “do for” Mr.  Wickham. OBH
Bunce, Mrs. Wife of “Old Bunce” the ferryman, but in reality never married him, Died of excessive quantities of gin. SH, NR, MB, PE, WDIM, LAA,
Bunce, Ruby Like her sister Effie, she was slovenly but hard-working, amoral, haphazard, and near illiterate. Had several illegitimate offspring by unknown fathers. SH, NR, WDIM, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Bunce, Sid Mrs. Dunsford’s gardener in Northbridge. Head of the Wolf Cubs. WDIM
Bunce, Young Son of “Old Bunce.” He was 63 and was hit with a mattock by Hibberd for digging a grave in “Hibberd’s churchyard” while Hibberd was delirious with flu. Cowman for the Mertons at Northbridge. SH, NR, OBH, WDIM, 3S&T,
Bungay, Mr. Rival publisher to Mr. Johns. Partner of Hobb. PT, LAR, OBH
Bunn Fishmonger in Barchester. OBH
Bunting, Miss Maude “Bunny” Governess to the Best People in Barsetshire for over forty years. Her pupils included David Leslie, Lord Henry Palliser, Mrs. Marling’s brothers and their children, Anne Fielding, and Heather Adams. First seen at Marling Hall as governess to Lettice (Marling) Watson’s children. Governess to Anne Fielding during war. Had recurring dream that she lectured Hitler about killing her pupils, and always awakened just as he was about to reply. She believed that if she could just keep from waking until he answered, then the war would end. One day she didn’t wake up … she died as the war ended. As a result of her tutoring, the Fieldings’ Mixo-Lydian maid Gradka returned to her country to found schools. Miss Bunting became patron saint of Mixo-Lydian education. Gentle but firm. MH, MB, PBO, OBH, CC, DD, CO, 3S&T
Bunyan Father of C.A. (Fife) Fortescue, 1st Baron Alberfylde. BL
Burden Elderly waiter at the White Hart in Barchester. Had bad leg but refused to have it X-rayed because it wasn’t decent that young ladies take the X-ray pictures. Overheard much county gossip but kept it to himself. LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Burden, Mrs. Wife of Burden the waiter. Described as “long-suffering.” 3S&T
Butters, Jimmy Friend of Charles Belton. Became engaged to a girl he met at a dance. CC
Cabron, Madame Ghismon Beauxcilsz sought her favors after deserting the Dame Aiguesdouces. WDIM
Camargou, Reynault Medieval Provençal poet of whom Harold Downing wrote a  biography. NR
Cameron, Alistair Partner of John Middleton in his architectural firm. Read the classics for pleasure, wrote reviews on them. Did most of the work of the firm. Prejudiced against women because his “blood had been curdled by two aunts and a governess early in life.” In BL, after brief engagement to Daphne Stonor, became engaged to Daphne’s step-mother Lillian. BL, MH, 3S&T
Cameron, Mr. Alistair Cameron’s father. Served in same regiment as Col. Stonor. He and his wife both died while Alistair was in school. BL
Cameron, Mrs. Lady photographer who took portrait of old Lord Mickleham (may have been Alistair Cameron’s mother.) LAA
Campo, Cash Band leader of the Symposium Boys, who recorded “I’m All of a Muddle, When I Cuddle, Cuddle, Cuddle,” “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss and You Won’t Go Amiss,” etc. B, PBO, PE, CC
Capes, Lady Alice Wife of Lord Capes of Capes Castle. Lived mostly in the South of France. WS
Capes, Lord Rude resident of Capes Castle. WS
Capet, Jehan le See le Capet, Jehan  
Carlo Lady Edith Pomfret’s dog, given to her by Guido Strelsa. Died of overeating. OBH
Carmichael, Miss Head of St. Bathos (C. of E.) school, evacuated from London. CBI
Carruthers Member of Lord Bond’s club. Said he cleaned his paintings with soap and water. Former Undersecretay for India. BL
Carson Vicar of Nutfield. Married a widow from the Midlands B, PE
Carter Chauffeur to the Bartons PT
Carter, Angela b. 1940. Daughter of Everard and Kate (Keith) Carter. Aged 2 in GU. GU, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Carter, Archdeacon Great-uncle of Everard. Wife Lady Sibyl. They were both Egyptologists and “both mad.” SH
Carter, Everard b. 1909?. Southbridge School History master and Housemaster who succeeded Mr. Birkett as Headmaster. Became engaged to Kate Keith in SH. Cambridge man. Retired by time of 3S&T. Lived at Northbridge Rectory after retirement SH, B, CBI, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Carter, Kate See Keith, Kate  
Carter, Lady Sibyl 1802-?. Widow of Archdeacon Carter. Her father was governor of an Indian province. SH
Carter, Mrs. Everard’s mother. Had a house near the sea like all proper grandmothers. Lived in Devon PE, OBH
Carter, Mrs. John-Arthur Crosse’s sister. Lived in Manor House at Hatch End. Her husband was related to Everard Carter. One boy (elder), one girl. NTL, DA
Carter, Noel b. 1945. Son of Everard and Kate (Keith) Carter. Just born in MB. MB
Carter, Philip b. 1942. Son of Everard and Kate (Keith) Carter. Just born in GU. GU, PBO, PE, OBH, JC, WDIM, LAA
Carter, Richard A., Esq. A relation of Everard Carter. Married John-Arthur Crosse’s eldest sister. Two children, boy elder and girl. NTL
Carter, Robert Philip “Bobbie” b. 1938. Son of Everard and Kate (Keith) Carter. Aged 1 in CBI. CBI, GU, PBO, PE, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, LAA
Carter, Thomas Mary Grantly’s father. Lord Stoke remembered seeing him ride to hounds, at which pastime he got a chill and died. A farmer. OBH, DD
Carton Worked in costing department of Amalgamated Vedge offices at  Pomfret Towers. DA
Carton, Madeleine See Sparling, Madeleine  
Carton, Mrs. Sidney Carton’s old mother in Bognor. HM, MB
Carton, Sidney Middle-aged former Oxford don when first encountered in HM. Tall and untidy with receding hairline and spectacles. Amateur genealogist who knew all county relationships and histories. Resident of Assaye House in Harefield. Married Madeleine Sparling, Headmistress of Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, CQ, 3S&T
Carver Son of Victoria Norton’s sister. Mrs. Marling confused him with Geoffrey Harvey. MH
Catt Lord Stoke’s bootmaker in Bond Street, called “Puss-in-Boots.” 3S&T
Caxton Gamekeeper for Old Lord Pomfret. Father of the Hallidays’ estate car enter. A man of few words, too frequently repeated. PBO, ESR
Caxton Estate carpenter for the Hallidays at Hatch End. Wore a square paper carpenter’s hat. PBO, ESR, NTL, DA
Caxton, Mrs. b. 1884. Housekeeper at Pomfret Towers. Probably wife of gamekeeper, mother of Hallidays’ estate carpenter. PT, ESR
Chaffinch Gardener (?) for Admiral Palliser at Hallbury House. MB
Champion, Peter Worked in office for Barsetshire Regiment. Was a male nurse in private life, and helped with Northbridge flu epidemic. NR
Chapman, Bert Illegitimate son of Bob Chapman and “Mrs.” Chapman. Served in Merchant Navy. During war, found himself a mess waiter in same regiment as his father. Reported missing in Far East, but ran away with native girl while stationed there. Sent Mrs. Chapman a postcard evey Christmas. NR, WDIM
Chapman, Bob Mrs. Chapman’s “husband.” Ran away and left her with a son, Bert. During war he and Bert were mess waiters in the same regiment. NR
Chapman, Mrs. Bob “Mrs.” by courtesy. Cook for the Villarses at Northbridge Rectory. Son Bert was originally in the Merchant Navy. Effie Bunce’s aunt. NR, WDIM
Charles Footman for the Bonds at Staple Park. BL
Charles Underfootman at Pomfret Towers. Used to carry children upstairs to nursery when Agnes (Leslie) Graham was a girl. Entertained children by singing comic songs, playing the Jew’s-harp, and pretending to fall downstairs. PT, ESR
Chiendent, Mme. Barchester High School French mistress. Rather ferocious. LAA
Chiffinch, Nurse Known as “Squiffy” to her nursing friends, Sisters Heath and Ward. First seen in PT caring for those ill of influenza. Drove Julian Rivers to distraction by being motherly. Later was nurse to Mrs. Keith and Lady Emily Leslie. Was at Cottage Hospital in MB. Shared apartment with Sisters Heath and Ward, and they planned to open a nursing home for wealthy patients needing unnecessary care. DH, PT, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T MB
Chimes Gardener for Dr. Dale at the Rectory, Hallbury.  
Chips Sally Wicklow’s fox terrier. PT
Chives Jobbing gardener for the Arbuthnots at Southbridge. Had wife and large number of handsome, troublesome daughters. Worked at Pomfret Towers as a lad. Ex-corporal in Barsetshires, but no foreign service due to stomach ailment. Not very bright. Also sexton of Southbridge. Became gardener for Col. The Rev. Crofts. PE, LAA
Chives, Mrs. Wife of Southbridge sexton and jobbing gardener. Took most of his wages and spent them at the Red Lion. PE
Chloe Sally Wicklow’s lurcher PT
Choyce Rev. Choyce’s father. Spent most of his time as an invalid in Italy. ESR
Choyce, Rev. Mr. Herbert Old friend of Mr. Leonard Halliday, who presented him with the living at Hatch End in 1933. Had been working in a Liverpool parish. Engaged to Miss Merriman in NTL, married her in DA. PBO, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Churchill, Winston Spencer Mentioned in admiring terms in almost every book. He made a cameo appearance at the Conservative Rally at Stale Park in LAR. LAR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Clamp, Mr. Head of a family from Southport with whom the Budges spent time fishing in Scotland. HR2
Clifford, Mr. Village schoolmaster at Northbridge. NR, WDIM
Clover, Aubrey Actor-writer-producer for London stage. Wounded at Dunkirk -“shrapnel in tummy.” Name was really Caleb Lover, but his writing of “C. Lover” was so often mistaken for Clover that he changed it. Playwright ofOut Goes She, Three for a Letter, etc. Married Jessica Dean, had daughter Sarah Siddons. Rather protean type who could be almost any character without seeming to have much personality of his own. PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Clover, Jessica See Dean, Jessica  
Clover, Sarah Siddons b. 1949. Daughter of Aubrey and Jessica (Dean) Clover. CC, WDIM, ESR, 3S&T
Cloves, Mr. “Only a shooting man” who was unwillingly forced by Lord Pomfret to talk to Hermione Rivers at dinner. PT
Coates, Adrian Publisher of Laura Morland’s books. Lived in London and had some “Jewish blood.” Proposed to Mrs. Morland under the influence of a motor wreck and George Knox’s punch, was refused (to his relief), later married Knox’s daughter Sibyl. HR1, DH, PT, B, CBI, NR, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Coates, Laura b. 1934. Eldest daughter of Adrian and Sibyl (Knox) Coates DH, CBI, MMS
Coates, Sibyl See Knox, Sibyl  
Cobbold Bailiff and cowman for Duke of Omnium CC
Cockle Fishmonger at Winter Overcotes GU
Codman, Hake Glamora Tudor’s leading man in “Moslem Love.” JC
Collerton, Mrs. Wife of Commodore Collerton. As a youngster Tubby Fewling was infatuated with her, despite the fact that she was twice his age and had a large family. JC
Collis Baby Collis at nursery school evacuated to Stories at Pomfret Madrigal. Not very well, but improved remarkably. PE
Concord, Sherman American beau of Edith Graham. DA
Conque, Amalie (“Conk”) Lady Emily Leslie’s maid. Spoke little English despite 30-year residence in England. Combined devotion, incompetence and rudeness. After Lady Emily’s death she went to live with Old Mrs. Baker at Folkestone. Was born in Vache-et-Etable. WS, MH, PBO, LAR, OBH, ESR, DA
Copper Nickname for Charles Belton’s red-haired friend Bobby. Had a motorcycle and brought Charles home on it for embarkation leave. Was one of the ground staff at the aerodrome. A bit lower-class with unpleasant broken teeth. HM
Copper, Mrs. Northbridge resident. NR
Cornstalk, Mr. Riveter in Barley St., Barchester, who could mend teacups. Deceased. PBO
Coverdale, Gerry Race driver who lent David and Rose Leslie his race car so that they could get to Rushwater reunion on time, also to go to Lady Emily Leslie’s funeral. LAR, OBH
Cowman, Hilda Old school chum of Miss Holly and Mrs. Watson at Fairlawns. Got a job in a factory and looked down on Mrs. Watson because she was married. MB
Cowshay, Bob Brother of Miss Cowshay. Married with one undisciplined son. Apparently a carpenter. CC
Cowshay, Miss Former clerk in cashier’s office at Pilchard’s. Later worked with Geoffrey Harvey in Regional Commissioners Office, then in costing deptartment at Sam Adams’s Hogglestock works, and finally as Sam’s secretary at Pomfret Towers. MH, OBH, CC, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Cox Possibly a local fruiterer, since Robin Morland asked for Cox’s orange pippins to give to a pony 3S&T
Cox, Mrs. Formerly a “cook in good families.” Leased bedroom and sitting room to Mrs. Smith, aunt of Millie Poulter (Millie was the daily at the Harvey’s where Mrs. Smith used to live.) MH, MB, LAR, CC, HR2
Coxon Ran garage (garridge) in Worsted. Also had taxi service.Father of Geoff. GU, LAR, HR2
Coxon, Miss Young V.A.D. in Barchester Hospital. Fainted at Corporal Hoggett’s apparent disfigurement. DO
Coxon. Geoff b. 1929. One of Marigold Smith’s many boyfriends. Went into Navy. Married Marigold in 1950. LAR, DD, HR2
Crackman, Bert Engineer who drove the train “GatherumCastle” but was thought poorly of because he took little care of the engine. LAR
Crackman, Sidney Guard on train traveling on Worsted Line. GU, LAR
Crammer Was vegetable gardener at Beliers Priory for the Warings. Went back to help his father on the farm and was replaced by ex-Sgt. Hopkins. LAIR
Crawford Dean of Lazarus College, Oxford. Bit of a nut about Russia. CBI
Crawley Son of Dean Josiah Crawley. A Rural Dean. Father of Jane, Grace, and a son. Wife was a mild invalid who enjoyed poor health. DA
Crawley Brother of Grace and Jane, grandson of Dean Josiah Crawley. Father was a rural Dean. Farms near Chaldicotes. DA
Crawley Son of Dean Crawley. University Professor HR2
Crawley Eldest son of Dean Crawley. Had a cure of souls in a mining district. WDIM
Crawley b. 1903. Dean Crawley’s eldest daughter (could be Secunda). At age l5 was in love with George Waring when he was killed in WWI. LAR
Crawley Son of Dean Crawley. A schoolmaster (possibly the same as the University Professor). HR2
Crawley, Bob Son of Josiah Crawley of Hogglestock in Trollope’s novels. Godson of Dean Francis Arabin, who sent him to Marlborough to prepare for Cambridge. Went to Australia and did well in wool. Uncle or great uncle of Dean Crawley of Barchester. HR2
Crawley, Grace b. 1937. Fair-haired granddaughter of Dean Crawley. Married John-Arthur Crosse. DA, 3S&T
Crawley, Grace Daughter of Josiah Crawley, Rector of Hogglestock in Trollope novels Last Chronicle of Barset and Framley Parsonage. Married Henry Grantly, son of the Archdeacon. Grandmother of Rev. Septimus Grantly of Edgewood. CBI, OBH, DD, HR2, DA
Crawley, Jane b. 1938. Dark-haired granddaughter of Dean Crawley. With sister Grace, named after the two daughters of the Josiah Crawley of Trollope’s novels. Married George Halliday. DA, 3S&T
Crawley, Josiah Canon, Dean of Barchester. First seen as a friend of Lady Pomfret in PT. Eight children, 17 grandchildren in PE. Had shared digs with George Knox at Oxford. Once blackballed Sir Ogilvy Hibberd for Polyanthus Club. Grandson of Josiah Crawley, curate of Hogglestock in Trollope’s novels. Opposed Bishop’s parsimony and low-church, Liberal views. DH, SH, PT, B, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Crawley, Josiah Grandfather of Dean of Barchester, most prominent in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage and Last Chronicle of Barset. Moody, unhappy, ascetic, conscientious, hard-working curate of Hogglestock. Vindicated of stealing a cheque in Last Chronicle. Son Bob, daughters Grace and Jane, wife Mary. Later Vicar of St. Ewold’s. SH, CBI, HM, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, DA, CQ, LAA,
Crawley, Mary Wife of Josiah Crawley, curate of Hogglestock in Trollope’s novels. Helped husband and children cope with poverty and a hard life. Courageous and self-sacrificing. DA, CQ
Crawley, Mrs. Wife of Josiah Crawley, Dean of Barchester. Gave lavish teas to county families, subtly underscoring the miserliness of the Bishop and Bishopess at the Palace. Two sons, six daughters, including Secunda, Tertia, Octavia. SH, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Crawley, Octavia Youngest daughter of Dean Crawley. Competent, managing, hard-working. Interested in nursing. Married Rev. Tommy Needham and was a conscientious clergyman’s wife. Numerous children. CBI, NR, MH, GU, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Crawley, Secunda Second child of Dean Crawley. Married the editor of a church magazine. HR2
Crawley, Septimus Arabin One of Dean Crawley’s grandsons. CQ
Crawley, Tertia Third daughter of Dean Crawley. Married Rev. Anselm Beckett. HR2
Cripps, Mrs. Keeps Noel Merton’s chambers in London. GU
Crockett, Selina (Allen) Plump daughter of Lady Waring’s old Nannie Allen. Came to help at Beliers Priory during war. Nearer 50 than 40, tender-hearted, attractive widow of Blackheath greengrocer. Grey-streaked, curly hair (hairpins kept falling out like Laura Morland’s) and liquid eyes. Cried about almost anything. Turned down proposals from Pvt. Jenks and advances from Jasper Margett, married Sgt. Hopkins. They ran greengrocer’s in Northbridge. Later sold greengrocer’s, returned to Sir Harry Waring; Selina acted as cook for Priory School. GU, LAR, DD, HR2, JC, CQ
Crofts, Col. Francis Edward Tall, middle-aged man with blue eyes, shaggy eyebrows, mustache and beard. Served many years in the Indian Army, then retired. A widower with two sons in Indian army. Took orders and became Vicar of Southbridge. Married Miss Effie Arbuthnot. PE, OBH, CC, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Crofts, Effie See Arbuthnot, Effie (F.E.)  
Croke, Abner American novelist whose books were published by Mr. Johns. Johns wooed him away from competitors by a dinner at which he acted as a sympathetic listener to Mr. Croke’s interminable conversation. PT
Crosse John-Arthur Crosse’s great-grandfather – “a bit of a lad” with numerous illegitimate children named Bantam in the Potteries. ESR
Crosse, John-Arthur b. 1923. Son of Lord Crosse of Crosse Hall. In Barsetshire Yeomanry during war. Bank manager after war. Fond of Edith Graham in ESR, but married Grace Crawley. ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Crosse, Lady Wife of Lord Crosse, mother of John-Arthur. Recently deceased in ESR, much missed by her loving husband. ESR
Crosse, Lord John Morton Father of John-Arthur and two daughters. [Name originally was spelled “Cross” but “e” was added by Mrs. Thirkell because there was a real Lord Cross.] 3rd Baron, lived at Crosse Hall (which was mentioned in Trollope though the family wasn’t). Lady Emily Leslie remembered him as a small boy in kilts and curls who fell in love with her when she was a young married woman. ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Crowder, Miss Lived at Glycerine Cottage, Northbridge, with Miss Hopgood. They were maiden ladies who were convinced they were spiritually French, so went to the Riviera each year and mystified the natives with their language. NR, WDIM, DA
Crummles Brewer from Huntingdonshire. A Barchester expression was “dead as old Crummles.” ESR
Crump Builder from Allington who did improvements on the cathedral. DD
Cruncher Old man at Hacker’s Corner who had been dying for 15 months, and constantly called in Martin Leslie to hear his last words, thinking Martin was his grandfather Henry Leslie. Drank a quart of cider and said he’d beat the sexton yet. Could remember as a boy hearing about the Frenchies being whipped by the Proosians in 1870. PBO, LAR, DD
Cumberboard, Gen. “Pinky” While in London, Peggy Arbuthnot had lunch with him and they viewed a show of dreadful stuff all made of plastic. PE
Curwen Chauffeur for the Brandons. Worked in Aero engine works during war, owned garage afterwards. B, PE, CC
Curwen, Mrs. Wife of Brandons’ chauffeur. In ripe middle-age she took to cigarettes, lipstick, and cheap permanent waves. PE
Cutbush, Mrs. Member of gardening and landscaping firm of Cutbush and Sepal. OBH
Cutsam, Constant American who married Evie Merrivale. MB
Cutt Lord Stoke’s Savile Row tailor. 3S&T
d’Aiguesdouces, Dame Deserted by Ghisman Beaucilsz for another woman. WDIM
Dhlia, Miss Hairdresser at Maison Tozier. JC
Daisy Cow belonging to Mr. Masters of Hallbury. In MB “had just dropped a fine bull calf.” MB
Dale b. 1957. Son of Robin and Anne (Fielding) Dale. DA
Dale d. 1939. Father of Isabel Dale from Allington. Married Priscilla Gresham. CC
Dale Isabel Dale’s grandfather, son of Bernard Dale. CC
Dale, Bell Isabel Dale’s father’s aunt. CC
Dale, Bernard Isabel Dale’s great-grandfather. Married niece of Miss Dunstable, who inherited a fortune. In Trollope’s Small House at Allington and Last Chronicle of Barset. CC
Dale, Christopher Isabel Dale’s uncle at Allington. A farmer. CC
Dale, Dora Maud b. 1949. Younger twin daughter of Robin and Anne (Fielding) Dale. CC, WDIM, DA, LAA
Dale, Dr. 1863-1945. Rector of Hallbury. Married late in life, had son Robin. Writing work on Haggai. Lived much in the past with the memory of his beloved wife, who died when Robin was a small boy. He drifted away and rejioined her in PBO. MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, ESR, DA
Dale, Emily See Dunstable, Emily  
Dale, Isabel b. 1920. Underling to Eleanor Grantly at Red Cross Library. Cousin to Robin Dale. From Allington. Resigned her Red Cross post in CC. Tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed with oval face. Was engaged to a man (John) who was killed in Italy, later married Lord Silverbridge. Son Gerald (1950), second son in 1952. Under pseudonym Lisa Bedale, wrote detective novels featuring Gerry Marsden. OBH, DD, H R2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Dale, Lily Great-aunt of Robin Dale. One of the Allington Dales. Aunt of Rev. Grantly. Engaged to “some man” (Adolphus Crosbie) but broke it off and lived to be over 80, spurning the love of her childhood friend Johnnie Eames. Took care of her mother and old Squire Dale, as recounted in Trollop’s The Small House at Allington. One of the best-remembered Trollop’s heroines. MB, LAR
Dale, Mrs. 1893-1925. Married the rather elderly Rev. Dale, Rector of Hallbury, thirty years her senior. Efficiently ran the village for him. Died when son Robin was 5 or 6. Wealthy. MB, CC
Dale, Priscilla (Gresham) d. 1949. Isabel Dale’s mother. A “horrid lump of selfishness,” a hypochondriacal invalid. Died in CC. Her money came from Mary Thorne-Frank Gresham fortune. Left her house to Robin Dale (where he started a prep school) and money to Isabel. CC, WDIM
Dale, Roberta Fielding b. 1949. Older twin daughter of Robin and Anne (Fielding) Dale. CC, WDIM, DA, LAA
Dale, Robin b. 1919. Son of Dr. Dale, Rector of Hallbury. Lost a foot at Anzio after going through N. Africa and Sicily. Was Jr. Classics master at Southbridge. After his injury he started a prep school for small boys at Hallbury. Married Anne Fielding, returned to teach at Southbridge where he was Jr. Housemaster. Left to start a prep school at Allington. MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Damper, Dr. J. J. Honorary Canon of Barchester. Former Head of Southbridge School (1849-56). Author of several hymns including the Duke of Omnium’s favorite, “Each morn we humbly bow the face. Before the coming of Thy Grace.” Also author of the Southbridge School Carmen. Wrote travel book Peregrinations in Palestine. SH, CBI, PE
Danby, Rev. Vicar of Southbridge. CBI, NR
Dandridge, Amber Barchester High School student. Refused swimming colors by Miss Pettinger for cheeking Miss Moore in the bookroom. SH
Dandridge, Cynthia Captain of tennis at Barchester High School. MB
Daphne Lily Langtry’s calf. Daphne Stonor and C. W. Bond attended her birth on the night they became engaged. BL
Dashwood, Mrs. Her children were never allowed barley kernels by their Nanny because they were heating to the blood. WS
Davida and Davidette Twins at Hacker’s Corner. Named after David Leslie. PBO, LAR
Davies, Dr. Female doctor at Worsted. GU
Day, Mr. Was in Loyal Barsetshire Regiment during war. GU
de Baruelh, Peire Author of 12th-century tenso on two troubadours’ argument as to the relative merits of moles on their ladies’ cheek and bosom. PE
Dean Twin sons of Frank and Rachel Dean. Served in same Naval squadron during war. AF, PE, LAR, OBH, HR2
Dean b. 1940. Student at Beliers Priory School. Son of Laurence and Margaret (Tebben) Dean. Had the good fortune to have a nosebleed in church and so be taken home. LAR, DD, JC
Dean A grandson of Frank and Rachel Dean. Messed up pillowslips at Southbridge School by putting motor oil on hair. CQ
Dean Another grandson of Frank and Rachel Dean. Also put motor oil on hair, raising Matron’s ire by getting it on pillowslips. CQ
Dean, Betty b. 1917. Second daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean. 18 at first appearance in AF. Scholarship to Oxford, took first in Greats, did post-graduate work at Bryn Mawr. Fond of C. W. Bond, but their relationship was “spoiled by excessive parental enthusiasm.” Matured from self-important, obnoxious, ostentatiously agnostic teen who psychoanalyzed everyone and had the usual schoolgirl crushes on educated women, to a competent if masterful type. Worked for the Red Cross during war. Married wealthy American Woolcott Van Dryven. Three children. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, HR2, WDIM, LAA
Dean, Frank b. 1874. Head of engineering firm. Resided at Manor House, Worsted. Wife Rachel, children Laurence, Helen, Betty, Susan, a pair of twins, Gerald, Robin and Jessica. AF, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Dean, Gerald Son of Frank and Rachel Dean. In Army in India during war, stayed in Army afterwards. AF, GU, PE, LAR, HR2
Dean, Helen Eldest daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean. “Demon driver” of fast cars. Married middle-aged Oxford don Charles Fanshawe. Three children, including Rachel. AF, HM, PE, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, ESR, CQ, 3S&T,
Dean, Jessica b. 1925? 1932? Youngest daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean, Child of 3 or 4 at first appearance in AF, but was an actress in PE; confused chronology unless she was a stage veteran at 16. Collected salvage and learned jujitsu during war. Married producer-writer Aubrey Clover, who wrote sophisticated small cast plays for her with his music and lyrics. Had daughter Sarah Siddons. Clever, voluble, sympathetic with shy people like Ludo Lufton. Interfered in people’s lives for their own good. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Dean, Laurence Eldest son of Frank and Rachel Dean. Became engaged to Margaret Tebben in AF. Did liaison work with Poles during war. Later became partner in father’s engineering firm. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, HR2, JC, WDIM
Dean, Rachel Wife of Frank Dean of Worsted. Sister of Mrs. Palmer. Languid and attractive; like Mrs. Morland and Mrs. Brandon, enchanting to younger men. Used the excuse of “having a heart” to avoid unpleasant tasks. Ran land army for area during war. AF, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, WDIM, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Dean, Robin Youngest son of Frank and Rachel Dean. Student at Southbridge in Tony Morland’s form. Graduated from OCTU during war. Married with twins by 1946. A farmer after war. AF, GU, LAR, OBH, HR2
Dean, Susan b. 1919. 3rd daughter of Frank and Rachel Dean. Sixteen at first appearance in AF. Worked with prisoners of war at Oxford during war. Red Cross Librarian for Barchester after war. At one time fond of Colin Keith, but became engaged to Freddie Belton in LAR. AF, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ
Dean, Young Kitty Cat belonging to Dean family at Worsted. Friend of Gunnar, cat belonging to Tebben family. Left with the Birketts at the Dower House. AF, LAIR
Deanna Maid to Leslies at Rushwater. Was once injured by dropping a pot of tea on her foot. Walked out with Ted Higdon for ten years. CBI
deCourcy, George Was in prison for money matters. Sir Robert Graham once feared this man would propose to Agnes Leslie before he did. ESR
deCourcy, Lady Aunt of Tommy Greaves. Was hard up and occasionally had to let her villa on the Riviera. Mother of George deCourcy NR, LAR, ESR, DA, LAA
deCourcy, Lord “Old” Lord deCourcy. Called “Lord deCurse-Ye” because of fiery language. (Hard to tell which of these deCourcys correspond to Trollope’s. LAA
deCourcy, Rev. the Hon. George Vicar of St. Ewold’s who prevented a neo-gothic restoration of the Vicarage. Could be the George deCourcy mentioned in Trollope. HR2
deCourcy, Rev. the Hon. Reginald Hallbury Rector who suppressed Guy Fawkes Day prayers in 1830’s. MB
deGaulle Conque’s French poodle, which had mange. LAIR
deMalacord, Galfrides 12th-century Bishop of Barchcester, who resembled the present one. HR2
Dempsey, Gen. Commanded the battalion in which Tony Morland fought. MB
deValois, Jehanne Mistress of Jehan le Capet. B
Dibble, Mr. Member of gardening and landscape firm (Potter and Dibble) recommended by Lady Norton. OBH
Dingle, Gladys Eileen’s (of the Red Lion) married sister, who took in three evacuees from London. Cleaning woman at cottages at Wiple Terrace. Had alcoholic husband. CBI, 3S&T
Dingle, Mrs. Daily woman in Southbridge who obliged 3 times a week at Editha Cottage. Eileen the barmaid’s aunt. (Possibly intended to be the same as one mentioned as Eileen’s sister. PE
Dixon, Mrs. Lived at Starveacres, reputed to be a witch who would magic a fox away if she didn’t get five shillings on Michaelmas Day. PT, WDIM
Dodder Well-known Law Lord. WDIM
Doddington, Bubb Lord Stoke remembered the name but hadn’t a ghost of an idea who the feller was. NTL
Doker, Crab Glamora Tudor’s leading man in “Too Close for Love.”  
Don Paymaster Lt. at Gibraltar. Engaged to Peggy Merrivale. Thirtytwo years old with three married sisters. MB
Donald School friend of Robin Morland. Had a horse which Robin liked to ride. 3S&T
Donald Friend of Tom Grantly. Lucy Marling bought a tractor from him. Was moving to Canada. OBH
Doppelganger, Lincoln Fish Graduate of Porter Univ. in Porterville, TX. Sponsored a series of lectures at his alma mater after making a fortune during war. WDIM
Doris Maid to Mrs. Turner at The Hollies, Northbridge. NR
Dorothy Girl who did daily work for John-Arthur Crosse at Old Manor House. Had brothers Jim and Harry. Probably a Vidler or a Panter. ESR
Dorrie Evacuee child at Northbridge who told another the “nasty something” on her plate was kidneys. CBI
Downing, Harold b. 1886. Writer on Provenç:al literature of Medieval Period. Rented room from Ianthe Pemberton in Northbridge, and was practically imprisoned by her possessiveness. Was compiling anthology of 12th-century Provençal lyrics, had written life of poet Reynault Camargou. Almost married Poppy Turner in NR, did so thirteen years later in WDIM. NR, PBO, PE, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, 3S&T
Drake, Miss Teacher of evacuee children who stayed with the Keiths for a while. She and Miss Potter, the other teacher, “did nothing but walk in the garden with arms around each other’s waists and call each other Draky and Potts.” Communists. CBI
Driver, Miss Senior teacher of the children’s nursery school billeted on Mrs. Brandon at Stories during the war. CBI
Dubois, M. Tony Morland’s French master at Southbridge School. DH
Duchaux, Mlle. Old governess of Frances and Geoffrey Harvey. Hated all “foreigners” (anyone not French). Aunt of Jules Duval. Joined a the’s-dansant scheme but argued with the Countess who ran it, so joined the Corps Féminin and became a corporal. MH
Dudden Apparently an elderly local peasant at Hallbury, because Lord Stoke thought Percy Bodger might be one of his boys. MB
Dudley, Matron Poppy Matron at Southbridge School, aunt of George Empson the wireless expert. Frequently at odds with Mr. Ferris, the Housemaster. HR1, DH, SH, CBI, GU, MB, PBO, PE, CC, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, CQ, 3S&T, MMS
Dumbello, Lady Present Lady Hartletop of Hartletop Priory. DD
Dumbello, Lord b. 1946. Baby son of present Lord Hartletop. Shared Henry and Dorothy Leslie’s nursery on a visit to Hartletop. LAR, DD, HR2
Dumbello, Lord Gustavus Character from Trollope’s Small House at Allington, Framley Parsonage, Last Chronicle of Barset. Married Griselda Grantly, later became Lord Hartletop. CBI, OBH, HR2
Dumka Mixo-Lydian maid of Mrs. Carter (John-Arthur Crosse’s sister) at Manor House, Hatch End. NTL, DA
Dunsford, Barbara Lived with widowed mother in Hovis House at Northbridge. Daughter of Gen. Dunsford. Helped with spotting duties on church tower on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. NR, PE, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA
Dunsford, Gen. Deceased resident of Northbridge. Interested in Norse legends. NR, PE, DA
Dunsford, Mrs. Along with her daughter, helped with spotting duties on church tower, but only on Mondays. Typical country widow of middle class family. Distantly related to the Hallidays. NR, PE, WDIM, DA, CQ
Dunstable, Emily Wife of Bernard Dale. Inherited a fortune from her aunt, Miss Dunstable. Friend of Lily Dale in Trollop’s Last Chronicle of Barset. Cousin of the Thornes. CC
Dunstable, Martha Character in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage, Dr. Thorne, and Last Chronicle of Barset. Daughter of wealthy man who made fortune selling Ointment of Lebanon. Married Dr. Thorne. HM, CC
Dusta, Nukkle Native trooper of Col. Crofts at Sukj Behar in 1921. Had horrible squint. PE
Dutton, Lt. Young officer of Barsetshires billeted on Villarses at Northbridge. In private life was a leftist intellectual don. Was sent back to depot by Col. Passmore because of his habit of asking uncomfortable and ironic questions. NR
Duval, Eugene see Capet, Jehan le  
Duval, Jules Nephew of Mlle. Duchaux. In Free-French Army. Had tea at Marling Hall. Yellow-faced with unpleasant white fangs. Accompanied by two French Africans. Great contempt for everything English. Confused with Pierre Boulle in PBO. MH, PBO
Duval, Mme. Mlle. Marie-Claire and Mme. Henri Members of Free-French family who spent Christmas with Misses Hopgood and Crowder at Northbridge. NR
Eddy b. 1917. Employee of Scatcherd and Tozier, caterers. DA
Edie See Pover, Alice Edith (Edie)  
Edie Maid to Rose Fairweather.  
Edith Mrs. Morland’s Aunt Edith in London. CC
Edna Mentally defective niece of Mr. Bissell. Accompanied the Bissells when they were evacuated to Southbridge. Both parents were also mentally defective. Mrs. Bissell was remarkably patient in working with her using modern psychological principles. Finally had to be placed in Ada Clotworth Mental Home. CBI, PE
Edward Handyman at Southbridge School. Became butler there when Simnet left. HR1, DH, CBI, GU, PE, CC, JC, NTL, CQ
Edwards, Miss Lady Bond’s secretary. Daphne Stonor substituted for her when she was away. BL
Egouts, Vidarne de Provençal resident of Middle Ages. Made his wife eat her lover’s heart, according to novel by Prof. Gawky, though according to Miss Pemberton it was his lungs and liver. NR, WDIM
Eileen Part of kitchen staff for Sam Adams at Old Bank House. CC
Eileen (later Bateman) Barmaid at Red Lion in Southbridge. A dazzling blonde. Niece (or possibly sister) of Mrs. Dingle. Married Col. Crofts’ factotum and former batman, Bateman. Her sister Florrie married Simnet. CBI, GU, PE, CC, JC, NTL, CQ
Ellangowan, Lady Raven-haired lady who was carried off in a decline at age 25. Her portrait hung in Arcot House, Harefield. HM, HR2
Ellangowan, Lady Catriona Wife of Lord Ellangowan of Aberdeathly Castle, Scotland. Capt. Christopher Hornby almost married her. HM, OBH, DD, HR2
Ellangowan, Lord Scottish peer, related to Christopher Hornby. Wife Catriona. Laird of Aberdeathly Castle. HM
Ellangowan- Hornby, Mrs. Adm. Widow of Adm. Hornby, daughter of old Lord Ellangowan whose portrait hung in Arcot House. Died in Harefield, making Arcot House available for the Beltons to move into. HM, CQ
Elphin, Lady Gwendolyn Acquaintance of Duchess of Omnium. DD
Elphin, Marigold Daughter of Lady Gwendolyn. Known as “Boodle.” DD
Elson, Lord Everard Carter wrote a book about him. Miss Thorne of Ullathorne thought he should be Prime Minister in Trollope’s Barchester Towers. PE
Elton, A. P. A contemporary of Gilbert Tebben and Charles Fanshawe at Oxford. Had something to do with the Budget. His oldest son was “in a very poor way.” AF
Elton, F.P. Brother of A.P. Married a Majorcan peasant who dominated him. Was planning a critical edition of Pindar, but “obviously drinks and seems sadly broken.” AF
Emma Aunt of Snow, the Southbridge carpenter. Deceased, “just sort of faded away.” JC
Emma Geoff and John Fairweather’s Aunt Emma who left her money to John when she died. CBI
Empson, George Southbridge School Matron Poppy Dudley’s nephew. Normally a wireless operator and electrician on luxury liners to New York, he wired Editha Cottage for the Arbuthnots, with a running commentary on old wiring and proper method for rewiring that almost drove them crazy. His ship was RMS Vomitorium. Torpedoed twice during war. HR1, SH, CBI, GU, PE, CC, HR2, JC, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Empson, Marconi Sparks Son of George Empson.  
Ethyl Parlormaid for Middletons BL
Ethyl Upper housemaid at Stories. Parlormaid in PE. B, PE
Ewold, St. Caused sacred grove of Druid’s Oak on Balder’s Knob to be cut down, and nothing has grown there since. Legend says he played cards with the Devil using cards marked with crosses to burn the Devil’s fingers. PBO, ESR, CQ
Evans Sam Adams’ production manager at Hogglestock Rolling Mills. LAR, CC
Everleen Bill Marling’s children’s second nurse. Came from an orphanage. MH, CC
Fairfax-Raven Friend of John Villars. Hurt his foot parachuting. NR
Fairfield Member of firm Johns and Fairfield, publishers of George Knox’s books. HR1, PT, CBI, MH, LAR, HR2, JC, CQ
Fairweather, A.L. Opponent in boxing finals at Southbridge School. HR
Fairweather, Amy Daughter of John and Rose (Birkett) Fairweather. GU, CQ
Fairweather, Geoffrey Elder brother of John. Sister Edith married Robert Keith. Contemporary of Tony Morland at Southbridge. Not brilliant, but good athlete, captain of boxing. School nickname “Fairy.” Married Geraldine Birkett, had son John. Became a Colonel in the Barsetshire Regt. during war. DH, SH, CBI, GU, PBO, PE, JC, CQ
Fairweather, Geraldine See Birkett, Geraldine  
Fairweather, Henry b. 1940. Son of John and Rose (Birkett) Fairweather. Had one brother, not named. GU, DA, CQ
Fairweather, John Younger brother of Geoffrey. Attended Southbridge School where he was opponent of Smith-Hetherington in HR1. Became a Lt. in Royal Navy. Married Rose Birkett, had common sense she lacked and was able to control her idiocies and tolerate her pouting. Later was Naval Attache at Las Palombas, was stationed in Washington during war. Captain by time of CC. two sons, two daughters. MB, PBO, PE, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA
Fairweather, John Son of Geoffrey and Geraldine (Birkett) Fairweather GU, PE
Fairweather, Mary d. 1946. Mother of Edith Keith, Geoffrey and John Fairweather. Spoiled her grandchildren. Died in PE. SH, PE
Fairweather, Mary b. 1947. Daughter of John and Rose (Birkett) Fairweather. DA, CQ
Fairweather, Mrs. Mother (or possibly grandmother) of John and Geoff Fairweather. Said to have spoiled her children shockingly. PE
Fairweather, Rose See Birkett, Rose  
Fanny, Aunt Deceased aunt of Mrs. Hoare, had lived in Derbyshire. Left Mrs. Hoare a Sheraton table. Sister of Aunt Patience. HM
Fanshawe, Charles Don at Paul’s College, Oxford, self-proclaimed “despiser of women,” something of a character. Honorary “Uncle” of Dean children at Worsted, former tutor of Winifred Tebben. In late 40’s when first introduced in AF. Married much younger Helen Dean, after believing he was too old for her. Three children, including Rachel. Later became Dean of Paul’s. Was remembered for climbing around entire outside of college without touching round when he was an undergraduate. AF, CBI, HM, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Fanshawe, Helen See Dean, Helen  
Fanshawe, Rachel b. 1938. Daughter of Charles and Helen (Dean) Fanshawe. PE
Faraday-Home, Miss Representative of female contingent of “irrepressible youth” at house party in PT. Squealed and made unintelligent and featherbrained remarks at slightest provocation. Along with Peter and Micky, responsible for many pranks and much liveliness. PT
Farker, Derrick Mrs. Poppy Turner’s youngest evacuee child. NR
Farquhar, Gerry Friend of Henry Grantly in the Barsetshire Regt. Wrote to tell Henry they were probably being posted to the Far East. OBH
Featherstone- haugh 1920-1939. Captain of Rowing at Southbridge School in ’37, went into Nigerian police. Killed when Lancashire was torpedoed and sunk. Contemporary of Tony Morland, Swan and Hacker. Very shy. Enamoured of Matron when in Junior form. Special prize for Greek was named for his uncle. SH, CBI, PBO, ESR
Feeder, Mr. Master at Southbridge School, lived in Louisa Cottage, Wiple Terrace. Drove everyone crazy with his wireless. PE, OBH, CC, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Feeder, Mrs. b. 1892. Mother of Mr. Feeder. Came to live near him in Editha Cottage. Tall, gaunt widow. Had learned to drink to please her husband, who had gastric trouble and couldn’t drink but enjoyed watching her. PE, OBH, CC, JC, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Feilding, Miss Teacher in charge of evacuated nursery school at Stories. PE
Ferdinand, Isabella One of Hosiers’ Girls’ School students at Harefield Park. A natural rebel with strong dramatic leanings, played leading roles in drama productions and minor mischief. HM, MB
Ferguson Chauffeur for the Bonds at Staple Park. BL
Ferris, Mr. Assistant Maths master at Southbridge School, son of a country doctor. Tony Morland’s housemaster and scoutmaster, constantly at odds with Matron. Later became one of H.M.’s Inspectors of Secondary Schools. HR1, DH, CBI
Fewling, Father George”Tubby” Former Naval chaplain (Commander), son of a successful merchant. Anglo-Catholic priest in Northbridge. Rector of St. Sycorax and head of boy scouts. Later became Vicar of Greshamsbury and Honorary Canon of Barchester. Fond of Margot Phelps but she married Donald Macfadyen, the large-scale market gardener. After Macfadyen’s death he married her. NR, PE, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Fielding, Anne b. 1928. Daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Fielding (Dora). Rather delicate, shy, and studious. When well enough she attended Barchester High School, but, tutored by Miss Bunting she became an enthusiastic and omnivorous reader of history, English literature, and Latin. Married Robin Dale, Housemaster at Southbridge School, had twins Roberta Fielding and Dora Maud, and a son MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Fielding, Lady Dora b. 1900. Wife of Sir Robert. Very intelligent and competent, on all sorts of committees during war. MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Fielding, Sir Robert b. 1887. Chancellor of Diocese of Barchester. Had house in Cathedral Close and one at Hall’s End in Hallbury. Was defeated by Sam Adams for seat in Parliament. MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Filgrave Dentist in Barchester. NR
Fillgrave, Sir Abel Well-known surgeon whom Delia Brandon wanted to see operate. Undoubtedly a descendant of Dr. Fillgrave in the Trollope novels, esp. Dr. Thorne. CBI, GU, HM
Finch Uncle of odd-job man at Pomfret Towers. One of worst poachers in county , but would only poach on Lord Pomfret’s land. PT, WDIM
Finch Servant at Pomfret Towers. Formerly boot-and-knife boy, then odd-job man. PT, WDIM
Finch Father of odd-job man at Pomfret Towers. Figured in an amusing story of a folding fire escape. PT
Finlay Boy at Coppins’s School. Pinched some toffee from Holden and got into an awful row. NR
Finn, Phineas From the Trollope Palliser novels. Of Irish ancestry, he won a seat in Parliament but had to resign after fighting a duel. Later returned and held various government posts. Was tried for and acquitted of the murder of a Mr. Bonteen. Married twice, once to a childhood sweetheart, once to Mme. Goesler.  
Fitchett, Sid Son of Northbridge grocer. Worked with Trowel the Builder. Caught with Effie Bunce in the air-raid shelter. Possible father of one of her numerous illegitimate offspring. NR, PE
Fitchett Grocer and Coals in Northbridge. NR, PE
Fitzgorman, Dobby Once was formally engaged to Lady Elaine, daughter of Duke of Towers, despite being a liberal and being suspected of having shot a fox. Broke his neck in a steeplechase. (Called Fitzgibbon in DA). DA, LAA
Flanagan, Spike Movie actor in “Peter Ibbetson” or “Trilby.” CQ
Fletcher, Eva Gloria Fletcher’s Aunt Eva. Cook for Lord and Lady Silverbridge at The Lodge. DD
Fletcher, Gloria Parlormaid to Lord and Lady Silverbridge, because she couldn’t say no to her Aunt Eva. Very low-class and painfully shy. DD
Flo Sister of “Mrs. Knox’s Annie.” Half-witted maid of all work at High Rising. HR
Flora Excessively plump 12-year-old brown spaniel belonging to John Middleton. Preferred to obey anyone rather than her master. BL
Florence Sir Robert Graham’s wealthy aunt. Was expected to leave him her fortune. OBH
Flossie Mrs. Phipps’s cat, whose kitten replaced one belonging to Matron that Private Jenks shot. Great mouser. GU
Floyd, Miss Maths mistress at Barchester High School. OBH
Follanbee Costarred with Glamora Tudor in “Love in a Bath.” NTL
Forbrick, Prof. Author of work on Greek plays and chorus. AF
Ford, Dr. James. Kindly, garrulous and gossipy old G.P. at High Rising. Proposed to Anne Todd and was refused in HR1. Proposed to Sylvia Gould in DH, married her 20 years later after she had a broken engagement in GU. Could be very brusque to those he disliked. HR1, DH, B, CBI, GU, MB, PE, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Fortescue, Mrs. C. Augustus (Fifi) Only child and heiress of Bunyan, 1st Baron Alberfylde. Her residence, The Cedars in Muswell Hill, was sold to Sir Ogilvy Hibberd on her death. BL
Fosbury, Capt. Came to tea in India at Mrs. Arbuthnot’s, of whom he was enamoured. Found Maj. Hopkins there, too, as a rival. They tried to sit each other out until Peggy had to ask them both to leave. PE
Fosgrave, Abel Friend of Lord Bond. “Had a very good taste in wine and named his first daughter Septima.” BL
Foster Parlormaid at Northbridge Rectory. Tyrannical and disapproving. NR, PE, WDIM
Foster, Dolly Wife of old Lord Mickleham (probably explains how he was related to the Pomfrets). Wealthy Victorian heiress. LAA
Foster family See Pomfret, Earls of  
Foster, Edith, Lady Pomfret d. 1938. Wife of 7th Earl, Old Lord Pomfret. Mother of Lord Mellings, who was killed in border skirmish in India. Nee Thorne. Once beloved of Lord Stoke. Invalid, living mostly abroad. Died before BL. PT, BL, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Giles (Gillie) 8th Earl of Pomfret. Cousin to 7th Earl, and his heir since there were no nearer relations. Became Lord Pomfret in CBI. Married Sally Wicklow. Originally employed by a firm of picture dealers. Mother dead, father died in PT. Though not physically strong, worked to excess for his county, watched over with constant concern by his Sally. Became Lord Lieutenant of Barsetshire. Children Ludovic Lord Mellings, Emily and Giles. PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Giles, Lord, 7th Earl d. 1940. Old Lord Pomfret. Resided at Pomfret Towers. Fabled for rudeness, boring dinners, and efforts to prevent modernization of the surrounding countryside. Brother of Lady Emily Leslie and Lady Agnes Foster. Married Edith Thorne. Author of A Landowner in Five Reins. Bought Pooker’s Piece to keep Sir Ogilvy Hibberd from building on it. Died in May, 1940, in CBO, with the names of his dead wife and son on his lips. PT, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Lady Agnes Daughter of Giles and Sally Foster. Disappeared from books, so was possibly Emily called by wrong (middle?) name. PE, DD
Foster, Lady Agnes Sister of Old Lord Pomfret and Lady Emily Leslie. Died young. Was engaged to an officer in the Detrimentals who was killed on the NW frontier in the same skirmish as Lord Mellings. Did watercolor “Sweet Mistress Purr” of a tortoise-shell cat in a lace bonnet. Ludovic, Lord Mellings, said she was dotty, and, after her father broke off her engagement to a Palliser, she took up curates and church embroidery. NTL
Foster, Lady Emily b. 1940. Daughter of Giles and Sally Foster. Strong, graceful and athletic like her mother, headstrong like Old Lord Pomfret. Wanted to go into raising vegetables; assumption is that she got job with Adams at Amalgamated Vedge. Attended Barchester High School. MH, HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Foster, Ludovic Neville Eustace Guido (Lord Mellings) b. 1938. Son of Giles and Sally Foster. Shy and frail like his father, with same painful conscientiousness, sense of honor and duty. Oxford, Sandhurst and Guards Regt. Brought out of much of his shyness by friendship with Jessica Dean. Married Lavinia Merton in final Thirkell book. BL, MH, HM, MB, PE, LAR, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA
Foster, Major d. 193?. Father of Giles, 8th Earl of Pomfret. One gathers he was something of a wastrel. Lived much of his life in Italy. PT, MH, OBH, DD, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA
Foster, Mrs. Resident of The Cedars at Marling. Was dead by the time of DD. Oliver and Maria Marlin moved there. DD
Foster, Mrs. Hallbury resident with sister in Torquay whose house was considered for Heather Adams. MB
Foster, The Hon. Giles b. 1942. Younger son of Giles and Sally (Wicklow) Foster. Strong, graceful, athletic, and an excellent horseman like his mother. Trained to be an estate agent with his uncle Roddy Wicklow. BL, HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA,3S&T
Fothergill Duke of Omnium’s estate agent. MB
Fothergill, Mr. Deceased husband of the Hallidays’ elderly and feeble cook, who described him as “a poor piece of work.” DA
Fothergill, Mrs. Elderly and feeble cook for the Hallidays at Hatch End. Age and legs prevented her from doing much work, but she was ably assisted by Hubback. Came to Hallidays in 1911 along with Caxton. PBO, ESR, DA
Fowkes, Gen. Nurse Chiffinch once nursed his wife in the New Forest. DH
Foxham Baker at Skeynes. BL
Foxy Mounted fox-tail with which Tony Morland was blooded. He slept with this and Neddy. HR
Framley Challenger Golden cocker spaniel belonging to Maria Lufton. DD
Francoise Very fashionable little French girl who visited the Goulds at High Rising Vicarage. Tony Morland was enamoured of her until she calls him a “clumsy English ” while skating. MMS
Franklin Maternal grandmother for whom Duchess of Towers was named. From Franklinsville, GA. LAA
Fred Marling Hall estate carpenter. He must have replaced Govern. Has son Joe. LAR
Fred Cousin of Caxton, Hallidays’ estate carpenter. Lived at Nutfield. Had fever when twentyfour years old, grew 1½ inch and all his hair fell out. Possibly same as Marlin Hall estate carpenter. PBO
Fred Lord Stoke’s uncle, who left Lord Stoke’s father some Chinese Chippendales, though all his money went to his illegitimate children: a boy on the Stock Exchange, a girl who married a feller in India. BL
Freda Daughter of Major of Henry Grantly’s regiment in Far East. Her mother thought (wrongly) that Hen would like her. HR
Freddy Son of a friend of Verena Villars. Was being promoted. Had sister Rosemary, lived in Norfolk. His father, Freddy Sr.,had just gotten over influenza NR
Fredegond Aunt of Elaine and Gwendolyn Harcourt. Smoked cigars and bred ponies. LAA
Freeman Under-keeper at Pomfret Towers, foxy face and wart on nose. Married a Wheeler whose brother cleaned the Pomfret Towers chimneys. MB
Freeman Old parlourmaid to Pallisers at Hallbury House. MB
Freeman Verger of Hallbury. Brother of the Pallisers’ parlourmaid. In Home Guard. Wrote for Barchester Chronicle. Son of under-keeper at Pomfret Towers. MB
Freeman, Ernie Drove the bread van in Hallbury. Admired Greta Tory. A bit “red.” MB, LAR, CQ
Freeman, Jennifer Spoiled only child of Verger Freeman of Hallbury. Had teeth that stuck out. Weekly boarder at Barchester High School, where she played lacrosse and had teeth straightened. MB
Freeman, Mrs. (Wheeler) Mr. Freeman of Hallbury’s 90-year-old mother. Active in body but weak in mind. Sister of Old Wheeler the chimney cleaner. MB
Freeman, Mrs. Wife of Hallbury verger, mother of Jennifer. Frequently begged off war working parties until the conscientious example of Mrs. Watson and Jane Gresham caused her to turn over a new leaf. MB
Freemantle, Rory Apparently a women’s rights advocate, mentioned by Miss Bent. CBI
Frobisher 2d Lt. In the Old Scrapiron destroyer with Father Fewling. He referred to a kitchen boy as a galley slave. NR
Frodsham-Foster Member of the Dining Society with Sir Robert Graham. Wrote a book about Titus Andronicus. ESR
Froggy d. 1944. Young man whom Lady Cora Palliser might have married, but he was killed at Arnhem. Poor younger son of an Earl. Broke both legs in air jump, then was shot. A bon viveur who was in love with every chorus girl and barmaid in London. CC, DD, HR2
Fyffe-Thompson Nephew of Prof. Fyffe-Thompson. Passed his school certificate at age 14. NR
Fyffe-Thompson, Ivy Sister of Prof. Fyffe-Thompson. Was at school with Poppy Turner, who remembered her as an “odious girl in a blue serge suit and red  flannel blouse with white spots.” (One assumes the blouse, not Ivy, was spotted.) Popular and good at hockey. NR
Fyffe-Thompson, Prof. Provencal scholar derided by Harold Downing in his book. NR
Gable One of three evacuee children taken in by Gladys Dingle. Brother Gary, sister Greta. CBI
Gadson Piano tuner from Beechwood who was 1/8 tone too high in C according to Aubrey Clover’s accompanist._ WDIM
Gaiters Owned shop in Harefield High Street. CQ
Gale, Nurse Stout, pleasant middle-aged nurse to Noel Winter (son of Philip and Leslie Winter). Former employee of the nursery school that was evacuated to Stories. LAR, DD
Garagon, Numa (M. Bontemps) 12th-century Provencal poet to whom Miss Pemberton attributed authorship of The Andalhou. An ardent Filibriste, maire of small commune near Lille. NR, CC, WDIM
Gary One of 3 evacuee children taken in by Gladys Dingle. CBI
Gaston Jessica Dean’s hairdresser. LAR
Gawky, Prof. Female Provençal scholar who wrote historical novel, Gaily the Troubadour, about the Vidame des Egouts. Had communist views. NR, WDIM
Gellius, Aulus Latin writer about whom Percy Hacker exchanged venomous and erudite correspondence. JC
George Old George who did vegetables for Cottage Hospital in Hallbury. MB
George Deceased uncle of the Marlings. Collected French snuffboxes. WDIM
George Soldier in Convalescent Home in Beliers Priory who liked Mrs. Morland’s books. GU
George Mrs. Spender’s gruff and disagreeable uncle. Was Mixo-Lydian consul. NR
George Assistant to Snow, the Southbridge School carpenter. A bit wantin’. Formerly with Pilward’s Brewery. JC
George Cat belonging to the Leslies. When David Leslie was a child he used to put George inside the large nursery doll’s house. WS
Giacopini, Giacopone, detto II Giacopinaccio Creator of two altar-pieces not seen since 1474, on which Ianthe Pemberton was writing a monograph. Thought by Miss Pemberton to be the illegitimate son of Cosimo de Strelsa and Violante, a nun. NR
Gibbon Chameleon belonging to Percy Hacker of Southbridge School. Name was changed from Greta Garbo. SH, GU, PE
Gibbs Residents of Northbridge who took in evacuee children because all of theirs died young. NR
Gissing Naturalized German family, called Gissing in Knopf (American) edition of CBI and Warbury in Hamish Hamilton (British) edition. Briefly mentioned as Warbury in both editions of PE.  
Gissing, Fritz Son of Oscar and Gloria Gissing. Film producer. Wrote The Lion Turns Tail for the Anti-Imperialist Book Club. Twentyfour years old at beginning of war. Blond, slim, and rather effeminate. Did embroidery CBI
Gissing, Gloria Mother of Fritz, wife of Oscar. Unpopular in Southbridge. CBI
Gissing, Oscar Had position in production with Dante-Technifilms. Whole family suspected by locals in Southbridge to be spies. Supposedly changed name from Van Geissing after WWI. All left for America, to everyone’s relief. CBI
Giulia Old Lady Pomfret’s King Charles Spaniel. PT, DA
Gladys Niece of Mrs. Phipps of the Worsted Post Office. BL
Gladys Nurserymaid to Francis and Delia Brandon when they were children. B
Gladys (Hoare) Married daughter of Mrs. Hoare of Harefield. Lived in Australia, had four daughters. HM
Glamora Kitchenmaid for the Mertons. LAA
Glass Known as “Eye” or “Monocle” Glass because he was an artist who painted people’s eyes to put in lockets, one of which was owned by Mrs. Ellangowan-Hornby and given by her nephew to Mrs. Hoare. HM
Glazebury Deceased landlord of the Stoke Arms. BL
Glendower, Evan Minor lyric writer interviewed on BBC. All long hair and legs too short for his body, with an inferiority complex. NR
Gobbett, Hash Costar with Glamora Tudor in “Burning Flesh,” “Mayflower Madness,” etc. PBO, PE, LAR
Goble “Young Goble,” son of Edgewood Post Mistress. Good at auto repair. HR1
Goble Bailiff and pigman for Grahams at Holdings. Raised White Porkminsters. Had son in the Air Force. LAR, OBH, CC, DD, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Goble Did the writing in the book of plans for Harefield House. CQ
Goble, Mrs. Ran Edgewood Post Office. Fat and good-natured. Had daughter Sarah. OBH, DD
Goblin, Prof. A Russian who tried to claim discovery of the star Porter Sidus for himself. NR
Godwin Porter at Hallbury Station. MB
Goesler, Mme. Max Referred to in a letter as one whom Duke of Omnium had visited frequently to displeasure of Lady Hartletop. Married Phineas Finn. In Trollope’s Palliser novels. HR
Gooch Milkman in Rushwater Village. WS
Gorman, Jennifer Student with Grace Grantly at Barchester High School. Wanted her hair permed. Seen later as a nice young employee of Mrs. Tomkins’ dressmaking establishment. OBH, DD, HR2, LAA
Gorwulf Person of local importance who lived at Gorwulfsteadings and had a Pollett for a serf in Middle Ages. BL
Gould, Dora b. 1920. Frequently argued with Tony Morland and invented the imaginary land of Dorland in reply to Tony’s land of Morland. DH, LAA, 3S&T MS
Gould, Mrs. Wife of Vicar of High Rising. Patient, competent and tactful with her often testy husband. DH, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Gould, Rose b. 1922. Admired Tony Morland. Great horsewoman. DH, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Gould, Ruth Ran a chicken farm with the-friend-that-I-live-with. DH, 3S&T
Gould, Sylvia b. 1910? Worked at Adams’ Pomfret Towers operation. Refused Dr. Ford’s proposal in DH, but married him thirty years later in 3S&T. Was once games mistress at a Swiss girls’ school. DH, LAA,


Gould, The Rev. Mr. Vicar of High Rising. Daughters Rose, Dora, Sylvia, and Ruth. Strict, impatient, old-fashioned and High Church. DH, NTL, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Govern, James Marling Hall estate carpenter. Weather-beaten face with a long nose. Widower, stayed with his niece, the postmistress. Married Hilda Plane, the Harveys’ old nurse who was later their maid. MH
Govern, Mr. Ironmonger in Hallbury. MB
Grabshaw, Johnnie Flew David and Rose Leslie over from Paris to be at Rushwater Reunion. LAR
Grace Lucy Marling’s Aunt Grace. Lived in London. LAR
Grace Second housemaid to Brandons at Stories. B
Gracie Evacuee child at Northbridge who got a bigger bit of rabbit stew at the communal kitchen as reported by another child. CBI
Gradka Unwed mother of the Mixo-Lydian national hero Gradko. DD
Gradko Legendary Mixo-Lydian hero of epic Gradkonski. HM, MB, DD
Graham Grandfather of Sir Robert Graham. Had lots of illegitimate children, surnamed Ragham (anagram of Graham). ESR
Graham, Clarissa b. 1931. Second daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. Neat, precise, and delicate-appearing. Marked resemblance to grandmother, Lady Emily Leslie. Dark cloudy hair, dark eyes, fair skin. Educated at Cambridge, then confused about what to do with herself. Greatly affected by Lady Emily’s death, she behaved badly, with precocious condescension, to her fiancé Charles Belton and others. Married Charles on New Year’s Day, 1952. one son, one daughter. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Edith b. 1937. Spoiled youngest daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. As a child she recited poems which she invented. Admired by John-Arthur Crosse and George Halliday, but they both later married other girls. Married William Harcourt. One child, Gwendolyn Sally. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Emily (Emmy) b. 1927. Eldest daughter of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. Strong, boyish, and boisterous. Five years old in WS. Fair hair, blue eyes. Cow-minded, in PBO she was breeding bulls with cousin Martin Leslie at Rushwater. Married Tom Grantly. Children James and Agnes. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Henry (?) Youngest son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes Graham. Only mentioned twice in all books, ignored in other listings of Agnes’s children. PBO, 3S&T
Graham, James Father of Sir Robert Graham. Oldest son of Sir Robert and Lady  Agnes was named for him. LAR
Graham, James b. 1926. Oldest son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. At Eton in MH, entering military in LAR. Said to resemble David Leslie. In Guards Regt. Major by the time of LAA. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, John b. 1929. Second son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. In Army Guards Regt., captain by time of LAX Described by Nannie Allen as a “tow-row boy just like his Uncle David.” WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Lady Agnes (Leslie) Wife of Sir Robert Graham, daughter of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Children James, John, Robert, Emily, Clarissa and Edith. Lived at Holdings in Little Misfit. Air-headed, obsessed with her children, called by her brother David a “divine idiot.” As she aged she became more like her well-intentioned, interfering mother, but with more practical results. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Robert Jr. b. 1933. Youngest son of Sir Robert and Lady Agnes (Leslie) Graham. At Eton in PBO. Introspective and poetic as a child, fond of small children. In Guards, Lt. by time of LAA. WS, BL, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Graham, Sir Robert Husband of Lady Agnes (Leslie). Made first “On stage” appearance on last page of ESR. Became General in WWII, apparently high in command and diplomatic structure. Constantly absent on some mission or other. Retired in 1954. Fifteen years older than Agnes, who said he always knew what was best to be done. WS, BL, MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Grant, Capt. Jerry Head of Barchester Fire Brigade. Couldn’t go to war because of a foot that was trodden on by a horse. MH
Grant, Delia See Brandon, Delia  
Grant, Edward Deceased husband of Felicia, father of Hilary. His mother was “Aunt Sissie” Brandon’s sister. His father was in Barsetshire Regt. Born the year Lord Pomfret was made Lord Lieutenant. B, PE
Grant, Felicia b. 194? Daughter of Hilary and Delia (Brandon) Grant. PE, HR2
Grant, Freddie Son of Hilary and Delia (Brandon) Grant. GU, PE, HR2
Grant, Hilary Son of Felicia and Edward Grant, was reading classics with Rev. Miller at first appearance. Was writing a book on Jehan le Capet. After recovering from infatuation with Mrs. Brandon, married her daughter Delia. Son Freddie, daughter Felicia. Apparently became an archaeologist after the war. Author of “A Diabolist of the Reformation.” B, CBI, MH, HM, PE, OBH, CC, HR2, WDIM
Grant, Mrs. Felicia Widow of Edward Grant, mother of Hilary. Lived mostly in Italy and adopted Italian folkways, with which she bored everyone to death and embarrassed her son. The prototypical “Englishwoman abroad.” Author of a book on Calabria, where she remained during the war. B, CBI, MH, GU, HM, PE, OBH, CC
Grant, Robert Officer in Barsetshires. Married a Miss Morton, “Aunt Sissie” Brandon’s sister. (Half-sister?? Aunt Sissie was a spinster!] B
Grantly, Agnes b. 1959. Youngest daughter of Tom and Emmy (Graham) Grantly. 3S&T
Grantly, Archdeacon Theoph. Archdeacon of Barchester in 1850’s, son of old Bishop Grantly. Choleric and conservative. Rector of Plumstead Episcopi. Great-Grandfather of Rev. Septimus Grantley of the Thirkell novels. NR, PE, OBH, HR2, CQ
Grantly, Bishop Gentle and much-loved predecessor of Bishop Proudie. Father of Archdeacon Theophilus. In Trollope’s The Warden, died at the beginning of Barchester Towers.  
Grantly, Commodore Uncle of Grace Grantly. Stationed at Portsmouth in 1915. JC
Grantly, Eleanor b. 1924. Daughter of Rev. Septimus and Mary (Carter) Grantly. Secretary to Susan Dean in LAR. Married Colin Keith and took job in London. LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, LAA
Grantly, Emmy See Graham, Emily  
Grantly, Grace b. 1931. Younger daughter of Rev. Septimus and Mary (Carter) Grantly. First seen as a boisterous and argumentative product of Barchester High School, with rather modern ideas. Showed great improvement, married Ludovic Lufton in HR2 OBH, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Grantly, Henry Son of Archdeacon Theophilus Grantly. Married Grace Crawley. In Trollope novels The Warden, Barchester Towers, Last Chronicle of Barset. CBI, OBH
Grantly, Henry Arabin b. 1930. Younger son of The Rev. Septimus and Mary (Carter) Grantly. First seen waiting impatiently for orders to report to Barsetshire Regt. after OCTU. Served two years in Far East, returned to become a solicitor with Keith & Keith. OBH, DD, HR2
Grantly, James Elder son of Tom and Emmy (Graham) Grantly. First spoken word was reportedly “cow.” 3S&T
Grantly, Mary (Carter) Wife of Rev. Septimus Grantly of Edgewood. Children Tom, Eleanor, Henry, Grace. OBH, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Grantly, Rev. Septimus Great-great-grandson of old Bishop Grantly. Vicar of Edgewood, near Chaldicotes. Wife Mary. LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Grantly, Susan (Harding) Wife of Archdeacon Theophilus Grantly in 1850’s. Daughter of Rev. Septimus Harding, sister of Eleanor Harding Bold Arabin. Mother of Charles, James, Henry, Samuel, Florinda and Griselda. In The Warden and Barchester Towers, less prominent in Dr. Thorne, Framley Parsonage, and Last Chronicle. NR
Grantly, Tom b. 1920. Elder son of Rev. Septimus and Mary (Carter) Grantly. Major during war, returned to Oxford and got a poor degree in Greats. Went through a long period of soul-searching and indecisiveness, including working under Geoffrey Harvey at the Bureau of Red Tape and Sealing Wax and a brief infatuation with Lady Cora Palliser. Married Emmy Graham; they lived in MacPherson’s old house at Rushwater and raised cows. Children James and Agnes. OBH, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Greaves, Lt. Tommy Young officer of Barsetshires billeted on Villarses at Northbridge. Jovial, life-of-the-party type. Nephew of Lady deCourcy. Stockbroker in London after war. NR, DA
Green, Mr. and Mrs. Greshamsbury residents who leased their house to Fairweathers. JC
Gresham Uncle of Francis Gresham. Ran for Parliament from East Barsetshire against young Hibbard. Middle-aged bachelor who liked to play role of Old Country Squire. PBO, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA
Gresham(?), Mary and Roger Gresham cousins of Frank Gresham, whom he derided as being poorer pony riders than he. MB
Gresham, Beatrice Daughter of Squire Gresham in Trollope. Married Caleb Oriel, former Rector of Greshamsbury. [AT has Oriel as Bishop Proudie’s successor.] 15 children. HM, CQ, LAA
Gresham, Beatrice (Batty) Daughter of Francis and Jane Palliser, mentioned in JC. Perhaps either Jane or Mary called by the wrong name? JC, CQ
Gresham, Frank “Old Mr. Frank” Gresham, M.P. for East Barsetshire, whose granddaughter married a Dean of Barchester. Grandfather of present squire. Married Mary Thorne, illegitimate niece of old Dr. Thorne. In Trollope’s Dr. Thorne. CBI, HM, MB, CC, JC, CQ
Gresham, Frank b. 1937. Son of Francis and Jane (Palliser) Gresham of Hallbury. Close friend of John Leslie’s boys. MB, PBO, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ
Gresham, Jane Daughter of Francis and Jane (Palliser) Graham. DA, CQ
Gresham, Jane (Palliser) b. 1915. Daughter of Adm. Palliser of Hallbury. Husband Francis a POW of Japan during most of war. Son Frank, born before war, daughters Mary and Jane (and possibly Beatrice) born afterwards. MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ
Gresham, Lt. Francis Lost with one of the Far East battleships Repulse and Prince of Wales . Prisoner of war for several years, unknown to wife Jane and son Francis whether alive or dead. Returned safely and settled in Hallbury , later moved to Greshamsbury MB, PBO, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ
Gresham, Mary Daughter of Francis and Jane (Palliser) Graham. DA, CQ
Gresham, Squire Francis Husband of Arabella deCourcy, father of “Old Mr. Frank” who married Mary Thorne in Trollope’s Dr. Thorne, and of Beatrice, who married Caleb Oriel.  
Gresham, Tommy Friend of Lydia Keith. CBI
Greta One of three evacuee children taken in by Gladys Dingle (Eileen the Barmaid’s married sister.) CBI
Grey, Una Former secretary at Southbridge School, discharged because of nervous instability, then secretary to George Knox at High Rising. Known to Mrs. Morland and Mrs. Birkett as “The Incubus,” she made a permanent exit from High Rising after failing to get George Knox to marry her. Mentioned later as having married a naval man after great exertions, after having been companion to old Mrs. Knox. HR1, DH, 3S&T
Griffith, Miss Music mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM
Grimier, M. French master in school where Mr. Carton had once taught. Couldn’t control small boys (like all French masters). Was writing a life of Gambetta. HM
Grobury Silverbridge baker in 1850’s who was one of Josiah Crawley’s chief creditors. In Last Chronicle of Barset. DD
Grubaker, Rev. Preached at Woolcott Van Dryden’s home church in Texas. WDIM
Grubb, Mrs. Crotchety bedridden resident in High Rising Cottage Hospital. 3S&T
Gryffudd, Owain Welsh miner and poet. DA
Gudgeon Butler to the Leslies at Rushwater. His greatest pleasure was ringing the dinner gong. Performed comic song “The Body in the Bag” every year at Rushwater concert. Had gone to live with sister at Bovey Tracey in PBO. WS, PBO, OBH, ESR
Guidone, Guido Painted a picture owned by Duke of Towers. LAA
Gumm, Capt. Dental officer in Barsetshires, “have ’em out soon as look at you.” Always wanted to join Air Force but father wanted him to be a dentist. GU
Gundric Saxon for whom Gundric’s Fossway was named. Known as “Old Gunder” to Barsetshire natives. Gunter’s Spring at Greshamsbury also named for him. ESR
Gunnar Huge tabby cat belonging to Tebbenses of Lamb’s Piece, Worsted. Dead at age 16 by time of LAR. AF, LAR
Gunnarson, Hjalmar Swedish playwright who wrote very dull plays about philosophy and economics. LAR
Hacker, Percy b. 1921. First encountered in SH as a very silent Southbridge student, friend of Tony Morland. Had pet chameleon named Gibbon, which he once offered to Philip Winter for coaching him before a scholarship exam. Once left the hot tap running and nearly flooded the lower dorm. In Ministry of Information during war. Became fellow and senior classics tutor at Lazarus College, later Latin Chair at Redbrick Univ. Author of well-known Latin text. SH, CBI, GU, MB, PBO, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, 3S&T
Hackett Line-Cpl. L. Returned from Burma after three years to find wife with two-year-old twins and an idiot baby who were taught to call the hush-hush sergeant Daddy. According to the Times, he shot the lot of ’em and turned himself in to the police, saying, “All right, mates, I done it.” MB
Haella Thane for whom Hallbrook stream was named. NR, WDIM
Hagenstoltz, Fraulein German mistress to the Leslie children at Rushwater when John, Agnes and David were young. John wrote derogatory verses on the summerhouse wall about her. Later at Gatherum Castle where she was released after hitting Gerry Palliser’s knuckles with a ruler. WS, PBO, LAR
Hafbone, Grettir Wrote 12th-century version of Laxdaela Saga, a Norse legend. MB
Halliday, Ellie Resident of Hatch House at Hatch End. Husband Leonard, children George and Sylvia. Well-read and articulate. Brother killed in WWI. After husband’s death, lived much abroad in France. PBO, LAR, ESR, NTL, DA, 3S&T
Halliday, George b. 1921. Son of Leonard and Ellie Halliday. Capt. in Barsetshire Yeomanry during war, much of the time in Italy. Once climbed all the way around the quad while a fresher at St. Jude’s. Fond of Edith Graham for a while, married Jane Crawley in DA. Son Martin. PBO, ESR, NTL,DA, 3S&T
Halliday, George Halliday ancestor who was in trouble after Battle of Bosworth Field. ESR
Halliday, Leonard d. 1956. Owner of Hatch House, Hatch End. Wife Ellie, children George and Sylvia. In deteriorating health from PBO on. Was in Barsetshire Yeomanry in WWI. Hardworking gentleman farmer. PBO, LAR, ESR,
Halliday, Martin b. 1961. Son of George and Jane (Crawley) Halliday. 3S&T
Halliday, Miss Tressie d. 1952. One of 2 maiden aunts of Leonard Halliday. Lived in the Halliday Manor House. Had false teeth. ESR
Halliday, Mrs. Mother of Leonard Halliday. An excellent needlewoman. ESR
Halliday, Sylvia Daughter of Leonard and Ellie Halliday. In WAAF during war. Golden-haired, beautiful Viking, but not intellectual. Married Martin Leslie, had children Eleanor, George, 2 others. PBO, LAR, OBH,CC, JC, ESR,NTL, DA, 3S&T
Halliday, Sylvia d. 1953. One of two maiden aunts of Leonard Halliday. Lived in the Halliday Manor House. Wore false fringe. ESR
Halliday, William Ancestor of Leonard Halliday. Married a lady of property and built original Hatch House in 1721. PBO, ESR
Hamilton, Derek A submarine lieutenant. NR
Hammer, Mr. Estate agent who leased Maria Cottage to Mr. Bissell. CBI
Hammond, Dr. Physician to Denis Stonor. Always said Denis would outgrow his delicacy. BL
Hamonet, Mlle. French mistress when Mrs. Morland was in school. Hated the German mistress because of Franco-Prussian War. LAA, 3S&T
Hamp Son of the Worsted tailor. Couldn’t get into army because of lame leg. Was in The People’s Tailoring, Ltd. Poorly thought of by his father. GU
Hamp Carrier who owned Hamp’s Motor Haulage, Ltd., of Hatch End.  
Hamp, Mr. Tailor and dressmaker at Worsted. Lost his hair due to being kicked in the head by a mule and having sunstroke in India in the Last War. Had peculiar bump on head which turned purple in cold weather GU, DD, JC, LAA
Hamp, Mrs. Sister-in-law of Worsted tailor, sold tobacco, sweets, newspapers, etc., in Worsted shop. Sister worked at Dower House during war. GU, LAR, HR2
Hampton, Miss Hard-drinking, masculine spinster. Resided at Adelina Cottage in Southbridge with friend Miss Bent. Author of earthy novels, usually selected by the Banned-Book-of-the-Month Club. Drove ambulance in Northern France in WW I. Helped support four nephews – two in Army, one Navy, one in Consular Service. CBI, NR, GU, MB, PBO, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Hampton, Mr. Miss Hampton’s father. A bit of a tyrant, one gathers. JC
Handiman, Lucius Planted Hangman’s Oak with acorns brought from Virginia in 1672. Legend says butter is improved by stirring with a twig from the Oak. BL
Hands, Elidora Star of “I Gonna Make You Love Me,” a London play, formerly a Broadway hit. LAA
Harcourt Duke of Towers in later books. Brother William, sisters Elaine and Gwendolyn. Conscientious, county-minded; in poor health but hard-working, like Lord Pomfret. Married to an American named Franklin. DA, LAA
Harcourt, Dorothea Browne Duchess/Dowager Duchess of Towers, wife/widow of Thomas, Duke of Towers. A huntin’ shootin’ type, affectionately called “Dow.” DA, CQ, LAA
Harcourt, Elaine b. 1920. Sister of Duke of Towers. Loved Dobby Fitzgorman until he broke his neck hunting. DA, LAA, CQ
Harcourt, Franklin Duchess of Towers. American. AT said she was from the town of Lumberville in Virginia [mistakenly designated as New England] much to the dismay of the compiler of these notes, whose “aristocratic Suthun blood” is roused by such geographical inaccuracies, which he ascribes to a New England publisher rather than to AT.] Franklin was named for her maternal grandmother, a Franklin of Franklinsville GA. Her brother had a ranch in Arizona. DA, LAA, 3S&T
Harcourt, Gwendolyn Sister of Duke of Towers. Married Mr. Oriel in LAA. DA, CQ, LAA
Harcourt, Gwendolyn Sally b. 1958. Daughter of Lord William and Edith (Graham) Harcourt. LAA
Harcourt, Lord William Youngest brother of Duke of Towers. A clergyman. Married Edith Graham. Daughter Gwendolyn Sally. DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Harcourt, Thomas Duke of Towers in early books. His mother was a Foster (related to Lord Pomfret). Wife Dorothea. Brother of Dodo Bingham, uncle of Rose. More or less impoverished, having to allow coal to be mined on his estate to keep it going. Deceased by the time of DA. Two daughters, Elaine and Gwendolyn, another son Lord William. PBO, LAR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Hargreaves, Dr., Featherly Well-known consultant whose daughter is engaged to Bob Perry HR1, LAR
Hargreaves, Major Elderly Major from Chandernagore Cottage in Harefield. HM
Harker, Mr. Curate in Northbridge, practically a celibate, “an uninteresting man.” NR
Harriet, Cousin Cousin of Mrs. Hoare at Morecambe. Very blind. HM
Harris, Mrs. With Sister Chiffinch in attendance, she had premature triplets in a small cottage in Devon. CC
Harrison Replaced Colin Keith as Junior Classics master at Southbridge School. Broke his leg in Lake District so Colin had to take the mixed 5th form. SH
Harrison, Job Worked for Marlings at Marling Hall. Wife had twins, one of which died. Lived in Reservoir Cottages. MH
Harrison, Rezzervah Twin daughter of Job Harrison, only lived 5 days. Named after Reservoir Cottages. MH
Harry Brother of Dorothy who worked for John-Arthur Cross at Old Manor House. Probably a Vidler or a Panter. ESR
Harry Worked in Wheeler’s garage. B
Hart, Miss Northbridge schoolmistress who helped organize the children’s  performance for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation festivities. WDIM
Hartletop, Dowager Marchioness Miss Bunting was companion to her on the Riviera one year.Married Lord Hartletop when he was still Lord Dumbello. CBI, MH, WDIM
Hartletop, Lady Present Marchioness Hartletop. CC
Hartletop, Lord [Grand?]Father of the present Lord Hartletop. Mentioned in Trollope’s Last Chronicle of Barset as “Little Lord Dumbello.” His mother was belle of Duke of Omnium. DD, HR2
Hartletop, Lord Present Marquis of Hartletop. CC, HR2, ESR
Hartletop, Lord (Gustavus) [Great?] Grandfather of present Lord Hartletop. Married Griselda Grantly. Mentioned in Trollope’s Small House at Allington, Framley Parsonage, Last Chronicle of Barset. HR2
Harvest, General Uncle of Lionel Harvest. Died and left money to Lionel. MH I
Harvest, Lionel Underling of Joan Stevenson at Broadcast House, whose perfect BBC accent illustrated David Leslie’s caricature of broadcasters. Nephew of Lady Dorothy “Dodo” Bingham. Somewhat effeminate. Inherited estate from an uncle. Married Joan Stevenson – they deserved each other. WS, MH, DD
Harvey, Frances, Tall, fair, and not quite young sister of Geoffrey Harvey. Determined, pushy and domineering. Worked at Regional Commissioner’s Office. In censorship during War. After War was secretary to Lord Aberfordbury (formerly Sir Ogilvy Hibberd). Almost got Oliver Marling to propose by chasing him flagrantly, but he escaped. Also served in Dept. of Efficiency and Purging at Gatherum Castle. Mr. Marling said she looked like “an educated rocking horse.” MH, HM, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, NTL, 3S&T
Harvey, Geoffrey Worked at Regional Commissioner’s Office with John Leslie. Obnoxious communist who thought Russia was wonderful. Tall, thin, long hair. Greatly admired by Oliver Marling when he was young and impressionable. Related to the Nortons. Brother of Frances. Artistic and effeminate. Wrote novel about Pico della Mirandela. Rented Red House in Marling. Later returned to Red Tape and Sealing Wax in London, and then became head of PEUGI in Paris. Mistakenly called Oliver in LAA. MH, HM, PBO, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, NTL, LAA, 3S&T
Harvey, Martin Actor admired by Sidney Carton. Played Dickens character Sydney Carton. HM
Harwood, C d. 1939. Cricket pro who attended Southbridge. Once hit a ball from nets through window of Lower Dorm of Everard Carter’s house, crushing a print of the Martyrdom of St. Ursula. Mark that remained was called the “Martyr’s Memorial.” SH, CBI
Hastings Best surgeon in West of England. Was at Barchester General and operated on Cecil Waring. DD
Hatz-Reinigin Mother of Princess Louisa of Cobalt. LAA
Hawksfoot, Hank Co-star with Glamora Tudor in “Daughter of the Pyramids.” CQ
Hazeline Stoker’s cousin. Was knocked down by a car the day her husband came out of hospital. Good skater.  
Head, Miss Literature mistress for Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Became Head of Barchester Prep. School. HM, WDIM
Heath, Sister “Heathy” who shared apartment with Sister Ward and Sister Chiffinch. Nurse. Acted as paying guest to care for Miss Pemberton in her last days. DH, MB, PBO, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Hedgebottom, Mr. Head of Hiram Road School (aggressively non-sectarian, not to say pink) evacuated to Southbridge from London. CBI
Heeling, Mrs. Cook for the Palmers at Worsted. AF
Heinz, Hickey American boy film star who used Smarticreem hair dressing. CQ
Henbane One of Clarissa Graham’s female professors at Cambridge. DD
Henry Uncle of Lord Stoke. Thought nine was an unlucky number. BL
Henry Young man who was secretary of Barchester Archaeological Society. Lawyer’s clerk in Barsetshire, unfit for military service because of defective eyesight. MB
Henry Geoff and John Fairweather’s Uncle. Was to leave his money to them when he died; doctors had been saying for years that it wouldn’t be long. CBI
Henry, Uncle Relative of Mrs. Hoare. Lived at Durnfield Grange. Died and left Mrs. Hoare a painting. Wife Janet. HM
Henryson 19th-century Master of Lazarus College, Oxford. Famed for his learning, discipline and rudeness. PE
Herdman Cowman for Leslies at Rushwater. Came there as a boy in year of Victoria’s first Jubilee. PBO, LAR, OBH,CC, DD, S3&T
Herdman, Mrs. Wife of Herdman the cowman. Had a passion for cleanliness. PBO
Hero Sally Wicklow’s Great Dane. Was sold after frightening Alice Barton into a faint. PT
Hettie Nursery maid at Gatherum Castle when Gerald, Jeff and Cora Palliser were children. Had all the footmen after her – once too often – and was sent away. DO
Hibberd Son of Sir Ogilvy Hibberd. Ran for Parliament as Labour candidate against Mr. Gresham. A lawyer and/or commercial artist as offensive as his father. Director of the National Rotochrome Polychrome Universal Post Card Company. PBO, LAR, OBH,HR2, JC, DA,3S&T
Hibberd Sexton of Northbridge Church. Also gardener at Rectory when the mood struck. NR, PE
Hibberd Grandson of the Northbridge sexton. A bright lad who put a fan in the St. Sycorax A.R.P. shelter. Probably son of Doris. NR, PE
Hibberd, Doris Worked for Mrs. Turner at Northbridge (probably daughter of the sexton). Had illegitimate child. NR, WDIM
Hibberd, Sir Ogilvy Unpleasant man who wanted to buy Laverings Farm. A Liberal, with heretical opinions on the Root Vegetable bill. Finally bought The Cedars, Muswell Hill. Bought “Pooker’s Piece” in Before Lunch and wanted to put up a garage and tea shop there, a move strongly opposed by local gentry. A Lloyd George peer, something to do with shipping – from Goole. Finally sold “Pooker’s Piece” to Lord Pomfret. Created Lord Aberfordbury by end of WW II. Like the Bishop, an offstage villain. Also thwarted when he tried to buy Wiple Terrace and build a factory BL, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Hicks Deceased husband of Mrs. Bessie Hicks. Was once temporary in boot-room at Gatherum Castle. JC
Hicks Daughter of Mrs. Bessie Hicks’s niece. JC
Hicks Son of Mrs. Bessie Hicks’s niece. Wanted to go to Sunday School because his sister did. JB
Hicks Bessie Bunce Hicks’s father-in-law. Had a business in Northbridge. JC
Hicks Daughter of Mrs. Bessie Hicks. Housemaid at Northbridge Rectory. JC, WDIM
Hicks Niece of Mrs. Bessie Hicks. Lived in Greshamsbury. JC
Hicks, Mrs. Bessie Bunce Tubby Fewling’s housekeeper. Niece of “Old Bunce.” Was once in service at Gatherum Castle. Rented rooms. NR, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA
Hickson, Roger Former butler at Pomfret Towers, about whom Gillie and Sally found a letter asking for a character. Only at Pomfret Towers briefly because of involvement with a housemaid. WDIM
Higden, Ted Employee of Leslies at Rushwater. Walked out with Deanna for ten years. Spelled “Higdon” in DD. DD, 3S&T
Higgens Handyman at Beliers Priory School. LAR
Higgens, Betty Age 97, she had an article in the newspaper telling what she thought of the War. GU
Higgins Baker at Skeynes with whom Lady Bond usually dealt. BL
Highmore, Florence Peel Mother of Rev. Henry Highmore, was once in South Wembly Drama Club with Mrs. Paxon of Northbridge. Later president of Wembly Amateur Dramatic Society. WDIM, DA
Highmore, Rev. Henry Peel Replaced Tubby Fewling as priest-in-charge at St. Sycorax after WW II. Shy, awkward, and a bit gauche. A graduate of Lazarus College, fond of amateur theatricals. WDIM, DA
Hipcock, Miss Head of Cambridge College attended by Heather Adams. PBO
Hipkins, Major Came to tea at Mrs. Arbuthnot’s in India and found a rival, Capt. Fosbury, was there too. They tried to sit each other out until Peggy Arbuthnot had to ask them to leave. PE
Hippersley, Miss Upper 5th literature teacher at Barchester High School. JC
Hippocampus Bishop of Rhinoceros in Coppadacia in 6th century about whom Canon Thorne wrote a book. Supporter of the Nestorian heresy. CC
Hislop, Father Priest at St. Oregon’s at Nutfield. Very high church – incense, bowing before altar, striking head on floor, etc. The Misses Talbot attended his church briefly, a welcome respite for Father Fewling. NR
Hoare d. 1942. Estate agent for Old Lord Pomfret in PT. Came to Towers as under-agent when he was 30. Succeeded by Roddy Wicklow. PT, HM, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM, CQ
Hoare, Gladys Daughter of Pomfret Towers estate agent. Lived in Australia. Her father’s great aunt left her all her diamonds. Husband partly Dutch,. four children. HM
Hoare, Mrs. d. 1948. Widow of Lord Pomfret’s estate agent. Lived at Harefield in Dowlah Cottage. Daughter Gladys. Active, bustling woman full of good works, always nursing relatives in impossible parts of England. Her house was overcrowded with legacies of furniture, etc., left to her by grateful relatives. HM, DD, CQ
Hoare, Sarah Cousin of Mr. Hoare. Mother was a Parisienne. She left Mrs. Hoare a French clock when she was Taken. HM
Hobb, Miss Kennelmaid who took temporary job with Maria Marling when Maria had baby, caring for cocker spaniels. Competent and outspoken. HR2
Hobb, Mr. Member of literary agency, partner of Bungay. PT, OBH
Hobbing, Farmer Farmer from whom Lucy Marling got chickens for the Harveys. MH
Hobson Ran a shop in Marling Mellicent. MH
Hocker, Miss Apparently daughter of Head of Hocker’s public school. Kept a parrot. Remembered by “old boys” C.W. Bond and Denis Stonor. BL
Hodgkin Author of Italy and Her Invaders in eight volumes. JC
Hodgkins, Father R.C. padre at Barchester church attended by Conque, Lady Emily Leslie’s maid, years ago. LAR
Hodgkins, Joe Friend of Wickham. Was in the Barsetshires and sent Wicks Marsala. Good but not especially ethical bridge player. CC
Hoggett Brother of Miss Hoggett. Second-in-command to Mr. Macfadyen at Amalgamated Vedge. DD
Hoggett Grandfather of Miss Hoggett. Remembered when Hogglestock was a village. Probably Giles, brickmaker of Hogglestock in Trollope’s Last Chronicle of Barset. DD
Hoggett, Corporal While in Barchester Hospital, used plasticine to counterfeit facial disfigurement, making VAD Coxon faint. Probably same as young waiter at White Hart in DA. DD, DA
Hoggett, Giles Nephew of Miss Hoggett. Head of Hogglestock Brass Band DD
Hoggett, Grace Niece of Miss Hoggett. Came as a nurse to Amabel Rose Adams. DD
Hoggett, Miss Housekeeper for Sam Adams. A prim, proper teetotaler. Very efficient. OBH, CC, DD, HR2, 3S&T
Hoggett, Mr. Father of Miss Hoggett. A brickmaker from Hogglestock. OBH, DD
Hoggett, Sam Once worked with Sam Adams at Hogglestock. Could tend a machine while asleep on his feet. Probably father of Grace and Giles. Miss Hogett’s brother. LAR
Hogpen, Nicholas de Painter of mural in Pomfret Madrigal church. An extremely prolific artist practically none of whose work was known. B
Holden Sexton at Rushwater church. WS, LAR
Holden, Lt. b. 1907. Lieutenant in Barsetshires billeted on Villarses in NR. Was in Adrian Coates’ publishing firm before war, was also assistant master in school headed by Gregory Villars. Was sentimentally attracted to Mrs. Villars. Promoted to Capt. and transferred Became Adrian Coates’ partner after the war. Married with three children in WDIM. NR, JC, WDIM, DA
Holdings Blunderbore, Holdings Goliath White porkminster pigs raised by Goble at Holdings for the Grahams.  
Holinshed A parent of one of the Southbridge School students in Tony Morland’s time. Had seven children. “Disgraced his family” by taking Holy Orders at an advanced age and having family prayers no matter where they were. SH, CBI
Holinshed Senior boy at Southbridge with chance at mathematical scholarship. Once was given a C- in General Knowledge by Philip Winter. Concerned because he couldn’t get into the armed forces at the beginning of the war. SH, CBI, GU
Holland One of the masters at Southbridge School. DH
Holly, Miss Cecily Secretary to Madeleine Sparling of Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Short and stout with black eyes and a businesslike air. “Like an energetic plum pudding.” Taught advanced math as a relaxation, furthered Heather Adams’ interest in the subject. Had five younger brothers. Graduate of Fairlawns at St. Ethelburg. Became Head of Hosiers’ when Miss Sparling retired. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, CQ
Holman Proprietor of Holman’s Phospho-Manuro, the artificial fertilizer. Also made Washington’s Vimphos and Corbett’s Bono-Vitasang, all of which contained the same ingredients. LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, 3S&T
Holroyd-Skinner At Lazarus College with Mr. Miller and Tommy Needham’s father. Killed early in WWI. His mother lived on the Riviera for her health. CBI
Holt, C. W. d. 1946. Exceptional bore with penchant for discussing titled “friends” and inviting himself for visits in houses of people too good-natured to put him off. Talked interminably about gardening and gave unwanted advice. Gossipy hanger-on; snobbish, egotistical “tame cat.” Got job with Broadcasting House through Joan Stevenson. Dead by time of PE. WS, MB, PE, LAR, ESR
Honeybell, “Auntie” Pen name of a gentleman who wrote a coronation poem recited by a repulsive little girl at the Northbridge children’s performance. Contributed occasional verse to a children’s comic-strip paper. WDIM
Hook, Miss A holiday governess who read poetry to Edith Graham. ESR
Hooker, Rev. Visited Barchester Hospital on Thursdays. The Bunce girls met him and pronounced him a “lovely man.” WDIM
Hooper Miss Sissie Brandon’s second chauffeur. A teetotaler. B
Hooper, Lt. Young officer in the Barsetshires billeted on the Villarses in Northbridge. His false teeth once fell out at depot. Was a captain in GU. Obnoxious without intending to be. Not “quite quite.” In military intelligence. NR, GU, MB, PBO
Hooper, Miss Secretary of Sam Adams at the Hogglestock Works. HM
Hooper, Squire From Somerset. His daughter married Lord Stoke. A native of Rumpton, he drove the last coach right across the churchyard before it was taken off the road. MH
Hoots Gunner in Barsetshires who visited Mrs. Turner’s nieces. NR
Hopgood Farmer at Foxling who crossed a Jersey with a West-Midland Shorthorn. Offspring had a crumpled horn and won all the prizes at that year’s Barchester Agricultural, but was no good later. BL
Hopgood Helen Called Florrie in WDIM. Known as “Miss Hopgood’s aunt,” resident of Northbridge. Large, competent woman with badly-cut clothes. Widow of American astronomer who discovered the star Porter Sidus in the constellation Algareb while working at Matthew Porter observatory in Texas. She supplied a telescope for the airplane spotters on the Northbridge Church tower. NR, PE, JC, WDIM, DA
Hopgood, Miss Miriam Occupant of Glycerine Cottage, Northbridge, which she shared with Miss Crowder. They were maiden ladies convinced that they were spiritually French, so they visited the Riviera each year, stayed in a pension that catered to the English, and spent most of their time mispronouncing French words and cooking bad imitations of French meals. NR, PE, JC, WDIM, DA
Hopgood, Piggy In RAF, common acquaintance of David Leslie and Sylvia Halliday. PBO
Hopkins Science master at Hosiers’ Boys’ School who declared himself a Conscientious Objector though he was 45 and limped, provoking Everard Carter to say he had never quite known what “common room” meant before. Born in Glamorganshire. Got a good job at end of term and left, unregretted. Was arrested and interned as a fifth columnist. Later became Socialist M.P. for Mrewinwillingwodd. CBI
Hopkins Sgt. Hopkins’ brother. Ran a dairy farm at Chaldicotes. LAR
Hopkins, Gwenda Old school chum of Miss Holly and Mrs. Watson at Fairlawns. Husband in Indian Civil Service. Three daughters. MB
Hopkins, Norma Land girl who worked on Beliers Priory farm. GU
Hopkins, Selina See Crockett, Selina  
Hopkins, Sgt. Ted Convalescent at Beliers Priory during war. Had served with Colin Keith. Wife died a year earlier. Eyes were affected after injury in lorry collision. Had greengrocer’s business in Northbridge which his mother ran during war. A veteran of WWI. Married Selina Crockett and returned to greengrocer’s business, but couldn’t compete with Amalgamated Vedge so went to Sir Harry Waring as kitchen gardener. Later worked at Harefield House Boys’ School. GU, LAR, DD, HR2, JC, CQ
Hopkinson, Dame Monica Had been a queen-policewoman in Last War and still went about in chauffeur’s gaiters and lunched with old generals at the Carleton Grill. PBO
Hopper, Jimmy Son of Mr. Hopper, the cobbler. Broke his leg ice-skating on frozen water in the bottom of the air raid shelter. NR
Hopper, Mr. Young Giles Foster’s science teacher. Former Navy man. LAA
Hopper, Mr. Less popular of the two Northbridge cobblers. Avowed communist and atheist. NR, WDIM
Horberton, Lord See Humbleton, Lord  
Horbury, Canon Grandfather of Madeleine Sparling. A great Old Testament scholar. Absent-minded old fellow, always lending out books which his friends never returned. HM, PE, HR2, CQ
Horkins, Lady Woman whom Miss Hopgood and Miss Crowder met on the Riviera. NR
Hornby Railway construction engineer who designed model trains and had made several unusual small-gauge railroads. PE, OBH
Hornby, Catriona Daughter of Christopher and Elsa (Belton) Hornby. LAR, DD
Hornby, Christopher b. 1903. Nephew of old Mrs. Ellangowan-Hornby of Arcot House, Harefield. She left him a fortune to add to his own considerable one. Son of an admiral. Married Elsa Belton in HM. Tall, dark and quiet, about 39 or 40 in 1943. Home was Castle Aberdeathly on slopes of Ben Gaunt above Loch Gloom, 10 miles from Inverdreary. Was an admiral by 1948. HM, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, CQ
Hornby, Elsa See Belton, Elsa  
Hornby, Freddie b. 1946. Son of Christopher and Elsa (Belton) Hornby. LAR, CC, DD
Horne, Dr. Doctor to Agnes Graham’s children. WS
Horniman,Miss Old deaf and blind lady who died in GU. Her brother had been the vicar of Worsted. Another Miss Horniman, her niece and former Barchester High School math mistress, had been helping her at the vicarage. GU
Horniman, Rev. Deceased vicar of Worsted. GU
Horrabin Friend of Mr. Wickham. Had big gap in front teeth. From Hull. Sent Wicks six dozen of champagne evey year. CC
Horton Butler to the Bartons at Pomfret Madrigal. Died in HM (1943.) PT, HM
Horton, Dr. Physician in Barchester area. B
Horton, Dunstan Vicar of Southbridge. Tall, bony man with side-whiskers. Actually older than his Aunt Monica, who came to live with him and with whom he had amicable arguments. Appointed to be head of St Aella’s Home for Stiff-Necked Clergy. PE, OBH, CC, JC
Horton, Monica Aunt of Vicar of Southbridge. Moved out of Editha Cottage to stay with her nephew in PE. Tall, gaunt, with well-bred face and unfashionable clothes. Associated everything with colored auras, liked to predict people’s futures (sometimes with uncanny accuracy). PE, JC
Hoskins, Father R.C. padre at church attended by Conque, Lady Emily Leslie’s maid. LAR, OBH, ESR
Hosskiss, Croke Starred with Glamora Tudor in “Love and Lust.” OBH
Houby, M. French voice teacher who coached Jessica Dean. LAR
Hover, Hovis or Offa Wool-stapler of Northbridge who built Hover’s House, today known as Hovis House, where the Dunsfords lived. NR
Hubback Servant of Hallidays at Hatch End. Daughter of old Mrs. Hubback who kept the shop. PBO, ESR, DA
Hubback Husband of landlady of Bridge Inn. Something of a poacher. PE
Hubback Old Hubback’s granny. A witch who could charm warts, tell fortunes. ESR
Hubback Spastic daughter of young Mrs. Hubback of Little Misfit. ESR
Hubback, Aggie Kitchenmaid at Holdings. Daughter of Mrs. Hubback of the shop. ESR
Hubback, Betty Daughter or niece (apparently) of the Hallidays’ housekeeper. PBO
Hubback, Harry “Young” Hubback.” A carpenter. Walked out with Odeena Panter.. ESR
Hubback, Mrs. Landlady of the Bridge Inn in village near Nutfield. Avoided normal hours by serving beer in a teapot, whisky in coffee urn. PE
Hubback, Old Mrs. Ran Harefield sweet shop when Mr. Belton was a boy. Reputed to be a witch. PBO, LAR, OBH, ESR, DA
Huckaback, Chat Star of play “I Gonna Make You Love Me.” LAA
Humble “Young Humble,” son of “Old Humble.” Darts champion of West Barsetshire. HR2
Humble, Ellen Granddaughter of the Beltons’ cowman. Acted as maid to Miss Sparling at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Tended to be reduced to idiocy by presence of her betters (a minor reduction). Became nanny first for Anne Fielding, then for Harcourts. HM, LAR, LAA
Humble, Miss Faithful Ran twopenny library and tobacco shop in Harefield. Mother of Ellen. HM, LAR, LAA
Humble, Mrs. Barmaid at the Three Tuns, husband in the army when she had her second child not his. HM
Humble, William b. 1859. “Old Humble,” cowman for the Beltons. His mother was a Wheeler. HM, LAR
Humberton, Lord (Or possibly Horberton?) Was run after by Griselda Palliser before he married Miss Phoebe Rivers. Son of Lord Platfield of Shropshire. CBI, MH, ESR
Humble, J Proprietor of General Supply Store in Harefield. HM
Hunter, Mrs. Slavo-Lydian supporter. Was asked to Mrs. Perry’s sewing party on approval, though not a Harefield native. Not approved. HM
Hurdles Butcher of Harefield. HM
Icken Handyman and estate carpenter for the Beltons. HM
Ignatius of Aterra Scriptor who may have influenced Fluvius Minucius. HR2
Ignotus, Pictor 1409-1451? Painted a painting in primitive style owned by Duke of Towers. LAA
Iou Cabrou, Madon Woman for whom Ghisman Beaucilsz abandoned Dame d’Aiguesdouces. WDIM
Ireen Niece of the Miss Hoggett, housekeeper for Sam Adams. 3S&T
Isadore Bus conductor on the Riviera on whose name Lady Horkins made a pun. NR
Ivy Nurse to Lady Agnes Graham’s children at Holdings. Left to become nurse for a lady going abroad. Nurse and Agnes decided she’d return to nurse David’s children. WS, MH, PBO, LAR, DD
Jackson, Cpl. Arthur Fishguard Served as a sort of under-parlourmaid to officers of Barsetshires who were billeted on the Villarses at Northbridge. Married Edie Pover, the housemaid at the rectory. Became electrician in Northbridge (Fishguard is a port town in South Wales.). NR, GU, CC, CQ
Jackson, Flight Commander Lucy Marling arranged with him about getting pig swill from the air base kitchens. MH
Jackson, Mr. Junior History master at Southbridge School, who was a sixth form student there a few years previously. The boys made noises in his class. He told Tony Morland to shut up and Tony slammed his desk shut, according to Robin Dean. AF
James, Miss Secretary to George Knox before Una Grey. Left to care for ill sister. HR
Janet, Aunt Relative of Mrs. Hoare. Died at Christmas 1944, and left Mrs. Hoare all her silver. Husband Henry. Lived at Durnford Grange. HM
Janice Evacuee child whose parents were expecting another child and wanted her back to take care of the house. Attended Southbridge Christmas Treat. Her ribbon was put straight by Mrs. Bissell. CBI
Jasper Nephew of Jasper Margett. Skilled carpenter who worked for Harold Welk. CQ
Jenkins Former groom at Rising Castle, with invalid wife, two children. Taught riding and rented out horses and ponies. MMS
Jenks Head Keeper at Pomfret Towers. Father of Pvt. Tom Jenks. GU, HM, PE
Jenks, Pvt. Tom Son of Lord Pomfret’s Head Keeper. Was at convalescent home at Beliers Priory. Shot Matron’s cat for a squirrel while recuperating from appendicitis. Nephew of Mrs. Phipps’ sister. Had a second operation. Proposed to Selina Crockett but was refused. Engaged to a Land Arm girl in HM. GU, HM
Jessie One-time kitchenmaid for the Mertons. Niece of the Pomfrets’ nanny, now with Lady Norton. Later an usherette at Barchester Odeon. LAA
Jessie Head housemaid for Everard and Kate Carter. Eyesight too poor for war service, but would never wear her glasses. Had a brother who was a milkman, a cousin in laundry in Southbridge. SH, CBI, GU, PBO, PE, CC, ESR, CQ
Jim Brother of Dorothy who worked for John-Arthur Crosse at Old Manor House. Wife had a mole on her nose. Another brother Harry. Probably a Vidler or a Panter. ESR
Jimmy Under-cowman for Grahams at Holdings. PBO
Jimmy Friend of Capt. Topham and Lt. Greaves. Accompanied them to Ascot. A gunner. NR
Jobson Member of chemical works in London. Communist friend of Mr. Bissell and member of Isle of Dogs Athenaeum. CBI
Joe Son of Marling Hall estate carpenter. LAR
Joe b. 1924. Friend of Charles Belton. Wife Vixen, two kids, lived in Chelsea. LAR
Joe, Uncle Relative of Mrs. Hoare at Tregaskis. Was “breaking up.” Had brother Andrew, deceased. Would leave his house to Mrs. Hoare. HM
Joe, Uncle Mr. Smith’s uncle, to whom he always wrote at Christmas. MH
John Cowman for Mr. Palmer at Worsted. AF
John Fiancé of Isabel Dale. Killed in Italy in Anzio landings. CC
Johns Publisher in firm of Johns and Fairfield. Published George Knox, Hermione Rivers, and Susan Barton. Uncle of Mr. Wickham. His wife was well-known for giving extremely dull parties for literary lions. HR1, DH, PT, CBI, MH, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Johnson Southbridge “old boy” who became junior master at Southbridge. When he was a student, his hair fixative was used by Tony Morland. HR1, CBI
Jones Friend of Mr. Wickham. Brought him rum. JC
Jones Best friend of Everard Carter’s father. Lived to be over 80.  
Jones George Halliday’s batman in Normandy. PBO
Jones Dick Morland’s opponent in boxing finals at Southbridge School. HR
Joram, Bishop William Retired colonial bishop. Appeared to be mentioned first in CBI as Mbang-Ngango (English Roly Poly Witch Doctor) as he was called by natives. Rented rooms from Mrs. Tomkins when first in Barchester, and told hilarious stories of his work with natives. Became canon of Barchester and married Lavinia Brandon in CC. Plump, good-humored, earnest and intelligent. CBI, MH, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM,DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Joram, Lavinia See Brandon, Lavinia  
Joseph, Sister Mary Headmistress of St. Quantock’s Catholic School, evacuated from London. Resembled a devout white pouter pigeon. CBI
Jowett Master of Balliol. HR1
Kate, Aunt Lydia Keith’s aunt, with whom her mother goes to live in Bournemouth after the death of Mr. Keith, just before the war. One assumes she is Mrs. Helen Keith’s sister. GU
Katzenjammer, Fraulein Barchester High School German mistress. Fierce and strict. LAA
Keble, John b.1792, ordained priest, Professor of Poetry at Oxford. Preached sermon considered to be the beginning of the Tractarian Movement. Keble College, Oxford was established in his honor. MB
Keith, Catherine b. 1935. Daughter of Robert and Edith (Fairweather) Keith. SH, GU, WDIM
Keith, Colin b. 1912. First seen in SH as a new master at Southbridge School, then read law with Noel Merton. Gunnery officer with Territorials in war, served in N. Africa. Became successful barrister, author of Keith on Lemon on Running Powers, the last word on railway law. Briefly infatuated with Peggy Arbuthnot and fond of Susan Dean; finally became engaged to Eleanor Grantly in OBH, proving sister Lydia wrong when she dubbed him a “perpetual uncle.” SH, B, GU, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Keith, Edith Fairweather Wife of Robert Keith, sister of John and Geoffrey Fairweather.Mother of Catherine, Henry and another. Former Head Girl at Barchester High School and a favorite of Miss Pettinger. Hearty and athletic, was once captain of school cricket and hockey. SH, CBI, GU, PE, OBH, WDIM
Keith, Helen Mother of Robert, Kate, Colin and Lydia. Boring and domestic, not very intelligent. Lived at Northbridge Manor. Had “a bit of a heart.” During war went to Bournemouth to live with her sister Kate. Dead by WDIM 1954. SH, B, CBI, NR,GU, PE, OBH,HR2, JC, WDIM
Keith, Henry d. 1939. Resident of Northbridge Manor. Wife Helen. Killed when struck by a lorry when leaving Old Lord Pomfret’s funeral. Country-squirish landowner and solicitor. SH, B, CBI, PE, LAR, OBH, HR2, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Keith, Henry b. 1932. Son of Robert and Edith (Fairweather) Keith. SH, CBI, GU, WDIM
Keith, Kate b. 1916. Became engaged to Everard Carter in SH. Boring and domestic but nice. Children Bobbie, Angela, Philip and Noel. SH, B, CBI, GU, MB, PE, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA<, 3S&T
Keith, Lydia Tomboyish younger sister of Robert, Kate and Colin. Awkward, gauche, boisterous and energetic, until marriage to Noel Merton moved her energy into constructive channels. Children Lavinia, Harry, Jessica. During war she miscarried her first child because of overwork. Hurt by Noel’s flirtation with Peggy Arbuthnot in PE but was reconciled to her husband, whom she loved dearly. SH, B, CBI, NR, U, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Keith, Robert Brother of Kate, Colin and Lydia. Wife Edith. Senior partner of Keith and Keith law firm. Bought home in Nutfield in GU and sold Northbridge Manor to brother-in-law Noel Merton. SH, CBI, NR, MH, GU, PE, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Kessler, Fräulein German mistress of Mrs. Morland’s youth. Hated the French mistress because of the Franco-Prussian War. 3S&T
King, The Hon. Henry Patient of Sisters Heath and Ward. He cared for his wife himself rather than put her in a mental home, then had to be institutionalized  himself. NTL
Kitson Housemaster of Junior House at Southbridge School. Resigned to go into business with his uncle. Robin Dale took his place. PBO
Klawhammer, Klaus New York literary agent. Friend of the Gissings. CBI
Klobber, Mr. Viennese refugee in 1914, the Dean family’s tailor in London. PE
Knight, Mr. French master at Southbridge School. B
Knowles, Mrs. Owned a stone house with a blue door in Northbridge. CBI
Knox, Anne See Todd, Anne  
Knox, George Pompous, verbose historical novelist who could turn a single sentence into a discourse of parenthetical expressions. Widower, lived in High Rising with his daughter Sibyl. Escaped the clutches of his secretary, Una Grey, and became engaged to Anne Todd in HR1. HR1, DH, B, CBI, MH, GU, MB, PE, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Knox, Mrs. George. George Knox’s first wife, a pale hypochondriac who finally went too far and let herself die. Mother of Sibyl. HR
Knox, Mrs. “Old Mrs. Knox,” mother of George. Resided in large Victorian house in London. “Eccentric and crabby.” A Frenchwoman, she had lived in England since her marriage. House was in Rutland Gate. HR1, DH, B, MB, 3S&T
Knox, Sibyl Daughter of widower George Knox of High Rising. Rather silly, and, after an unsuccessful attempt to become a writer, became engaged to Adrian Coates, publisher, in HR1. 3 children by time of CBI, eldest is Laura. HR1, DH, PT, CBI, GU, MB, DD, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Koska Name for a dog of Anne Fielding’s that died. MB
Koska, Madame Main character in series of romantic suspense-thrillers by Mrs. Morland. Ran a designer dress shop and repeatedly saved the British Empire. HR1, DH, MH, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, SR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Kpozcz, Czemschk Polish movie producer of Cyrano de Bergerac. CQ
Kreelson, Phil Leading man for Glamora Tudor in “One Night at the Vatican.” HR2
Krogsborg, Anders Swedish civil economist with socialist views. Admired by Richard Tebben. LAR, OBH
Krogsborg, Hvard Wrote a symphony for two orchestras, a military band, and Big Ben. ESR
Krogsborg, Petrea Daughter of Anders Krogsborg, married Richard Tebben. Very keen on social and child welfare and thought Sweden was very superior. Tall, dominant Valkyrie in whom Richard’s petulant nature met its match. LAR, OBH, DD
Kropov, Professor A Mixo-Lydian refugee and arch-imposter who got a chair in  “Romano-Lydian Culture” created for his benefit. HM
Lancelet Prof Designed refurnishings for chair stalls at church near Gatherum Castle. Also unearthed mural in Pomfret Madrigal Church. B, CC, LAA
Lane Vicar at Pomfret Madrigal before Mr. Miller. B
la Salope, Mimi Mistress of Jehan le Capet. B
Laura Heifer calf born at Rushwater on Laura Morland’s 70th birthday. 3S&T
le Capet, Jehan Pen name of Eugene Duval, French author of rather passionate and indelicate verse which Hilary Grant was translating. A Satanist who died young of drink. Book entitled Belphégor. B, MH, PE, HR2
Leadbitter Barsetshire veterinarian. All right on horses but Maria wouldn’t trust him with a dog. DD
le Biau, Guibert Provençal 12th-century poet to whom Harold Downing attributed authorship of the Andalhou. NR, WDIM
Lee Driver for Duke of Towers. Son of Jasper’s sister. LAA
Lee, Pharaoh Had 10 convictions for stealing chickens and eggs.  
Lefevre Dotty old father of Babs Lefevre. Rang her up six times in the night thinking it was breakfast-time. DD
Lefevre “Babs “ b. 1898. Owner of Babs’ Buttery, the best restaurant in Barchester. Jolly, red-faced, fiftyish with grizzled hair. DD
Lefroy, Mr. Master at technical school. Friend of Mr. Bissell. A communist and member of the Isle of Dogs Athenaeum, as was his wife. CBI
Lefter, V. Person from Maida Vale who wrote to Mrs. Morland criticizing her portrayal of London headmaster as an uneducated non-gentleman. LAR
Legpul, Gudold Mid-European author of I Bare My Breasts, which attacked ” capittleist ” societies. The book was said to have been smuggled out of Europe at great risk, but was really written in her home in Willesden. MB
Lemoineau Author of book about Francois Boucher. PE
Lemon Author of Lemon on Running Powers, the ultimate legal authority on railroads, which Colin Keith found fascinating. SH
LePoer, Mr. & Mrs. Nurse Chiffinch once nursed their child. DH
Les Local youth at Pomfret Madrigal. Attended the fête, tried to gyp the Vicar out of an extra penny for sweets. Possibly a Thatcher. B
Leslie Stationmaster’s nephew at Hallbury. Delivered newspapers but “ought to be in the Army.” MB
Leslie, Clive (Minimus) b. 1939. Youngest son of John and Mary (Preston) Leslie. Always at bottom of any trouble at Southbridge Prep School. Got stuck on top of Rushwater “temple” at reunion. Wanted to enter Air Force. LAR, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Leslie, David b. 1907. Youngest son of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Spoiled and self-centered, a bit of a lady-killer despite thinning hair. Described as “bone selfish,” he was easily bored. Mary Preston was infatuated with him in WS, but married his brother John. Finally married Rose Bingham in PBO . WS, BL, MH, GU, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA
Leslie, Dorothy “Dodo” b. 1946. Daughter of David and Rose (Bingham) Leslie LAR, ESR, DA
Leslie, Eleanor b. 1948. Daughter of Martin and Sylvia (Halliday) Leslie. LAR, OBH, DD, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Leslie, Gay Deceased beloved wife of John Leslie, who remembered her as a “pleasant little ghost”. Her memory haunted him in WS until his marriage to Mary Preston. WS, PBS, LAR, JC, DA
Leslie, George b. 1949. Son of Martin and Sylvia (Halliday) Leslie. DD, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Leslie, Henry Owner of Rushwater House, husband of Lady Emily. A country-squire type who bred the famous Rushwater bulls. In progressively poorer health from WS until he is dead by the time of PBO (1945). WS, B, BL, MH HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, DA
Leslie, Henry b. 1947. Son of David and Rose (Bingham) Leslie. LAR, ESR, DA
Leslie, Henry (Major) b. 1936. Eldest son of John and Mary (Preston) Leslie. Nice but dull. Attended Southbridge School, collected Empire stamps, and ostentatiously carried a Greek New Testament to church. Showed promise of becoming more interesting when he corrected (subtly) the Latin pronunciation of Miss Banks, the Latin mistress. BL, PBO, PE, LAR, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Leslie, John b. 1899. Oldest surviving son of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Widower, deceased wife’s name was Gay. Became engaged to Mary Preston in WS. Regional Commissioner during war. Bought Old Rectory at Greshamsbury as home. WS, BL, MH, BO, PE, LAR, BH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ
Leslie, John Jr. (Minor) b. 1938. Second son of John and Mary (Preston) Leslie. At Southbridge he climbed all the way around School Chapel. Also climbed to the top of Rushwater House and into Siddons’ room, to the top of the “temple” at Rushwater; tried to climb the Mertons’ monkey puzzle tree. Put the bell back up in the Palace fish pond so the fish could ring for food (the Bishop had ordered it taken down). BL, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Leslie, Lady Emily (Foster) 1868-1948. Sister of Old Lord Pomfret, wife of Henry Leslie of Rushwater . Children Martin (killed in WWI), John, Agnes and David. Delightfully unpredictable, interested in painting and arranging other people’s affairs with benevolent intent. Supposedly based on AT’s acquaintance Mary, Lady Wemyss, whose family was not amused by the affectionate portrayal. Beginning to age at first appearance in WS, became progressively more absent-minded and ethereal as series progressed, Died in OBH, calling her deceased husband and son to wait, she’s coming with them. WS, BL, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL<, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Leslie, Martin b. 1915. Grandson of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie, raised by them because as son of their oldest son he would be owner of Rushwater after Henry’s death. His mother had remarried and lived in America. First seen preparing for his 16th birthday in WS. In N. Africa, then wounded at Anzio in war. Received the George Cross for doing something gallant with a bomb. Went to War Office because of bad leg wound, later had to resort to a crutch (in one book he is mistakenly said to have lost a foot.) Became engaged to Sylvia Halliday in PBO . Raised cattle and prize bulls. WS, BL, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Leslie, Martin Giles 1896-1918. Eldest son of Henry and Lady Emily Leslie. Killed in France in WWI. Called Giles in ESR. His widow married an American and had other children (at least one son). WS, MH, PBO, LAR, OBH, DD, ESR, 3S&T
Leslie, Mary See Preston, Mary  
Leslie, Rose See Bingham, Rose  
Leslie, Sylvia See Halliday, Sylvia  
Levine Dressmaker in Bruton St. Almost too expensive for Mrs. Belton. HM
Lily Girl who worked for Mrs. Francis Gresham. Said to be getting “rather fat.” Possibly Lily-Annie Pollett? DA
Lily Langtry Mr. Middleton’s best Jersey cow. He believed himself firmly attached to her, but couldn’t recognize her among her fellows. She calved, attended by Pucken, C.W . Bond, and Daphne Stonor, on the night of the Skeynes Agricultural (which event hastened the romance of C. W. and Daphne.). BL
Littimer, Algernon Friend of Lord Stoke, and, one assumes, brother of Fred. Now  dead. Brought to mind when Mrs. Morland mentioned Littimer the  manservant in David Copperfield. 3S&T
Littimer, Fred Friend of Lord Stoke. Went to Australia and was never heard of again. 3S&T
Lob, Herr Musician and band conductor to whom Rose Birkett was once engaged. SH
Longford Junior master at Coppins’ School. Kept Mrs. Villars’ handkerchief until he found out it was really Matron’s. Married Parton Major’s elder sister and went into Mr. Parton’s business. NR
Longtooth, Thorstein Hero of epic Norse ballad. Mr. Tebben hoped that bones found near Rising Castle were those of Longtooth and gave evidence of battle there long ago. BL
Lorimer d. 1937. Classics master at Southbridge (died in SH ). Elderly Scotsman with genius for coaching who crammed Hacker into his Oxford scholarship. Author of standard Latin text. Replaced by Philip Winter. Had sister in Perthshire . SH, GU, MB, PE, LAR, DD, JC, ESR
Lottie Daughter of Sutton, former scullery maid at Rushwater. “Very peculiar, and has to be in the county asylum.” WS
Louis, Prince Cobalt Was or wasn’t (point of debate at the Bonds’ tea parties) father of Princess Louisa Christina. Member of Hatz-Reinigen family. BL, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Louisa Mrs. Dunsford’s aunt. Was rescued by a faithful ayah during the Mutiny by being dyed brown as an Indian. NR
Louisa Hired help for Anne Todd. Was very proud of Anne’s dotty old mother. HR
Louisa Christina, Princess of Cobalt Princess to whom The Hon. Juliana Starter was lady-in-waiting. Now deceased. Member of the Hatz-Reinigen family. BL, JC, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Lover, Mrs. Audrey d. 1947. Mother of Aubrey Clover (Aubrey C. Lover). Widow of a bank manager. Didn’t approve of the theatre. PE, LAR, CC, WDIM
Lufton, Justinia Daughter of Old Lady Lufton in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage, when Mark Robarts was Vicar of Framley. Married Sir George Meridith. Sister of the Lord Ludovic of the day. DD
Lufton, Justinia b. 1923. Daughter of the widowed Lady Lufton. Secretary to Dean Crawley. Small and elegant. Resembled Lucy Robarts, her great-grandmother. Married Eric Swan in 1952. DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Lufton, Lady Mother of Trollope’s Lord Lufton. Enemy of the Duke of Omnium. Opposed son’s marriage to Lucy Robarts. In Framley Parsonage, Last Chronicle of Barset.  
Lufton, Lady Mary Gentle, anxious mother of Maria and Justinia. Completely lost and bewildered by widowhood. Married the late Lord Lufton in 1921, and he did everything for her. GU, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, CQ, 3S&T
Lufton, Lord Grandfather of AT’s Ludovic Lufton ; came after the Lord Lufton of Trollope. His mother was Lucy Robarts. Had to give up the hounds and the place in Scotland. DD, HR2
Lufton, Lord Ludovic Lord Lufton of the Trollope novels, friend and then brother-in-law of Mark Robarts. In Framley Parsonage and Last Chronicle of Barset. DD
Lufton, Lord Ludovic b. 1924. Only son of Lady Lufton. Tall, anxious, shy young man who inherited the title very young. Demobbed from army in 1946, farmed with Roddy Wicklow for a while. Friend of Eric Swan and Charles Belton. Married Grace Grantly. DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, LAA, CQ<, 3S&T
Lufton, Lucy Maria b. 1922. Daughter of Lady Lufton. Bred cocker spaniels. Competent and masterful. Became engaged to Oliver Marling in DD. DD, JC, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Lumford, Mr. Science master at Coppins’ School. Mrs. Villars confused him with Longford.  
Lundquist, Selma Swedish actress who acted in a very naturalistic way in very dull plays, expounding author’s philosophy and economic views. LAR
Lundy, Lord Former employer of Miss Bunting where, if anyone entered the schoolroom, he’d have thought the children little savages. Had son Patrick. Former member of Dining Society at Oxford with Sir Robert Graham. Was Governor of New South Wales. MH, ESR
Lundy, Patrick Former pupil of Miss Bunting. Enlisted underage in WWI, was killed in action. MH
M’Clan, Prof Macphairson, Clanglocketty Angus M.P. for Aberdeathly in Scotland. Said Mr. Adams was “ane sair member for the Whips.” Name taken from W.S. Gilbert’s Bab Ballads. CC
Maboul One of the neo-phallic school of painters. Pupil of Braque. Painted ceiling of Wigwam Club in London. LAR
MacAlister, Pixie Old school chum of Miss Holly and Mrs. Watson. Games mistress in a mental home. MB
Macdougal, Chumps Acquaintance of David Leslie and Sylvia Halliday in the RAF. PBO
MacFadyen, Donald d. 1960. Manager of Amalgamated Vedge. Great gardener, rented half of Lufton Park at Framley. A Scot from near Perthshire. Father was killed in Boer War, mother lost her house because his pension was too small. Quite fond of Lady Lufton, but conscious of social gap between them. Married Margot Phelps. Died, apparently of cancer, in CQ. DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
MacHeath Apparently a nurse at Barchester General Hospital. GU
MacHenry Stoker’s father. He was called Stoker because of his occupation of shoveling coke at the gas-works. Resided at Plaistow (pronounced “Plaster.”) HR1
MacPherson 1868-1950. Estate agent for the Leslies at Rushwater. Verrry Scottish. Came to Rushwater at age 30, stayed over fifty years. Same age as Lady Emily, he died with his Bible on his knees, opened to a page with a picture of Lady Emily, whom he had loved and served all his life. Left his house to Emmy Graham Grantly. WS, MH, PBO, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM, ESR, DA, 3S&T
MacPherson, Nurse Was in charge of the ward where Tommy Needham’s arm was amputated. LAR
Madame Martha Ran a beauty salon in London. CC
Major See Leslie, Henry  
Makins Teacher of art-weaving class in London. CBI
Mallarmé French poet, later than Jehan le Capet MH
Mallow Worked at Worsted RR station. Nephew of Dr. Ford’s housekeeper. 3S&T
Mallow d. 1946. Lord Stoke’s cowman, the best in the county. Died in PE, after a “feeling of oppression” (obviously brought on by post-war government and conditions.) BL, PE
Mallow Stationmaster at High Rising, nephew by marriage of Dr. Ford’s housekeeper. DH, MMS
Mallow, Mrs. Wife of Lord Stoke’s cowman. Ruined his enjoyment of the Skeynes Agricultural by his worrying about what she’d say if he returned with muddy boots. BL, PE
Mallow, Mrs. “Mr. Knox’s Annie’s aunt,” housekeeper to Dr. Ford at High Rising. Aunt by marriage of High Rising stationmaster. Widow of previous doctor’s gardener. HR1, DH, LAA, 3S&T
Mangle, Farmer Trollope character mentioned by AT. LAA
Manhole Robert Graham’s housemaster at Eton. PBO, LAR
Manners Biggest of Hosiers’ Boys’ School boys. Intelligent, had won open scholarship to Cambridge. Father was a grocer and furniture remover in East End in London. Was given a free place at Southbridge and won a scholarship in history to Lazarus College. Became Physics prof. at Upping College of Redbrick University. CBI, PE, NTL
Manton, Octavius Grandfather of Dowager Duchess of Towers. Fourth son of large family. LAA
March, Dr. and Mrs. Neighbors of Marling Hall and the Red House in Marling Mellicent MH
Margarison Former owner of Lamb’s Piece at Worsted where the Tebbens lived. Married his housekeeper – “and about time, too!” BL
Margett “Old” Margett. Crusty old cottager of Anglo-Saxon type with a great store of folk tales, many rather earthy, and some of which he invented. Lived in a crusty old cottage. Once ate three live frogs on a wager. BL, GU, OBH, WDIM
Margett Fireman on the Worsted-Skeynes Railroad line. AF
Margett Kept shop at Worsted. Brother of Sarah Pucken. BL
Margett Tommy Margett’s dad. Worked with the Bodgers. From Grumper’s End, spent much time in the Three Tuns pub. 3S&T
Margett the  builder Builder at Worsted. Sister was cook at Holdings, first cousin to Jasper. Nephew of “Old” Margett. DD, WDIM
Margett, “Grannie” Jasper Margett’s grandmother. Had mixed gypsy blood. Known as a witch who frequently took the form of a large black hare. Jasper shot “her” in GU but didn’t use a silver button. GU, LAR, OBH,DD, ESR
Margett, Alf Younger brother of Bert, son of Margett the builder, nephew of Patten the Worsted stationmaster. In Tanks during war. AF, GU
Margett, Bert Head porter at Worsted. Son of Margett the builder. Married Doris Phipps, became stationmaster after war. two children. AF, GU, LAR, 3S&T
Margett, Eliza Mother of the cook for the Grahams at Holdings, sister of Margett the builder. First cousin of Jasper Margett. DD
Margett, Jasper Head keeper at the Priory. Expert poacher. Gypsy blood made him good with horses. Flirted with Selina Crockett. GU, LAR, OBH, DD, JC,WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Margett, Mrs. Ran Marling Mellicent Post Office. OBH
Margett, Mrs. Jasper Margett’s old mother, sister of Peters the butler and Nannie Peters. Deceased. Later mentioned as aunt of Nannie Peters. OBH, LAA
Margett, Tommy Illegitimate boy from Grumper’s End who had his hand stepped on by a horse at Nutfield gymkhana. Was looked after by his auntie, who had nine kids of her own. 3S&T
Maria Louise Lufton’s great-aunt, who left her a hideous diamond riviére. HR2
Marks, Miss Former Hosiers’ Girls’ School mistress. Went into Board of Trade. HM
Marling Father of William Marling. An autocrat in the old tradition, a huntin’-shootin’-fishin’ type. MH, LAR, OBH, CC, DD
Marling Grandfather of William Marling. Broke his neck in the hunting field at age 40. LAR, OBH
Marling Elder son of Bill Marling. At age in MH where he debunked conjurers, refused to clap his hands at Peter Pan, told the Nursery there is no Santa Claus, used questionable pre school humor. MH, CC, DD
Marling Younger daughter of Bill Marling. Discovered the word “beastly” and insisted on using it constantly. MH, CC, DD
Marling, Amabel (Hon.) Daughter of Lord Nutfield, wife of William Marling of Marling Hall. Children Bill, Lettice, Oliver and Lucy. Connected with most of Barsetshire families by ties of kinship. Lived up to aristocratic tradition of service, energy, efficiency, and self-confidence. MH, GU, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Marling, Bill Elder son of William and Amabel Marling of Marling Hall. Professional soldier. Wife Deirdre. Lived in Camberley. MH, LAR, CC, DD
Marling, Deirdre Known to all as “Mrs. Bill.”. Two sons and two daughters. Father was a Bishop. Good-natured and a bit silly, she used the catchword of the moment. MH, LAR, CC, DD
Marling, Fitzherbert Uncle of William Marling. Rector of Courcy Abbas for sixty years, later Archdeacon. Hunted till he was 80. LAR, CC, DD
Marling, Lettice Elder daughter of William and Amabel Marling. Husband Roger Watson was killed at Dunkirk. Children Diana and Clare. Married Tom Barclay, had two sons. MH, GU, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH,CC, DD, HR2
Marling, Lucinda and Lucius Their monogram is on the mantelpiece of The Cedars at Marling. Possibly brother and sister-in-law of William Marling. DD
Marling, Lucy Emily b. 1918. Younger daughter of William and Amabel Marling. Loud, bossy and boisterous, but mellowed with age, hard work and troubles. Favorite phrase “I’ll tell you what.” Married out of her class to Sam Adams. Very efficient and knowledgeable, helped administer the agricultural side of Sam’s business empire. They lived in The Old Bank House at, Edgewood and had daughters Amabel Rose and Leslie, son William. MH, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH,CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR,DA, CQ, LAA,3S&T
Marling, Maria See Lufton,Lucy Maria  


Marling, Mrs. d. 1920. Mother of William Marling. Had lamp-room remade into a sort of chapel. Married at 19, six children before age of 30. MH, CC, DD
Marling, Oliver b. 1913. Younger son of William and Amabel Marling. Was in business in London before war, then in Regional Commissioner’s Office during war after being repeatedly turned down for armed services because of his poor eyesight. Partner in London firm after war. Loved actress Jessica Dean for years, but she married Aubrey Clover. Studious, self-centered and self-pitying, but marriage to energetic and competent Maria Lufton improved him immensely. MH, MB, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, DA, CQ, 3S&T
Marling, William Squire of Marling Hall. Wife Amabel. Opinionated, irascible and forgetful, but genuinely fond of his family. Had five brothers and sisters, all dead. Greatly saddened by deterioration of his way of life. Apparently still alive in 3S&T, with an entry in the Barchester Agricultural. MH, HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA,CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Marling, William Uncle of William Marling. His butler occasionally sat up to take him to bed after he had imbibed too freely. LAR
Marston Hero Cocker Spaniel who was leading prize-winner over the Birketts’ Sylvia. HR
Marston, Prof. A correspondent of Mrs. Barton on historical matters concerning one of her books. A scholar who “knows so much about the Renaissance that his books consist almost entirely of footnotes.” Wrote a book about Pomfret ancestors. PT, LAA
Martha Maid to Miss Hopgood at Glycerine Cottage in Northbridge. NR
Martin One of a group accompanied by Betty Turner to Fish Hill, where they saw a Golden-Crested Mippet. NR
Martina Child of post-office woman at Rushwater. Named after Martin Leslie. PBO
Mas-Cagnou, Vicomte de Mentioned by Harold Downing as an advocate of certain methods of pronunciation of 12th-century Proveneçal dialect. NR
Mason Lower school sergeant at Southbridge. HR1, CBI
Mason, Lady Peggy In the last war she lost two husbands and married a third before the Armistice. Had a very common grandfather on her mother’s side. MH
Masters “Old Masters” who farms the land by the Old Rectory at Hallbury. MB
Masters, Dr. Physician to Rachel Dean AF
Matcham Colonel of 462nd Indian Army Regt. in India, in which Capt. Fred Arbuthnot served. PE
Matcham, Mrs. Col. Flirted with Capt. Fred Arbuthnot of her husband’s regiment. “A sister under the skin to half Piccadilly Circus.” PE
Matron Matron of Army convalescent home at Beliers Priory. Very motherly both to the troops and to Winston, the kitten, which she adopted after her cat was accidentally shot. GU
Matron Tyrannically benevolent matron of Barchester General Hospital where Octavia Crawley, Delia Brandon and Geraldine Birkett worked during war. CBI, MB, DD, HR2, 3S&T
Matron Matron at Knight’s Hospital in London where Sisters Chiffinch, Ward and Heath trained. A kind old dragon. Retired to Folkestone,where she was a town councilor. DD
McBean Head gardener at, Southbridge School. CBI
McFadden, Dr. Doctor in Pomfret Madrigal area. B
McGregor General manager for sales for Johns and Fairfield, Publishers. PT
McGuffog, Rob Mr. MacFadyen’s stepsister’s nephew’s son, who went to the bad in Glasgow and wrote MacFadyen begging letters. HR2
Measel, Miss Former mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School, Left to nurse her old mother. HM
Mellings, Lord Harry Ludovic Son of Old Lord Pomfret. Killed in a border skirmish on the NW frontier. PT, BL, PBO, LAR, OBH, WDIM,DA, LAA,3S&T
Mells, Miss Matron in charge when Lydia Keith was a VAD. Called “Miss Smells” or “Smelly” by her acquaintances Sisters Heath and Ward. NTL
Menski Author of Worm That Eateth the Flesh, for which Bolikoff did cover art. Admired by Julian Rivers,, which is enough to earn the disgust of all right-thinking Thirkellians. PT
Merriman Provençal scholar who had his knife into Harold Downing since Downing’s review of his Cultural Influence of the Court of King René. NR
Merriman, Dorothea Frances “Merry,” Old Lady Pomfret’s secretary in PT at first introduction. Very efficient, self-effacing and conscientious. Had an invalid married sister whom she sometimes visited. Was secretly and quietly in love with Gillie Foster. When he married Sally Wicklow and became Lord Pomfret, she went as companion to Lady Emily Leslie. Returned to, Pomfret Towers after Lady Emily’s death to help with county business and ease the load on the frail but hard-working earl. Married Rev. Herbert Choyce in DA. One of AT’s most memorable and sympathetic characters. PT, MH, HM, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL,DA, LAA,3S&T
Merrivale, Annie Daughter of Mrs. Merrivale. In A.T.S. Sewed and crocheted beautifully. Engaged to a man in the Signal Corps. MB
Merrivale, Elsie Daughter of Mrs. Merrivale. In WAAFs. Was studying dancing before war. Engaged to Flight Lt. named Peter. MB
Merrivale, Evie Daughter of Mrs. Merrivale. In Foreign Office in, Washington. The “artistic one” of the four daughters. Married Cutsam Constant, an American. MB
Merrivale, Mr. Deceased husband of Mrs. Merrivale of Hallbury. Had been a clerk in Robert Fielding’s office, “never would have gone far if he lived; didn’t want responsibility.” MB
Merrivale, Mrs. Widow who lived in Valimere House in Riverdale Close, Hallbury. Plump, fortyish with gray hair and anxious eyes. Daughters Annie, Evie,Elsie, and Peggy MB
Merrivale, Peggy Daughter of Mrs. Merrivale. In WRENS. The “musical one” of the daughters, had some lovely records. Engaged to paymaster Lt. at Gibraltar named Don. MB
Merton Noel Merton’s father, a solicitor and friend of “Aunt Sissie ” Brandon. B
Merton, Harry b. 1946. Son of Noel and Lydia (Keith) Merton. Studied science at Cambridge. As articulate as his father. PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Merton, Kate Jessica b. 1948. Daughter of Noel and Lydia (Keith) Merton. Called Kate in early appearances, Jessica after entering school. LAR, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Merton, Lavinia b. 1943. Daughter of Noel and Lydia (Keith) Merton. “As much of a flirt as Lavinia Brandon,” for whom she was named. Married Ludo Foster, Lord Mellings. HM, MB, PBO, PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Merton, Noel First seen in SH as a young barrister, Married Lydia Keith having fallen in love with her gradually while watching her grow up. Had miraculous escape at Dunkirk, convalesced at Beliers Priory near Worsted. Later in Military Intelligence. He and, Lydia bought her old home, Northbridge Manor. Had flirtation with Peggy Arbuthnot in PE which caused rare friction with Lydia. (Jessica Dean straightened him out.) Became a QC, ran for Parliament in 1952. Became Sir Noel after Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. SH, B, CBI, NR, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Methven Head gardener at Auchsteer under whom Mr. MacFadyen worked. HR2
Michelle, Mlle. French mistress at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. HM
Mickey Along with Peter, the embodiment of idiotic youth, full of pranks and liveliness, at, Pomfret Towers house party. Bertie Wooster and the Drones would have welcomed him with open arms. PT
Mickey Large half-caste dog belonging to Thatchers at Grumper’s End. B
Mickleham, Lord A rather impoverished relative of the Omniums. JC
Mickleham, Lord Victorian statesman, literateur and bearded impostor. Married three times, (once to a Miss Foster, a Victorian beauty with lots of money) his descendants consisting largely of nieces and nephews older than their uncles and aunts. 18 children, including The Hon. Juliana Starter. Author of Cimabue : A Poetical Drama in Prologue, Five Acts, and Epilogue, performed once by Irving and never again. Once proposed to Lord Stoke’s mother. BL, ESR, LAA
Middleton,  Catherine Wife of John Middleton. Married him when she was 30, he was 20 years older. Enjoyed mild flirtation with Denis Stonor in BL. Was always tired-looking. One of several AT heroines who are languid and middle-aged, but attractive to younger men. BL, MB, LAR, CC, DD, 3S&T
Middleton, John (Jack) Resident of Laverings Farm near Worsted. Wife Catherine. Verbose (in the style of George Knox), slightly bald. Loved to play the role of gentleman farmer. Head of firm of architects. Brother of Lillian Stonor. BL, MH, GU, MB, PBO, LAR, DD, LAA, 3S&T
Middleton, Mrs. John Middleton’s mother. Not fond of the country, she languished and died after they moved to Laverings Farm. BL
Milburd, Mr. Owned Harefield Park before the Nabob (Bolton) bought it. Ruined in the South Sea Bubble and committed suicide. HM
Miller, Mrs. Sgt. Wife of Denis Stonor’s drill sergeant at school. Denis admitted that as a schoolboy he had been madly in love with her, although she had four married daughters BL
Miller, Rev. Justin Vicar of Pomfret Madrigal, with strong Anglo-Catholic leanings. Married Ella Morris to whom he was attached years before but separated because of theological disagreement with her father. Became Vicar of St. in 1949. Had stepmother in Harrogate. Was on rowing crew at Lazarus College, where he was nicknamed “Goggers.” B, CBI, NR, MH, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, DA
Milly Cat belonging to woman who lived at Bolton Abbey. Had six kittens. PE
Milner, Mrs. Taught dancing at Rushwater. MH, MB
Milner, Sir Barclay Diet specialist who treated The Hon. Juliana Starter. Apparently very “Harley Street” or equivalent. BL
Milvin, Sir Barclay Miss Starter’s doctor, a diet specialist who recommended Kornog, a starch-free bread. BL
Milward, Prof. Young historian at Pomfret Towers house party. Wrote a history of Pomfret family. PT, LAA
Minimus See Leslie, Clive  
Minor See Leslie, John Jr.  
Minucius, Fluvius Writer about whom Canon Horbury and Sidney Carton were experts. HM, CQ
Miranda, Miss Worked at Barchester beauty parlor. LAR
Mitton, Ted Former driver of locomotive, Gatherum Castle, which was shipped abroad. GU
Mitzi Austrian maid of the Gissings. Locals suspected she was a spy. CBI
Modestine Long-suffering donkey belonging to the Tebbens family at Worsted. Originally called Neddy, renamed for donkey in R.L. Stevenson’s Travels with a Donkey. Intractable for almost everybody. Richard Tebben saved Jessica Dean from a bull by using Modestine as a road block. Said to be dead in MB (1945) although Susan Dean in LAR says the Tebbens sold him to the Dean family for whom he was useful in the garden, then was sold to a nursery school during the war, and she thought he was still alive. AF, MB, PE, LAR
Moffet Vicar of Pomfret Madrigal before Mr. Lane (before Mr. Miller.) B
Monte Cristo,  Duke of A “cosmopolitan doyen of the diplomatic world.” Wrote to Mrs. Barton about her book. PT, LAA
Moore, Miss Teacher at, BarchesterHigh School. SH
Mopsall Baker at Winter Overcotes who supplied Kornog bread to The Hon. Juliana Starter. BL
Morgan, Dr. Female doctor at Harefield. Had half-baked highbrow ideas and gave patients large doses of unwanted psychology. Insignificant appearance and uncertain, temper, spent much of her money on unsuitable clothes. HM, MB, OBH,DD
Morland, Dick b. 1911. Son of Henry and Laura Morland. Serving in, China before war. Mentioned as serving in destroyer Flatiron during war. HR1, DH, B, CBI, GU, MB, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, 3S&T
Morland, Gerald b. 1917. Son of Henry and Laura Morland. Explorer in Mexico. Married just before war, had unspecified children. Attended Southbridge School. HR1, DH, B, CBI, GU, MB, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Morland, Henry Deceased husband of Laura Morland. Somewhat of a nonentity, Laura said he was “quite easy to get on with and then he died.” HR1, DH, NR, GU, MB, JC, LAA, 3S&T
Morland, John Son of Henry and Laura Morland. Stationed in, Burma. In Navy during war. Married, attended Southbridge School. HR1, DH, B, CBI, GU, MB, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Morland, Laura b. 1891. Widow of Henry Morland, sons Dick, John, Gerald, and Tony. Lived at High Rising. Author of Madame Koska mystery thrillers, which she began writing to support herself and sons. Also wrote two books anonymously. Attractive but rather scatter-brained, tended to lose glasses and hairpins. Acted as unofficial secretary at Southbridge School during war. It is generally thought that she is at least partially based on the author herself, though AT was, by repute, a more sardonic personality than Laura Morland. HR1, DH, SH,B, CBI, NR, MH,GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL,DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Morland, Robin b. 1950. Son of Tony Morland. Similar to and just as mischievous as his father. Fell for Eleanor Leslie (Martin Leslie’s daughter) at the Barchester Agricultural when both were about 10 or 11. 3S&T
Morland, Tony b. 1921. Son of Henry and Laura Morland. Student at Southbridge School at first appearance, major interest was model trains. Became Sr. Monitor at Southbridge. Talkative, self-centered, well- intentioned with frequently disastrous results, one-track mind when a child. Attended Oxford. In Army in, Burma during war. Worked for Red Tape and Sealing Wax Office after war. Married with four children. HR1, WS, DH, SH,B, CBI, NR, MH,GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Morpie, Bill Ticket clerk and porter at Mellicent Halt. Transferred to Winter Overcotes for most of war, where he felt his duties were beneath him. Got in with a bad crowd and was caught red-handed by Sgt. Hopkins stealing money from Mr. Beedle’s jacket. Beedle let him off and lent him money to pay his debt. Before entering Army next day, Morple returned a trophy which the gang had stolen. After war, we heard he had been arrested as part of a gang which robbed a post office and half-killed the postmaster. Sentenced to seven years. MH, LAR, OBH
Morple, Ed’ard A “furriner” from the other side of Barchester. Lived at Winter Overcotes where his son Bill was a porter. GU, LAR
Morris, Ella Middle-aged companion to “Aunt Sissie ” Brandon. Married Mr. Miller, former sweetheart from whom she had parted because of his disagreement with her father years before. Selfless and full of good works. Billeting officer during war and took all the worst evacuee children herself. B, CBI, GU, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, DA
Morris, Rev. Justin Father of Ella Morris. Once called “The Rev. and very selfish and disagreeable Justin Morris.” Hidebound, tyrannical and unforgiving. B, CBI
Moss, Pvt. Office typist for Barsetshire Regiment. Formerly employed by a firm of racing touts. NR, GU
Mothersill, Dr. Chief of Ministry of Nutritional Hygiene, where Dr. Morgan worked. Former female speaker at Lazarus College. DD
Mould Undertaker, carrier and general remover from Edgewood. OBH
Mould, Mrs. Wife of Mould, the undertaker, carrier and general remover. She preferred the old-fashioned virtues of a porcelain sink to a new stainless steel one. OBH
Mowbray Student in Carter’s House at Southbridge. Once won the sack race but developed pneumonia. SH
Mowbray, “Miss M” Daughter of an East Barsetshire doctor. Kept house for Aubrey and Jessica Clover. CC, WDIM, 3S&T
Moxon, Rev. Curate to Dr. Thomas at Worsted. Scoutmaster with strong belief in (and ignorance of) boys, having run a club for boys in the East End and attended Boys’ Camp in summer. Great belief in words, also -especially his own. Moved to curacy at Clacton-on-Sea, and his departure was highly unlamented. AF, GU
Mpumpo Public name of Native chief in Mngangaland who had both legs bitten off by a lion. He was a splendid professing Christian, according to Bishop Joram Actual name was Melba, but it was a secret. Had 80 sons and was in London on VJ Day. PBO, PE, LAR, CC, WDIM, 3S&T
Murdstone Ran shooting gallery that traveled around to fairs. Undoubtedly related to David Copperfield’s stepfather. LAR
Musgrave, Dogger In Barsetshire Yeomanry during war. Won two months’ pay from John-Arthur Crosse at Vingt-et-un. Killed in France. ESR
Nan Nurse to Jessica Dean, later with Lydia Merton. AF, PE, LAR, WDIM
Nana Nurse to Bill Marling’s children. MH, CC
Nandy Father of Henry Nandy. A “nasty old piece” who lived with his housekeeper. OBH
Nandy, Adam Henry Nandy’s great-great-grandfather. Lived in a cottage at Adamsfield and had seven children but never married. OBH, WDIM
Nandy, Henry Aged resident of Mellicent Halt. “Drinks and smokes all day long and lives in one room and it simply stinks. He’s supposed to be rolling in money.” Lived to get his “beer and baccy”. MH, LAR, OBH, WDIM
Nasone, Pietro Costar with Glamora Tudor in Cyrano de Bergerac. CQ
Neddy Stuffed donkey which Tony Morland slept with (see also Foxy). HR
Needham Tommy Needham’s father. Was at school with Mr. Miller. Known in college as “Mangles”. On rowing crew at Lazarus. Also two daughters. CBI
Needham, Octavia See Crawley, Octavia  
Needham, Tommy Secretary to Dean Crawley. In war stationed first in Iceland, then in N. Africa where he lost an arm. Married Dean Crawley’s daughter Octavia and became Vicar at Worsted. Eight children by the time of 3S&T, including fraternal twins born in that book. CBI, MH, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, DA, LAA,3S&T
Nicholson, Mrs. Mother of Nicholson Minor. Sylvia Leslie promised her some honey. 3S&T
Nicholson Minor Classmate of Georgy Leslie, with whom he went to tea. 3S&T
Nkrumak, Dr. Premier of Ghana. 3S&T
Norris, The Hon. Mr. While at Lazarus College he became entangled with a barmaid at the Devonguilla Arms who was already married, but subsequently married Eleanora Purvis, a nice young lady. Once an acquaintance of Colin Keith (who was Eleanora’s cousin at Oxford. SH, HM
Norton Daughter of Dowager Lady Norton. Said to have been living in highbrow sin in Chelsea with a Slavo-Lydian intellectual. Bulgy build. WS, MH, PE, LAR
Norton, Eleanor Young Lady Norton. Wife of George, Lord Norton. Called her mother-in-law ” Moggs”. Two daughters, Vickie and Ellie. WS, MH<, PE, LAR, OBH, CC,DD, HR2, ESR, DA, LAA
Norton, Lady Victoria Known by most of Barsetshire as the “Dreadful Dowager.” Face like a well-bred horse, domineering personality, thought herself the best gardener in the county. Author of Herbs of Grace about gardening. Clothes tended to imitate the Queen Mother. Lived in Cheltenham, Lady Bond moved in with her in 3S&T. WS, B, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Norton, Lord Deceased husband of Dowager Lady Norton. A vegetarian because of gastric troubles. A Lloyd George peer. B, HM, CC, DD, WDIM, CQ
Norton, Lord George Son of Dowager Lady Norton. Wife Eleanor. Not very intelligent, gave boring dinners. Under thumbs of both wife and mother. B, MH, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, NTL, LAA
Nuffield, Lord Self-made millionaire who began as a bicycle repairman, made a fortune by manufacturing the Morris Cowley automobile. Was given a title. Left most of fortune for charitable works. The “English Henry Ford.” Lord Nutfield did not like being mistaken for him. MB
Nutfield, Lord Father of Amabel Marling. A 400-year-old baronetcy, little-known outside Barsetshire Silent man whose only expressed emotion seemed to be about a new baronet (Lord Nuffield) whose title was only one letter different from his own. MH, CC, DD, 3S&T
Nutfield, The Hon. Florrie Simnet was housekeeper for him. CC
O’Brien, Mr. Master at Coppins’ School. Came to school entertainments in a saffron kilt because his ancestors were Kings of Ireland. NR
O’Donobhain, Fermonaugh Irish playwright in modern vein. LAA
O’Grady, Shawn Great liberator of the Republic of Sangrado. Murdered in 1843. PBO
O’Rourke, Patricia Youngest of London evacuees at Southbridge Christmas Treat. Received the doll from the top of the tree. Student at St. Quantock’s Catholic School. CBI
O’Seianmhe, Dhoidreagh Real name was Bert Hobson. Modern playwright who wrote the “Morality Play” to be performed at the Palace during the Coronation festivities. WDIM
Oldmeadow, Tom Tommy Needham’s Uncle Tom. Captain of Games at Southbridge School in his day. In Officer Reserve. Had measles twice in one term. Mountaineering was his hobby. Played rugger for England. Related to Capt. Arbuthnot. CBI, PE
Olive Mrs. Powlett’s niece. Found work at Harefield Post Office. HM
Omnium, Duke of See Palliser  
Oriel, Caleb In Trollope’s Dr. Thorne and Last Chronicle of Barset. Dark, good-looking, well-mannered, attractive to women. Former rector of Greshamsbury. His grandfather, an Anglo-Indian Army General, left him a fortune. Had a sister Patricia. Married Beatrice Gresham. Became Bishop of Barchester. Grandfather of AT’s Caleb Oriel. JC, LAA
Oriel, Caleb b. 1873. Vicar of Harefield. Tall, thin, with large Adam’s apple. Ascetic and unworldly. Courted Madeleine Sparling unsuccessfully in HM. Somewhat high church. Married Gwendolyn Harcourt. HM, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, LAA
Oriel, Mrs. Mother of Mr. Oriel of Harefield, with whom he lived as a young clergyman. HM
Oriel, Miss Elder sister of Mr. Oriel of Harefield. Kept house for him until her death. HM
Oswald Cousin of Mrs. Helen Keith. Was head of mission school in Calcutta, and became a bishop. SH
Otis, Amory P. Of Brookline, Massachusetts. Owner of manuscript supposedly written by monk from Pomfret Abbey in Pomfret Madrigal. B
Outhwaite Chief engineer in a supply ship (the Ironsides) under Admiral Palliser. North-country man with broken nose. Later owner of steelworks at Newcastle where Sam Adams had some castings made. MB
Packer Proprietor of Packer’s Roundabout that appeared at numerous fetes, fairs and festivities. B, LAR, CC, WDIM, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Packer Owned taxi in Hallbury. Son worked for Adams’ nuts and bolts dept. MB
Packer, Joe Railway employee at Southbridge. OBH
Palfrey Mrs. Stonor’s maid at the White House, formerly cook for Col. Stonor. Her father was captain of an oil tanker. Born at Foxling-in-Henfold. BL
Palliser Sons of Admiral Palliser at Hallbury. In Navy. One married the granddaughter of the captain of his first ship, the other married an admiral’s daughter. MB
Palliser, Admiral Resident of Hallbury House, Hallbury. An engineer. Widower with 2 sons, 2 daughters, (including Jane Gresham). Worked during war at engineering firm in Barchester. MB, PBO, HR2, JC, WDIM, NTL, DA
Palliser, Algernon (“Algy”) d. 1912. Brother of former Duke of Omnium. Married Mr. Marling’s Aunt Lucy. Both drowned in the Titanic. [This would have been a brother of “Planty Pal,” but Trollope’s Planty Pal did not have a brother Algernon.] DD, HR2
Palliser, Algernon (“Algy”) Youngest brother of present Duke of Omnium. Horrid old man who thought he was a lady killer. ESR
Palliser, Commodore Augustus Ancestor of Adm. Palliser of Hallbury. Did well out of prize money awarded by Lord Howe MB
Palliser, Geoffrey, Lord Silverbridge Eldest son of present Duke of Omnium. Officer in Barsetshire Yeomanry in war, was writing regimental history. After war worked for publishers Johns and Fairfield. Married Isabel Dale. CC, DD, HR2, DA, CQ, LAA
Palliser, George Plantagenet 1800-1873? “Great Duke” of Omnium. Uncle of Plantagenet (“Planty Pal”). Residences included Gatherum Castle, Matching Priory (Yorks), The Horns (Richmond), and Carlton Terrace. In Trollope’s Parliamentary novels.  
Palliser, Lady Arabella Daughter of present Duke of Omnium. Married, with children. In Red Cross during war. Mentioned in only one book. MB
Palliser, Lady Glencora (Cora) b. 1919. Daughter of present Duke of Omnium. In WVS during war. Won Croix de Guerre as driver for officers. Was engaged to a man who was killed in action. Married Sir Cecil Waring. MH, MB, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, LAA
Palliser, Lady Glencora McCluskie In Trollope’s Parliamentary novels, daughter of Lord of the Isles. Married Plantagenet Palliser, nephew and heir of the Great Duke of Omnium. Children Plantagenet, Gerald and Mary (another daughter Glencora is mentioned in The Prime Minister.) Heiress to a fortune that made the Omniums wealthy. CC, DD, HR2, JC
Palliser, Lady Griselda Daughter of a Duke of Omnium. Ran after Lord Humberton before he married Phoebe Rivers. Her place in the Palliser family tree is uncertain. MH, MB
Palliser, Lord Gerald (Gerry) d. 1944. Younger son of present Duke of Omnium. Killed on D-Day. Said to have enjoyed every minute of his short life. CC, DD, HR2
Palliser, Lord Henry Former pupil of Miss Bunting. Place on Palliser family tree is uncertain. MH, MB
Palliser, Louise Present Duchess of Omnium. Daughters Arabella (mentioned only once) and Glencora, sons Geoffrey and Gerald (three sons are mentioned once, but only two are ever named or talked about). Voluble and flighty with ample figure. MB, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR
Palliser, Lucy Marling d. 1912. Mr. Marling’s old Aunt Lucy. Married Algernon, brother of former Duke of Omnium. Drowned in the Titanic.  
Palliser, Mary b. 1859. Present Duke of Omnium’s old Aunt Mary. Grandniece of the “Great Duke” of Omnium. Married Francis Oliphant Tregear. Her watercolors hang in Gatherum Castle. In The Duke’s Children.  
Palliser, Plantagenet Duke of Omnium, nephew of the “Great Duke.” Known as “Planty Pal.” Married Lady Glencora McCluskie. Children Plantagenet, Mary, and Gerald. Became Chancellor of the Exchequer, President of the Board of Trade, and Prime Minister. In Trollope’s Parliamentary novels.  
Palliser, Plantagenet Son of “Planty Pal” and Lady Glencora McCluskie. On committee which presented Matchings Priory to the National Trust. Married Isabel Boncassen. Father of the present Duke. In Trollope’s Parliamentary novels. MH, MB, HR2
Palliser, Plantagenet Present Duke of Omnium. Great-grandnephew of the “Great Duke.” Dreamy and impractical, lost in the modern world, very kindly. MB, PBO, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, LAA, CQ, 3S&T
Palliser, The Hon. George Brother of present Duke of Omnium. Former governor of Mngangaland. Collected Melanesian corals and drank a lot. CC
Palmer Parlourmaid for the Keiths at Northbridge Manor. SH, CBI, PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Palmer, Fred Major landowner around Worsted and Skeynes. J.P. Owner of dairy herd. Brother of Rachel Dean. Called Henry by Rachel Dean in AF. AF, BL, GU, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM
Palmer, Horatio Ancestor of Fred Palmer of Worsted. Founded Barchester Agricultural Society in 1759. MB
Palmer, Louise Wife of Fred Palmer of Worsted. Female “squire” of Worsted because of her dominant and masterful personality. AF, BL, GU, PE, LAR, OBH
Pancart Friend of Wickham. Sent him gin from Holland. CQ
Pandora Chicken belonging to the Tebbens. Stopped laying. LAR
Panter Gardener at Rushwater. OBH
Panter, Cissie Daughter of Mr. Halliday’s carter. Was to work for Mrs. Carter at the Old Manor House. NTL
Panter, Fred Mr. Halliday’s carter at Hatch House. Lost an arm at Ypres but handled horses as well as anyone. Apparently Mr. Halliday’s old batman. Sons Fred and Jimmy, daughter Cissie. PBO, NTL, 3S&T
Panter, Fred Son of Mr. Halliday’s carter. Wanted to vote Labour, but his mum filled out his proxy and voted for Mr. Gresham. In army in Far East during war. PBO, ESR
Panter, Fred Carpenter at Hatch End. Reckoned it was lucky to make coffins for twins, so long as it wasn’t both. MH, LAR, DA
Panter, George Proprietor of Mellings Arms. Cousin of the Hallidays’ carter. PBO, ESR, NTL, DA
Panter, Gloria Giggling youngster who attended High Rising village tea in honor of birth of Gwendolyn Sally Harcourt. LAA
Panter, Jimmy Grandson of Mrs. Hubback at the shop, son of Mr. Halliday’s carter. A very bad little boy. Got a scholarship. PBO, ESR
Panter, Mrs. Laundress, wife of Hallidays’ carter. Lived at No. 6 Clarence Cottages. Cousin of Lord Stoke’s butler Alfred. Sister was nanny for Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carter PBO, LAR, ESR, DA
Panter, Odeena Daughter of Fred Panter, Mr. Halliday’s carter. Worked as kitchenmaid at Holdings. Named for Barchester Odeon Theatre. ESR, NTL, DA
Panton Master at prep school attended by David Leslie and Oliver Marling. Had hair growing out of his ears. MH
Paradine, Pinky Ran dancing classes in Barchester. HR2
Pardon Gardener for the Marlings at Marling Hall. CC, DD
Pardon, Mrs. Wife of Marling Hall gardener. Worked at the Hall, apparently as a cook-housekeeper. OBH
Parfitt Butler for the Grahams at Holdings. MH
Parkin Maid to Cora and Geoff Palliser’s grandmother (Isabel Boncassen) CC
Parkinson Father of Rev. Ted Parkinson. Bookseller. Wife Connie. HR2
Parkinson, Col. and Mrs. People with whom Mrs. Tompion stayed during war. CBI
Parkinson, Connie Daughter of Rev. Ted and Mavis Parkinson. CC, HR2, DA, CQ
Parkinson, Harold Son of Rev. Ted and Mavis Parkinson. CC, HR2, DA, CQ
Parkinson, Josiah Welk (Joey) Son of Rev. Ted and Mavis Parkinson. Was almost born early, as his mother was rushed to Barchester General just in time. Won scholarship to Barchester Grammar School. HR2, DA, CQ, LAA
Parkinson, Mavis See Welk, Mavis  
Parkinson, Rev. Theodore (Teddy) Young theological student who went to school on state scholarships. Very sensitive to the fact that he wasn’t “gentry.” Was engaged to Mavis Welk, could go into her father’s undertaking business if he failed as a theological student. Married Mavis, had children Connie, Harold and Josiah. Was once looked down upon by Dean Crawley for mispronouncing Latin phrases. Passed exams and succeeded Mr. Miller as vicar of Pomfret Madrigal, where his obvious goodness and conscientiousness won everyone’s hearts, after which his feeling of inferiority began to fade. PE, HR2, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Parry, Mr. Barchester city librarian. HR2, JC
Parson, Pippa Female movie star who debuted in 1950. DD
Parting, Master Cyril b. 1943. One of the babies of nursery school at Stories during war. Chubby with golden curls. PE
Passmore, Col. Officer in Barsetshires, billeted at Northbridge Rectory. Middle-aged solicitor who had also served in WWI. Flirted facetiously and outrageously with Mrs. Paxon. Was a grandfather. NR
Patience Aunt of Rev. Septimus Grantly. Head almoner of St. Sinecure’s in London.  
Patience, Aunt Relative of Mrs. Hoare. Weak in the intellect. Sister of Aunt Fanny. HM
Patten Ed Follett’s grandfather, who was familiar with old (and unexpurgated) folk songs. Apparently not the same as “Old Patten,” the builder.  
Patten, Bill Cousin of Mr. Patten, the stationmaster at Worsted. Father of second gardener at the Manor House at Worsted. Guard at Worsted Station. AF, BL
Patten, Florrie Member of chorus in Greek play in AF. AF
Patten, Mr. Stationmaster at Worsted. Brother-in-law of Margett, the builder. Uncle of Bert Margett, the head porter, and Alf. Retired in LAR. AF, BL, MH, LAR
Patten, Mrs. Mr. Patten the stationmaster’s old mother. Died in AF, and was the first to be buried in new burying-ground. “Bucked up old Phipps, the sexton, tremendously,” as it broke a long period of slow business in which he was convinced the new burying-ground was jinxed. AF
Patten, Old Builder and estate agent for Duke of Omnium. Built many houses in Hallbury, in many different styles. Succeeded by his son. Lived over his shop in the Old Town. MB
Patten, Percy Mrs. Palmer’s second gardener at Manor House, Worsted. Boarded with Mrs. Phipps. AF
Patten, Young Of Patten and Sons, Builders, who built many houses in Hallbury. Wanted to build California bungalows on River Rising. Married above him. MB
Patterne, RearAdm. Sir Crossjoy Acquaintance of both Christopher Hornby and Freddy Belton. DD
Paxon, Mr. Husband of Minnie Paxon. Worked in Barchester as bank manager. A bit lower class, and something of a nonentity compared to his energetic wife. NR, WDIM
Paxon, Mrs. “Minnie” Called “Minnie” because she played Minnehaha in Hiawatha with the South Wembly Amateur Choral Society. Ran almost every war-related organization in Northbridge, with a uniform for each. Small and wiry. Maddeningly conscientious about rationing. A bit lower class. Flirted outrageously and facetiously with Col. Passmore. Real name was Florrie Paxon. NR, WDIM
Paxton, Ivy Old school chum of Miss Holly and Mrs. Watson at Fairlawns. The manner of her death was a great shock to her mother. MB
Pecker Worked at Free Library in London. Member of Isle of Dogs Athenaeum. Communist friend of the Bissells. Had unmarried daughter who taught music and folk dancing at LCC. CBI
Pedro Hairdresser in Las Palombas who did Rose Fairweather’s hair. CBI
Pelléas Goat brought to Hallbury Bring and Buy sale by Bent and Hampton. MB
Pemberton, Ianthe Spinster of Northbridge. Wrote a life of Elizabeth Rivers, Edward IV’s queen, as well as essays on Umbrian landscape. Short and ugly, necessarily parsimonious, she wore homespun sackcloth-looking dresses, a felt hat, and carried an alpenstock for poking dogs into the gutter. Lived at Punshions Cottage, rented room to Harold Downing, whom she bullied possessively and jealously. Was dead by mid-1950’s. NR, MB, PBO, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, LAA
Pendennis, Arthur Victorian novelist whose publisher was Mr. Bacon. PT
Pendry Odd-job man at Gatherum Castle. Was fondly remembered by Duchess of Towers as running along passage and throwing himself flat on his back for the children’s amusement. LAA
Penny Old Scotch Terrier belonging to the Bartons. PT
Penny Wickham’s cocker spaniel, daughter of Sheila. Refused to budge in obedience competition. 3S&T
Peppercorn Boy at Southbridge School. Had either measles or chicken pox, but it turned out to be a rash. GU
Percy Mr. Greaves’ cousin. Had been in a destroyer commanded by Father Fewling. NR
Percy Army service corps corporal. Father of Edna Thatcher’s illegitimate child Percy. OBH
Perfect, Miss Mr. Frank Dean’s secretary. OBH
Perigrinator Pen-name of literary gentleman who wrote of his tour of Houses and Manors of Barchester in 1700 in Gentleman’s Magazine. ESR
Perkins, Old Mrs. Resident of Grumper’s End who suffered from sciatica. Very obstinate about going to hospital. B
Perry Butcher in Northbridge. NR
Perry, “Mrs. Bob” Wife of Dr. Bob Perry. Daughter of London consultant Dr. Featherly Hargreaves. Elegant, correct, attractive, and rather humorless. Granddaughter of old Bronson-Hewbury in Berkshire. LAR, HR2, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Perry, Bob Son of Dr. and Mrs. Perry of Harefield. Received Smallbones Anatomical Award at Knight’s. Eldest son by 15 months, slightly darker hair. Replaced brother Jim as Knight’s house physician, later went into practice in Harley Street. Married daughter of Dr. Featherly Hargreaves. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Perry, Dr. b. 1897. G.P. at Harefield, as was his father. Three sons, all doctors. Short, jovial. Lived at Plassye House. HM, MB, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, CO, LAA
Perry, Gus Son of Dr. and Mrs. Perry of Harefield. Twin brother of Jim. Medical training at Knight’s. Slightly bushier eyebrows than brothers. Specialized in skin diseases and became G.P. at Harefield with his father. Destined to replace Dr. Ford one day in trust of the county. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Perry, Jim Son of Dr. and Mrs. Perry of Harefield. House physician at Knight’s, became surgeon. Slightly longer nose than brothers. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, LAA
Perry, Mrs. Mrs. Joyce Smith’s mother. Lived with a lady help in Torquay, but came to live with Mrs. Smith after she got the Red House back. MH
Perry, Mrs. Maud Wife of Dr. Perry of Harefield. Given to causes and enthusiasms, especially for Mixo-Lydia. HM, MB, LAR, DD, HR2
Persona, Sister Propria Author of Selectivity in the Church Today. DD
Peter Friend of the Harveys’ at Bureau of Tape and Sealing Wax. Offered to share his London flat with them. Apparently an obnoxious, artistic type with similar friends. MH, HM
Peter Flight-Lieutenant engaged to Elsie Merrivale. MB
Peter Along with Mickey, the embodiment of idiotic youth, full of pranks and liveliness at Pomfret Towers house party. Bertie Wooster and the Drones Club would have welcomed them with open arms. PT
Peter Dog belonging to Robert Graham. Died from overfeeding by the head housemaid. WS
Peters Friend of Wickham in County Down. Ran six illegal stills, the product of which he sent to Wicks. Expert at anagrams. WDIM
Peters b. 1898. Butler at Pomfret Towers. His sister was Nannie Peters, the Pomfrets’ nurse; another sister married one of the Margetts and was Jasper’s mother. Worked briefly for Lord Norton in his London flat. Later married and worked for Lord Crosse. PT, OBH, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, 3S&T
Peters Porter at Mrs. Spender’s London club. NR
Peters, Nannie Nannie for Giles and Sally Pomfret at Pomfret Towers. Sister of the old Towers butler. Later with Roddy and Alice Wicklow, finally went with Ludovic, Lord Mellings and Lavinia Merton when they married. PBO, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Petitot Did liaison with French for the Barsetshires when they were in France. Married the daughter of Mrs. Ramsden of the Pension Ramsden (where Miss Hopgood and Miss Crowder stayed). NR
Pettinger, Bertha Headmistress of Barchester High School. Highly unpopular. Known to the girls as “The Beast.” Had tired waved hair and painted her face. Madeleine Sparling lived with her before the Hosiers’ Girls’ School moved to Harefield Park. Received OBE when she retired. SH, B, CBI, NR, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, JC, WDIM, 3S&T
Phaedra Mrs. Palmer’s cow. Won a milking competition. BL
Phelps, Admiral “Irons” Retired Rear Admiral. Small, dry-faced, quiet and efficient worker on vital Committees. Lived at Jutland Cottage in Southbridge. Secretary of British Legion, Boy Scouts, and District Nursing Association, and churchwarden. Wounded at Battle of Jutland. Not well off financially. In increasingly poor health. Died in CQ. CBI, NR, GU, PE, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Phelps, Margot b. 1912. Daughter of Adm. and Mrs. Phelps. Large, not very attractive, efficient and industrious. Devoted to her parents. Was transformed into passable swan by Rose Fairweather and others, who taught her how to dress and make herself up attractively. Received two proposals, married Donald Macfadyen of Amalgamated Vedge and after his death became engaged to Tubby Fewling in CQ. CBI, PE, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Phelps, Mrs. Wife of Adm. Phelps, mother of Margot. Wore slacks. A great, bouncing masterful woman who treated everyone in the village as inferior officers and crew. Head of ARP and Village Red Cross in war. In increasingly poor health after war. With her husband and daughter, made cheerful best of life of poverty. Died in CQ. CBI, PE, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Phillpot, Eve Woman for whom Sylvia Halliday worked during war. Rose Bingham and Sylvia had a common hatred of her. PBO
Phipps, Doris Daughter of Tebbens’ housekeeper at Worsted. Became kitchenmaid at Manor House for Deans. Worked as porter at Winter Overcotes during war. In LAA, she had married Bert Margett, had two kids, was working in an airplane factory. AF, GU, LAR
Phipps, Ernie Village boy at Worsted. Son of Tebbens’ housekeeper. Apparently was the “young Phipps” mentioned in BL. AF, BL, GU
Phipps, Marlene b. 1932. Worked as porter at Winter Overcotes in 3S&T. First seen as 15-year-old parlormaid at Holdings for the Grahams. LAR, DD, 3S&T
Phipps, Miss Ran Skeynes post office, the center of local news and gossip. BL
Phipps, Mr. Husband of Tebbens’ housekeeper. Did gardening for Tebbens, also served as sexton. AF, LAR
Phipps, Mrs. Housekeeper for Tebbenses at Worsted. Children Doris and Ernie. Née Pollett. AF, BL, GU, LAR, HR2
Phipps, Palmyra Niece of the Tebbens’ housekeeper. Worked at the telephone exchange at Worsted, could always provide information on telephone subscribers’ whereabouts and doings. Named Palmyra after Louise Palmer. AF, GU, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, 3S&T
Pickaback, Buck Scion of old Pennsylvania Dutch family, costarred with Glamora Tudor in “Pearl of Paris.” DA
Picker Owned shop in Worsted. Mrs. Tebbens said his sausages were better than Pollett’s. AF
Pickering b. 1940. Student at Beliers Priory School. Skinned his knees falling off bike. LAR, DD
Pickthorne, Miss Sam Adams’ secretary. Competent and courteous. During war was in Regional Commissioner’s Office, had a sister in the Red Cross. LAR, OBH, CC, DD, WDIM, 3S&T
Picton, Dr. Physician who recommended to Miss Juliana Starter a diet which included a bread called Ita-lot. BL
Pidloe, C.J. St. P. Contemporary of Tony Morland at Southbridge. Used a hot poker to burn the fender; Tony sat on the fender and burned his trousers. MMS
Pie, Sir Omicron London physician in Trollope’s Barchester series. Grandfather of AT’s physician of the same name.  
Pie, Sir Omicron Brilliant young surgeon. Known to Robin Dale, whose foot he  treated, as “Thing.” Amputated Tommy Needham’s arm. MB, LAR, CQ
Pigs of Barsetshire Blockhouse (Lord Pomfret) Holdings Goliath (Sir R. Graham – 2nd in Pig Breeders’ Contest) Holdings Hangover (2nd Barchester Agricultural) Magnum (Mr. Marling – 1st in Pig Breeders’ Contest) Marling Magister (Marlings – won Barchester Agricultural in ’61) Pompey (Lord Stoke) Rushwater Blunderbore (Leslies) Rushwater Edward (Leslies – named after Edith Graham) Staple the Second (Lord Bond  
Pilchard Owner of fish shop in Harefield. HR2
Pilchard Owner of largest store in Barchester. NR, MH, DA, 3S&T
Pildow Cheerful worker in Red Cross cafeteria in Barchester. OBH
Pilgarlick, Pilbox, Pilbeam, etc. Champion Pilward brewery dray horses. They are Suffolks, with a strain of Percheron. OBH
Pilldozer, Hick Glamora Tudor’s costar in “The Cardinal’s Mate.” LAA
Pillicock Pony sold to Pomfrets for Giles by Jasper Margett. OBH
Pilman (or Pilbeam) Oliver Marling’s London oculist. Was in army during war. MH, LAR
Pilsener, Hank Male lead in “A Mistress of Voltaire” opposite Glamora Tudor. 3S&T
Pilson, Gertie Worker at Harefield telephone exchange. HM
Pilward, Bert Owner of Pilward and Sons Brewery. Son Ted, 2 other sons, 3 daughters. B, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Pilward, Heather See Adams, Heather  
Pilward, Ted Son of Bert Pilward of Brewery. Married Heather Adams. Son Edward Belton Pilward born in 1950. One other child. MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM<, DA, 3S&T
Pincher Dog belonging to George Halliday. ESR
Pinker Barchester tailor. MH
Pitcher-Jukes, Mrs. Effie “Pidge” Celebrated in the annals of female education at Oxford, but Mrs. Tebben beat her for the Octavia Crammer fellowship. AF
Plane, Albert Brother of Hilda, the Harveys’ maid. A Sgt. Major with a bristling mustache, killed at Ypres in WWI. MH
Plane, Hilda Maid to the Harveys at the Red House in Marling Mellicent. Had been under-nurse when they were children. Became post-woman and married Mr. Govern, the Marling estate carpenter. MH
Plants of Barsetshire (several taken from Edward Lear) Jinglia Teakettlia Manypeoplia upsidedownia Palafox borealis Stinking pisswort Wych elm  
Planty Pal Horse owned by Plantagenet Palliser, Duke of Omnium. MB
Platfield, General Lord Father of Lord Humberton, who married Phoebe Rivers. CBI, ESR
Platt, John Old friend of Gilbert Tebbens from Paul’s. Did poorly in Greats at Oxford, read for the bar, became Chief Justice in one of the colonies. Poisoned by native who bore him a grudge, recovered but still invalid. His sister was said to have married a man who “shot himself in the Isle of Wight in ’94,” leaving her with 3 children. AF
Plimsoll Matron of Hacker’s public school. Her teeth fell out the bathroom window. BL
Plummer Of Bostock and Plummer, drapers, who got London fashions just as they were going out of style. Favorite shopping place of such people as Miss Pettinger and the Bishopess. OBH, CC, HR2, JC, CQ
Pocock Man from Barchester who repaired the stable clock at The Cedars for Mr. Marling. DD
Podgens Old stable-man for the Luftons. Went to The Cedars as dog-man for Maria Lufton Marling. DD, HR2
Podgens, “Young” Chauffeur for Lady Lufton and worked on the Framley estate. HR2, 3S&T
Podgens, Mrs. Cook for Luftons, possibly mother of Phoebe. HR2
Podgens, Phoebe General factotum and housemaid for Lady Lufton at Framley. JC
Poirot, Madame Frenchwoman near Vache-on-Foin. Gave John-Arthur Crosse and George Halliday baths during war. ESR
Poles, Rev. Evangelical chaplain to Bishop of Barchester (anagram of Slope?)  
Pollett Chauffeur for the Middletons. Brother of Ed. BL
Pollett Father (nominally) of Ed Pollett. Kept shop in Worsted. Played sun in Hippolytus. AF
Pollett Stationmaster at Worsted. GU
Pollett Commissionaire who kept door at offices of Amalgamated Vedge at Pomfret Towers. DA
Pollett Elderly parlourmaid for Fieldings at No. 17 The Close, “inherited” from Canon Robarts.  
Pollett, children of Ed and Milly Belle (1946) named after Amabel Marling. Cassie (1947) named after Lucasta Bond Donald (1942) one of twins Luce (1943) named after Lucy Marling Mickey (1942) twin of Donald Ol (1944) named after Oliver Marling Will (1945) named after William Marling At last report, in 1946, they were expecting another to be named Winnie (regardless of sex) after Winston Churchill. LAR, OBH, DD
Pollett, Ed Village idiot type, in charge of lamp room at Worsted Station. Reportedly half-witted because his mother had an affair with one of Lord Pomfret’s gamekeepers before Ed was born. Had genius for repairing cars. Brother of Mrs. Middleton’s chauffeur. Worked as handyman and chauffeur for Lord Bond, then the Marlings. Almost drafted in WW II until Sir Edmund Pridham’s instinct for preservation of village idiots got him out of it. Married Milly Poulter in MH. Seven children, all half-witted like their parents. Called Ed Packer in OBH. AF, MH, LAR, OBH, CC, DD,3S&T
Pollett, Ernie Doris Phipps’ uncle. In Army. GU
Pollett, George F. Publican at the Sheep’s Head, Worsted. His wife was renowned for her fried fish and steak and kidney pies. GU, HR2
Pollett, Jim Drove bus between Worsted and the Ram and Twins. AF, BL
Pollett, Lily-Annie Worked as porter at Winter Overcotes station during war. Had an illegitimate child. GU, LAR
Pollett, Mrs. Member of chorus in Greek play at Worsted in AF. AF, DD
Pollett, Norma Telephone exchange operator at Worsted with Palmyra Phipps.  
Pollett, Sabrina Worked as porter at Winter Overcotes. 3S&T
Pollett, Sid Engineer on Winter Overcotes-Worsted-Skeynes RR line. AF, BL, GU, DD
Pomfret, (Alured?), Lord, 1st Earl Awarded the title for services to Prince of Orange in 1689. Older brother of Eustace. Also described as Eustace’s father. PT, WDIM, LAA
Pomfret, Earls of See Foster  
Pomfret, Eustace Founder of Italian branch of Pomfret family. Left England because of Catholic sympathies. Brother of 1st Earl. PT, ESR, LAA
Pomfret, Fulke de Impounded Pomfret Madrigal abbey’s pigs for depredations to his garden in the time of King John. B
Pomfret, Giles de 12th-century ancestor of Pomfrets. Built Pomfret Towers. PT, LAA
Pomfret, Lord, 3rd Earl Impoverished family by his gaming losses, so they had to move to Mellings, allowing Pomfret Towers to fall into ruins. PT, PE, LAA
Pomfret, Lord, 4th Earl Regained family wealth by discovery of coal on a northern property. Planned to build a Palladian mansion, but was killed in a fall from his horse. PT
Pomfret, Lord, 5th Earl Died after drinking damnation to his trustees for a week on end at the time of his coming of age. PT
Pomfret, Lord, 6th Earl “Affectionate husband and father,” children Giles, Emily, and Agnes. One of the “most insufferable prigs of Victoria’s reign.” Rebuilt Pomfret Towers, inspired by St. Pancras Station at cost of £100,000. Eyes like a pig and fringe of red hair around bald head. Used to swear at the footmen. His wife was author of the shocking A Step Too Far. WS, PT, PBO, PE, OBH, HR2, WDIM, ESR, LAA
Pomfret, Giles, Lord, 7th Earl d. 1940. Old Lord Pomfret. Resided at Pomfret Towers. Fabled for rudeness, boring dinners, and efforts to prevent modernization of the surrounding countryside. Brother of Lady Emily Leslie and Lady Agnes Foster. Married Edith Thorne. Author of A Landowner in Five Reins. Bought Pooker’s Piece to keep Sir Ogilvy Hibberd from building on it. Died in May, 1940, in CBO, with the names of his dead wife and son on his lips. PT, B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Pomfret, Giles, Lord, 8th Earl See Foster, Giles (Gillie)  
Pomfret, Neville de A Pomfret ancestor who benefited from the dissolution of the monasteries. Died suddenly – death attributed to poisoning by an ex-abbot disguised as an apothecary. PT
Pond, Hasting Male lead opposite Glamora Tudor in “What Men Desire,” about the love life of Marcus Aurelius. OBH
Pont, Mrs. K. Contributor to Parish newspaper of a household tip about making a receptacle for soiled linen out of a music stool with a hinged lid. NR
Pooker, Rev. Horatio Vicar of Skeynes Agnes from 1820-43. Bought a field coveted by ancestors of both Lord Bond and Mr. Palmer, and left it to Charity Commissioners. This was the “Pooker’s Piece” which Sir Ogilvy Hibberd intended to buy in BL to build a garage and teashop, strongly opposed by local gentry. Milk from cows that grazed there made poor butter. Tract was finally bought by Lord Pomfret. BL
Pooter, Miss Nellie Cousin of Mrs. Budge. Almost deaf. HR
Poppy d. 1915. Mrs. Admiral Phelps’ oldest sister. Died in India years ago. JC
Poppy Mrs. Brandon’s Rose’s Auntie Poppy, who fretted and went into a decline. Rose is worried that Mrs. Brandon will do the same. CC
Porlock, Esme Pseudonym used by Mrs. Morland when she wrote fictitious memoirs of a woman named Molly Bangs who “lived at hack and manger with half the aristocracy.” NTL
Porter, Horatio Notorious free-thinker and contributor to Barchester Mercury. Died in his kitchen of a stroke while having a debauch with the cook. MB
Porter, Matthew Texas astronomer. Founder of observatory where Miss Hopgood’s aunt worked. (Possibly same as Walter Concord Porter? DA
Porter, Sir Joseph Grandson of First Lord of the Admiralty (See Gilbert and Sullivan’s “HMS Pinafore.”) DD
Porter, Mr. L.N.B, CBE Retired Civil Service man, acquaintance of Mr. Halliday of Hatch End. Died as a result of fractured leg suffered while trying to cross the white crossing lines on a rainy day. Mr. Halliday is delighted at having outlived him. NTL
Porter, Walter Concord American who put up the money for publication of Biographical Dictionary of Provence by Harold Downing and Ianthe Pemberton. Owned most of Porterville, endowed observatory where Miss Hopgood’s aunt’s husband used to work. NR, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA
Potin, Angele Known as Nini Le Poumon because she had only one lung. Mistress of Jehan le Capet. Died of consumption after destroying most of le Capet’s works. B
Potter Storekeeper at Northbridge. NR
Potter Friend of John Middleton, with whom he took an “epic” walking tour, the telling of which improved with time. They were accompanied by Bagshaw. BL
Potter Member of gardening and landscaping firm, Potter and Dibble, employed by Lady Norton. OBH
Potter Friend of Lionel Harvest at Broadcasting House. Had “naturally wavy hair.” WS
Potter Chemist in Harefield. Dr. Perry said he “could retire anytime from what he’s made off my patients and the lipstick trade.” MH, HM
Potter, Alec Farmer who was going to call Lucy Marling to attend the birth of a calf. MH
Potter, George Furniture removal and storage man in Harefield. Cousin of Potter the Chemist. HM
Potter, Job 1852-18? “Young Job” who would have been 92 if he’d lived, but fell through ice and drowned in Beltons’ lake. Old Humble knew a song about him. HM, DD
Potter, Major In same regiment as Capt. Fred Arbuthnot in India. HM, HR2
Potter, Nurse Helped at Convalescent Hospital at the Priory on Tuesdays. Nursed Mrs. Priscilla Dean in her last illness. GU, MB, CC, DD
Potter, Nurse Second-in-command of Beliers Priory Convalescent Hospital during  war. GU
Potter, Tom Stoker on locomotive Rising Castle before war. Missing at Singapore in WWII. GU
Potts, Miss One of teachers of evacuee children. Stayed briefly with the Keiths. She and Miss Drake, the other teacher, did “nothing but walk around the garden with arms about each other’s waists and call each other Draky and Potts.” Communists. CBI
Poulter, Millie Daily girl for Harveys at Red House. Lived with Mrs. Cox, and aunt, in Marling. Married half-wilted Ed Pollett. Seven children, all as half-witted as their parents. MH, LAR, CC
Poulter, Mrs. Mother of Ted. Kept house for the Vicar at Rushwater. Refused to go to hospital in OBH, saying she’d rather die in her own bed. PBO, OBH
Poulter, Ted Farm worker at Rushwater. Married Lily Brown. PBO, OBH, DA
Pover, Alice Edith (Edie) Kitchenmaid to Villarses at Northbridge Rectory. Half-witted, terrified by Mrs. Chapman, the cook. Rabbit-faced and spectacled with pale scant hair. Married Cpl. Arthur F. Jackson. NR, CC
Powell-Jones, Capt. Officer with Barsetshires billeted on Villarses in Northbridge. Taciturn man used to coaching men in Cymric at Bognor. Expert in Welsh languages. NR
Powlett, Mr. Verger at Harefield. Wife cooked for the Rector. Now deceased. Usually drank his wages on Saturday. His father was the sexton. NR
Powlett, Mrs. Cook for Mr. Oriel, rector at Harefield. Shopping in Barchester was her one weakness and her day out was sacred. HM, CC, HR2
Poyntz Illegitimate child of Ellen Humble’s aunt Sarah who worked at the Hosiers’ Girls’ School. She didn’t know the father’s name, but met him in a week she’d run out of ration points, hence the name. LAR
Prack Psychologist in Cincinnati. Betty Dean said he was the man on Memory Fixation. Mixo-Lidian refugee. BL
Pratt Fishmonger at Harefield. HM, HR2
Prescott, Tommy Friend of Wickham. Almost tore the gears out of his car after celebrating on day Peace was declared. JC
Preston, Col. Clive d. 1918. Father of Mary Preston. Killed in 1914 war. In same regiment as Martin Leslie, both killed about the same time. WS, JC
Preston, Jackie Friend of the Spenders near Nutfield, whose children are the same age as the Spenders but considered much inferior by Mrs. Spender. Daughter Joan NR
Preston, Mary b. 1911. Daughter of the late Col. Preston and Mrs. Preston (Sir Robert Graham’s oldest sister and a great hypochondriac.) Became engaged to John Leslie in WS after thinking she was in love with his brother David. 3 sons, John, Henry and Clive. Lived in Old Rectory in Greshamsbury. Said mistakenly to have daughters in MH. WS, BL, MH, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ
Preston, Mrs. Mother of Mary Preston, eldest sister of Sir Robert Graham. A hypochondriac since her husband’s death, cared for by Mary WS
Prettyman Owner of The Lodge at Silverbridge, before the Warings got it. DD
Prettyman One of two old maids who kept a school at Silverbridge which was attended by Grace Crawley. DD
Pridham Sir Edmund’s father. Rode to hounds at 16 stone (224 lbs.), never a day’s illness, took eight men to carry his coffin. HR2
Pridham, Alfred Sir Edmund Pridham’s uncle. Never cut his beard since it began to grow. HR2
Pridham, Sir Edmund b. 1866. Elderly country squire type, J.P. at Pomfret Madrigal, close friend of Lavinia Brandon — even proposed to her once in a friendly way. Childless widower, commanded Barsetshire Yeomanry in WWI, had crippled leg from war wound. Knew everybody in the county and all their relationships. “Doyen of the county in years and service … Had an eye that had frightened the toughest troopers in the Barsetshire Yeomanry out of their wits and made the Bishop, who was saying the Russians were our brothers, wilt uneasily into a mumbling explanation.” B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Pridham, Sir Walpole Succeeded Horace Palmer as president of Barchester Archaeological Society. Ancestor of Sir Edmund. MB
Pringle Boy at Denis Stonor’s school (Hacker’s) who caught Matron’s teeth  when they fell out the bathroom window and carried them in the pocket of his best knickers for two days, thinking they were a gift from heaven. BL
Pritchard Barchester wine merchant. LAR
Propert, Col. and Mrs. Neighbors of the Harveys at the Red House. MH
Propett, Aggie One of three children of half-witted mother on Rushwater estate, one an illegitimate child of a sergeant at Brandon Abbas, others by her half-witted husband. Named after Agnes Graham. Arrived to announce the demise of a chicken by having a stone fall on it. Never quite knew whether she was in trouble or not, nor as a rule by whom. PBO, ESR
Propett, Mr. 1855-1946. Sexton of Southbridge. Died in PE. Made Vicar promise that old Bateman wouldn’t ring the church bell for him, and, with an evil giggle because he never married his “wife,” died. PE, JC, CQ
Propett, Mrs. d. 1946. “Old Mrs. Propett,” aunt-in-law to “Young Mrs. Propett.” “Mrs.” by courtesy as she never married Mr. Propett. Drank a lot of gin in the night her husband died, and died herself. PE, JC
Protheroe Master at Southbridge School who returned after brief time in Canada. Tony Morland considered him strict because he gave impositions for pushing a chap at drill and drawing pictures in his Ovid. DH, SH
Proudie, Bishop Thomas Bishop of Barchester in 1850’s and 1860’s. Small man with great pompousness, dominated by his wife. Most prominent in Trollope’s Barsetshire novels. B, NR, PBO, OBH, JC, ESR, DA, CQ
Prout, Admiral Resident of Cheltenham who owed Lord Stoke 10 shillings. 3S&T
Prsub Greatest Mixo-Lydian dramatist. Died at age 20. HM
Prsub, Admiral Admiral of Mixo-Lydian navy, which consisted of one outmoded English gunboat on a lake. CQ
Prsz Maker of valuable antiques, apparently hailed from Zdbrosz. ESR
Pucken 1857-? “Granny” Pucken, resident of Northbridge who lived to be over 100. WDIM
Pucken Tom Puckens’ father, who was suffocated when a load of hay overturned and buried him while drunk in a ditch near Southbridge. BL
Pucken “Old Pucken.” Former cowman for the Marlings. Awfully rheumatick . LAR, OBH, ESR
Pucken Cowman for the Luftons. Originally from Northbridge. DD, HR2
Pucken Cowman for the Mertons at Northbridge. WDIM
Pucken, Ireen Fourth daughter of Tom and Sarah Pucken. Kitchenmaid for Mrs. Palmer at Worsted. BL
Pucken, Lucasta (Lou) Youngest daughter of Tom and Sarah Pucken. Lady Lucasta Bond stood godmother with overpowering condescension. Became vegetable maid at Staple Park. Silly and unintelligent, dominated by her mother. BL
Pucken, Mrs. Tom Puckens’ old mother who “had 7 sons, was a fine old lady and made all her sons give her their wages every Friday night.” Descendant of the Saxon Wamba the Witless. BL
Pucken, Sarah Margett Wife of Tom Pucken. Former kitchenmaid for Lady Bond at Staple Park. Five daughters. “Obliged” for any of the local gentry as cook, housekeeper, etc. Brother was shopkeeper at Worsted. BL
Pucken, Tom Carter, cowman and odd-job man for John Middleton at Laverings. Wife Sarah. BL, LAR
Puckle Barchester linen-draper whose office formed an unofficial County Ladies’ Club. NR
Pulford Baker at Marling Mellicent. MH
Pumper, Derrick Mrs. Turner’s elder evacuee. NR
Punch, Ivy Contemporary of Winifred Tebben at Oxford. Tried to drown herself in the bath because Effie Pitcher-Jukes wouldn’t sit next to her in lecture. Became secretary to well-known literary figure whose child she had (Brynhild Punch). AF
Purchase, Mr. Mrs. Morland’s publisher in America. NTL
Purvis, Marian Aunt of Helen Keith. Third daughter of her father’s second marriage. Daughter Eleanora. SH
Purvis, The Hon. Eleanora Wife of the Hon. Mr. Norris of Lazarus College. Mother’s name was Marian. Cousin of Helen Keith. SH, HM
Q There are no entries begining with Q.  
Ramsden, Mme. Widow of a British Army Sgt.-Major. Daughter of Mrs. Petitot. Ran the Pension Ramsden where Misses Crowder and Hopgood stayed every year in France. NR, DA
Reid, Mr. Air-raid warden in High Rising in WWII. Kept a shop. DH, CBI
René A Lambton girl who replaced Bill Morple as underporter of Winter Overcotes in WWII. GU
Rex Golden lab belonging to Alice Wicklow. Won Barsetshire Gymkhana Obedience Class paws down. 3S&T
Richard, Lord Old pupil of Miss Bunting, last seen alive at Calais. MH
Rivers Father of George Rivers. Had a stroke, but it took a third stroke before he managed to die of it. ESR
Rivers Deceased brother of George Rivers. Had a daughter by a woman with whom he was living abroad before he was divorced from his wife. Illegitimate daughter lived in Majorca. ESR
Rivers, George Cousin of Old Lord Pomfret, husband of Hermione, who “drove him nearly demented.” Rarely left his home in Herefordshire. PT, MH, PE, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, ESR, DA, LAA, 3S&T
Rivers, Hermione Wife of George Rivers, mother of Phoebe and Julian. Niece of Old Lord Nutfield, Amabel Marling’s father. Wrote books about middle-aged women’s platonic love affairs with younger men. PT, CBI, MH, HM, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Rivers, Julian One of the few thoroughly despicable Thirkell characters. Long-haired, unwashed, considered himself an artist but is best at being a conceited prig. A member of the “Set of Five,” a group of artists as inept as himself. Made a pest of himself to naive Alice Barton in PT, until Roddy Wicklow rescued her. Unwillingly in Army briefly during war, but rescued as a “valuable artist.” PT, MH, HM, PBO, PE, HR2, ESR, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Rivers, Osbert Ancestor of Julian Rivers. Went blind. PT
Rivers, Phoebe Actress. Had short-lived engagement to Guy Barton in PT. Married Lord Humberton (or Harberton), Lord Platfield’s eldest son. More likable than her mother Hermione or brother Julian. PT, CBI, MH, HR2, ESR
Robarts, Canon Only Barchester clergyman who did not have unchristian feelings for the Bishop; however, he’d been slightly mad for years. In PBO he became gently madder and madder until he died. His last words were “I’ve got him now!” which the lower classes took to mean the Devil, but his friends knew it was because he thought he’d gotten the Bishop removed by Act of Parliament. Probably grandson of Mark Robarts in Trollope’s Framley Parsonage. HM, PBO, LAR, HR2
Robinson, Dr. Father of Juan Robinson, who was Rose (Birkett) Fairweather’s physician during her first pregnancy in Las Palombas, South  America. (Thirkell’s geography seems a bit mixed, as John and  Rose were said to be in Argentina, but also in Buenos Aires, and were said to have witnessed the Battle of the River Plate, which occurred off Montevideo, Uruguay.) CBI
Robinson, Juan Friend of the Archdeacon. Lived in Buenos Aires. His father lived in Las Palombas. PT, CBI
Rogers, Sammy Youngster from High Rising village. Put a slice of cake in his pocket at tea honoring the birth of Gwendolyn Sally Harcourt. LAA
Ron Small evacuee staying with Mrs. Turner in Northbridge. Cousin of Derrick Farker and Derrick Pumper. His Mum had a new baby sister. NR
Ronnquist, Herr Doktor Professor Of Upsala, Switzerland. Through him Sidney Carton got a manuscript on Fluvius Minucius for Madeleine Sparling. Wrote a book on Frederika Breme’s visits to England. HM
Root, Jefferson X Author of Wastepaper Basket from Three Embassies. B
Roote, Mr. Appropriately named member of Amalgamated Vedge. 3S&T
Rose Parlourmaid for Mrs. Brandon at Stories. Later went with her to The Vinery B, CC, HR2
Rose, Mlle. Professional skating partner with whom Laurence Dean was briefly infatuated. Married a chemist to whom she had been engaged for years. Apparently the same as the barmaid in the Poubelle restaurant in London during war, run by “Les Free Frogs.” AF, GU
Rosemary Daughter of a friend of Verena Villars. Just got through her high school certificate with 8 credits. Lived in Norfolk. NR
Rosina Cook in Lord Pomfret’s house in Italy. Married the innkeeper’s son and had 12 children, one of whom was Antonio. DA
Ruby Foxhound whose leg was broken when struck by a train near High Rising. HR
Ruth Maid to Mrs. Perry in Harefield. Not called up in war because overage. Competent woman with steel-rimmed spectacles who disapproved of everything but was very loyal. HM, DD, HR2
Sabatier, M. Paul Gave lectures on St. Francis, which the Archdeacon attended. CC
Saltire, Lord Used to visit Greshamsbury in the time of Mr. Umbleby’s grandfather. Said, “I always take my time from the young man.” CQ
Sampson Printer in Northbridge. Had mentally defective nephew who helped him. NR
Samson Garageman at Greshamsbury. CQ
Sanders Chauffeur for Keiths at Northbridge. SH, CBI
Sarah Cook at Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Had an illegitimate child. Niece of Mrs. Powlett, Mr. Oriel’s cook. Mother of second illegitimate child named Poyntz. HM, LAR
Sarterian, Madame Agnes Graham’s London dressmaker. CC, DA
Sawbridge Master at Bill Marling’s elder son’s prep school. Marling Major boasted he’d drunk half a glass of beer when Sawbridge was out of the room. MH
Scatcherd Son of Mr. Scatcherd of Scatcherd’s Stores, Northbridge. According to Father Fewling, would make an excellent troop leader for the St. Sycorax scout troop. NR
Scatcherd Old storekeeper in Northbridge. Brother of the Hatch End artist. Had muttonchop whiskers. Daughter Hettie, one son. NR, PBO, WDIM, ESR
Scatcherd, Hettie Niece and housekeeper to Scatcherd the artist in Hatch End. Bad-tempered, considered to have a powerful gift of vituperative speech in Chapel. Cut her own hair with kitchen scissors, refused to go to dentist because of some confusion about graven images. Middle-aged, non-stop talker, spoke in long single-sentence paragraphs without pauses for breath. PBO, ESR, NTL
Scatcherd, Jean Daughter (or granddaughter) of Scatcherd the Northbridge grocer. A VAD during war. NR
Scatcherd, Mr. Partner in Barchester catering firm Scatcherd and Tozer. By 1949 had been bedridden for several years. CBI, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Scatcherd, Mr. Resident artist in Hatch End. His pen-and-ink drawings were well known, especially “Rising Rambler” series. Lived in hideous little house called Rokeby with his niece and housekeeper, Hettie. All his pictures had a tendency to look exactly alike. Dressed and acted the part of the typical artist of the late 19th century. PBO, LAR, WDIM, ESR, DA, 3S&T
Scatcherd, Sir Louis Phillipe A principal character in Trollope’s Dr. Thorne. Son of Sir Roger, expelled from Eton and Cambridge, tried to marry Mary Thorne, a match forbidden by Dr. Thorne.  
Scatcherd, Sir Roger Ancestor of AT’s Scatcherd family. Prominent in Trollope’s Dr. Thorne. A stonemason who killed Henry Thorne to avenge his sister Mary’s dishonor, served a term in prison, became a fabulously wealthy contractor and then a baronet. Ruthless alcoholic who lent money to Mr. Gresham, from whom he received Boxall Hill. LAA
Schriebfeder, Abner P. Owner of six cinemas. From Seattle, Washington. 3S&T
Schwartz, George Wrote for Sunday papers, apparently about finance. HR
Scott, Sir Gilbert One of his pupils remodeled the Southbridge Vicarage in 1849. PE
Scrimageour, “Sheep” Friend of Mr. Wickham. Gave him the two bottles of brandy that he gave to Mr. Oriel as a wedding gift. LAA
Scumper, Croke One of Glamora Tudor’s numerous leading men. HR
Selassie Dog belonging to Miss Hampton and Miss Bent before Smigly-Ritz, etc. Died and was buried in the garden. CBI
Sepal Member of gardening and landscaping firm Cutbush and Sepal. OBH
Seraph Cocker spaniel belonging to Maria Lufton. Looked like Elizabeth Barrett Browning. DD
Sevaskier, Mary Former Duchess of Towers. Of Hungarian-Irish extraction. Her husband was a bad sort, and her child was “not right.” DA, LAA
Sexton Fellow at Hatch End who was a verger. DA
Sheila Wicklows’ cocker spaniel. Another Sheila is mentioned in 3S&T. MB
Shepherd, Dr. Physician for Dr. Dale at Hallbury. Described by Dr. Ford as an “old  woman.” MB
Sheepskin Owned shop in Harefield High Street. CQ
Shergold, Mr. Replaced Everard Carter as Senior Housemaster at Southbridge School. Former Navy man, served in destroyer Flatiron during war. His father was on the Board of Governors of the Ada Clotworthy Mental Institution. PE, CC, JC, 3S&T
Shuttleworth, Robert Master of Hosiers’ Company 1536-39, founder of Hosiers’ Boys’ School. Bobbin Day on St. Hosier’s Day at end of February celebrated the founding. HM
Sid Brother of nurse of Diana and Clare Watson. Sergeant in the Barsetshires. Formerly the dentist’s mechanic. Great-nephew of Nannie Allen. Wore huge Kitchener mustache. MH, GU
Sid Gardenboy for the Brandons. Delia Brandon was disappointed that she couldn’t watch a boil on his neck being lanced. B
Siddon, Mrs. Housekeeper to Lady Emily Leslie at Rushwater. Former still-room maid, usually in a state of feud with nannies of all the Leslie grandchildren. “Mrs.” by courtesy. Called “Simnet” in CC. WS, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, ESR
Simmonds Cook for Miss Amelia Brandon at Brandon Abbey. B
Simmons Injured soldier at Beliers Priory Convalescent Home. GU
Simnet Butler for Birketts at Southbridge School. Was in France 1914-17. Impressively dignified. Formerly scout for Colin Keith’s hall at Oxford. Married Florrie, sister of Eileen the Red Lion barmaid, left Southbridge to serve as butler to Canon and Mrs. Joram in the Close. CBI, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, HR2, JC, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Simnet Brother of Southbridge School butler, former scout at Lazarus College. Later the Apparitor of Worship for the Hosiers’ Company. Weedy and bespectacled widower, whose late wife was a “great hand at making rissles.” Married Dorothy, Mr. Oriel’s maid. HM, LAR, HR2, CQ
Simnet, Dorothy Fiftyish, slightly subnormal, maid to Mr. Oriel at Harefield. A Plymouth sister. Married Simnet, brother of the Southbridge butler. HM, LAR, HR2, CQ
Simnet, Florrie Sister of Eileen the barmaid at the Red Lion. Married the Southbridge School butler and accompanied him to work for the Jorams. CC, HR2, LAA
Simnet, Mrs. Old Mrs. Simnet, mother of the butler and his brother. Lived in Barchester. HM, LAR, CQ
Simon, Mr. Head of the Pocklington Road Baptist School, evacuated to Southbridge from London. CBI
Simpson In Robin Morland’s form at school. Very superstitious. Was almost guillotined by a window with a broken sash cord. 3S&T
Simpson Pomfret Madrigal grocer who gave rides on his pony at the Fete for three pence. B
Simpson Representative from Noel Merton’s father’s solicitor’s office. Arranged everything at Brandon Abbey after Aunt Sissie’s death. B
Skellogg, E. P. Friend of Gilbert Tebben. Accompanied him on a walking tour from Grasmere to Seascale. First-rate historian whose mind was affected after having a stroke when his invalid sister died. AF
Skeynes, Lord High Former pupil of Miss Bunting. Had to stay away from Eton for a term because of poor eyesight, while Miss Bunting read to him. MH
Skimpton, Mrs. Old woman for whom Old Age pension was arranged. It was said that she would use it to get drunk on Saturdays. Her son was in the Hogglestock Works, and sent his mother 10 shillings a week.. LAA
Skinner, Lord Master of Lazarus College and communist sympathizer. Became a socialist M.P. and took a Labour peerage. PE
Skinner, Lady Wife of Master of Lazarus College. Rode around on a bicycle wearing a mackintosh, looking like Lady Godiva. PE
Skipper, Bobby In same regiment as Robert Graham, owed him £10. LAA
Skylark Pony used by Robin Morland on visit to Barsetshire. Its girlish owner was visiting in France. 3S&T
Slattery, Dr. Physician who was the man for tonsils according to Lord Stoke. BL
Slawkenbergius Did a translation of Flavius Minucius. HM
Smalley, Mr. Master at Barchester High to whom Rose Birkett was briefly engaged. SH
Smells, Nurse Matron at hospital where Lydia Merton was VAD. NTL
Smidgly-Rydz Small black, shaggy dog belonging to Misses Hampton and Bent. His name was constantly changed to represent oppressed nations and their leaders during WWII. Successively Zog (for Gallant Little Albania), Schuschnigg (for Gallant Little Austria), Bene, Smidgly-Rydz, Mannesheim, Andersen, Eisenhower, etc. After the war he was simply called Gallant because “nobody’s being gallant now.” CBI, JC
Smith Head carter for Sir Harry Waring at Beliers priory. Father of Percy, Flo and Marigold. Lived at Worsted. GU
Smith Old grandfather of Mr. Brown of the Red Lion. Lived in London. CBI
Smith, “Holy Joe” Southbridge School chaplain. Once played football for Cambridge. Avid reader of thrillers. Fond of animals. SH, CBI, PE, LAR, CC, JC, CQ, LAA
Smith, “Pinky” Friend of Mr. Wickham. Had a lump on the back of his neck. Sent Wicks rum from the West Indies. CC
Smith, Ernest An acquaintance of the Archdeacon, mentioned as living in Buenos Aires with his family, the center of Buenos Aires social life. PT
Smith, Joyce Perry Widow of the corn and seed merchant. Rented the Red House to the Harveys. Very thin with fine eyes, had once been a beauty. After the house was rented furnished, she drove the Harveys crazy by coming over at all hours to remove little bits of furniture she couldn’t do without. Former teacher in infant school at Rushwater. Finally got the Red House back and Mum came to live with her. MH, LAR, CC, DD
Smith, Marigold b. 1932. Daily help for Nannie Allen in Worsted. Later became village “bad girl” when she was maid for Leslie Waring at Beliers Priory. Married Geoff Coxon in 1950. GU, LAR, DD, HR2
Smith, Mr. Former resident of the Red House at Marling. Corn and seed merchant in Barchester, as was his father, also supplied coal. Died of D.T.’s. MH, CC
Smith, Mr. Justice Tried cases of the London and Mid-Western Railroad in 1847. SH
Smith, Mrs. Occasional baby-sitter for the Parkinsons. Lived at Green Close. Enjoyed sewing and playing Patience. A widow. CQ
Smith, Senator American legislator whose views on the peanut cartel were quoted by Woolcott Van Dryven. LAR
Smith- Hetherington, Tubby Young naval man visiting Adm. Phelps. Friend of Dick Morland. Had been torpedoed and was on his way to rejoin a ship with friend Bill. They were with Capt. Philip Vian’s destroyer when he freed the Ark Royal survivors from the Altmark. CBI, JC
Snow, Jim Southbridge School carpenter. Good workman but garrulous. PE, JC, NTL., CQ,3S&T
Solway, Babs A patient of Sisters Heath and Ward. Died a week after her husband, General Solway, worn out from caring for him. NTL
Somers Old friend of Banister the Rushwater vicar. Ran a coaching establishment . Introduced Mr. Banister to the Boulle family in France. WS
Sonia Actress who was with Jessica Dean while entertaining the troops in WWII. Peggy Arbuthnot replaced her when she went down with a hangover. PE, LAR
Sowerby, Miss Hilda Old but vigorous lady who owned the Old Bank House in Edgewood. She sold it to Sam Adams and went to live with her widowed sister in Worthing. Told Sam the house needed a mistress. Loved gardening and was envied by Old Lady Norton for her ability to grow the rare Palafox borealis. OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, 3S&T
Sowerby, Mr. Tom Miss Hilda Sowerby’s father, probably a nephew of Nathaniel Sowerby of the Trollope novels. Was head over ears in debt at time of death. He couldn’t turn in his grave when Miss Sowerby sold the Old Bank House, because he was cremated. OBH, CC
Sowerby, Nathaniel In Trollope’s Framley Parsonage, MP, but a gambler and spendthrift who had wasted his fortune. Lived at Chaldicotes, which he had to mortgage to pay his debts.  
Spadger Foxy-faced, red-mustached fellow from Winter Overcotes who built excellent cowsheds. His wife died in 1943. OBH, CC
Sparks Miss Amelia Brandon’s maid. Left £50 a year, she went to a married sister at Swanage. Amelia Brandon also left her photographs and two huge carved gorillas to Sparks. B
Sparling, Dr. Madeline b. 1900. Headmistress of Hosiers’ Girls’ School. Mentioned by implication in CBI as being offensively treated by Miss Pettinger of Barchester High School, to which the Hosiers’ Girls were evacuated. The Hosiers leased Harefield Park in HM and she escaped the Pettinger’s clutches. Tall, stately, rather attractive. Short dark hair, brown eyes. Given honorary D.Litt. by Oxbridge. Married Sidney Carton after also being courted by Caleb Oriel. Retired in LAR. CBI, HM, MB, PE, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, CQ, 3S&T
Sparling, Mr. Madeline Sparling’s father, a wine merchant who married a clergyman’s daughter. HM
Sparling, Madeleine (Horbury) Madeleine Sparling’s mother. Clergyman’s daughter who died in 1914 when Madeleine was 15. Granddaughter of Canon Harbury. HM
Spragge, Miss Elderly shop assistant at Bostock and Plummer’s clothing store in  Barchester. JC
Sparrow Butler to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer at Worsted. The village’s best fast bowler. AF
Spatch, Prof. Gave a BBC lecture on chryzomes and epizomes. ESR
Spencer Butler to Lord Bond at Staple Park. Tended to bend his master to his will. Bond had (courageously) fired him by LAR. BL, LAR
Spender, Billy b. 1934. Elder son of Major Robert Spender. In NR he was to attend Coppin’s School the next year. Had written and illustrated stories, and doting father thought him “as good as Balzac and Michael Angelo.” NR, GU, LAR, DD, ESR
Spender, Clarissa b. 1939. Daughter of Maj. Robert Spender. According to doting mother she was a gifted ballerina at age 3. Her 2nd teeth were coming in all crooked in GU. Was attending Barchester High in DD. NR, GU, DD, ESR
Spender, Major Robert Major in Barsetshire, billeted on Villarses at Northbridge. Thin and sensitive, he spent his spare time writing to his wife and 3 children. Went to Coppin’s School where Mr. Villars was formerly head. Had voluble and tiresome wife whom he loved dearly. Called “Hopkins” in ESR. NR, GU, LAR, DD, ESR
Spender, Mrs. Maiden name Williams. Talkative and exhausting wife of Maj. Spender. Spent some weeks at Northbridge Rectory. Mother of Billy, Jimmy and Clarissa, about whom she bragged constantly. Bullied her husband and talked baby-talk to him (called him “Bobbums”). Short, stout, and forty, she followed quotations of her own thoughts with “she said” and “though I say it as shouldn’t.” Was fond of telling of her economical but appalling recipes. Deceased father was Mixo-Lydian consul. NR, GU, LAR, DD, ESR
Spenderton-Cook, Evan One of the authors published by Johns and Fairfield. CC
Spindler Drove dray and carried beer for Pilward and Sons Brewers. B
Spindler, Mr. Proprietor of Cow and Sickle in Pomfret Madrigal. Brother was assistant scoutmaster, got his N’s and S’s wrong way round when making signs. Uncle of Rev. Miller’s cook. B
Spindler, Mrs. Wife of proprietor of Cow and Sickle. Former kirchenmaid to Victoria Norton. Felicia Grant tried to teach her how to make spaghetti. B, CBI
Spragge, Mrs. Mother of Bostock and Plummer’s elderly shop assistant. Had been ailing at her daughter’s expense for 25 years; deaf and a bit wanting. JC
Sprot, Jack Famous pianist who played the “Moonlight Sonata” on the radio. LAA
Spurge- Mackworth Author of A Concept of Neo-Phallic Thought. Studied milk allergies in children. CBI, PE
Stables, Dr. Gordon Deceased publisher of the “Boy’s Own Paper.” NR
Stanhope, Lord George Knox wrote a biography of him. There was an historical British official in India by this name, as well as several Trollope characters (but no Lords). PE
Stanhope, Mr. Called “Squabs.” Latin master at Southbridge School. CQ
Staple Selina, Jupiter, Hercules Lord Bond’s cows. Selina finished 3rd in the milking competition. BL
Stareleigh, Mr. Justice Noel Merton and Colin Keith criticized his ruling in Regina vs. Stickleback. WDIM
Starter, the Hon. Miss Juliana Visitor to Lady Bond at Staple Park. On special diet requiring a bread called Kornog (starch-free!) Really an Hon., daughter of Victorian statesman, literateur, and bearded impostor Lord Mickleham. Youngest of his 18 children. Despite preoccupation with diet and health, had a remarkably penetrating mind, understood people well. Was once lady-in-waiting to Princess Louisa Christina of Cobalt. Cousin of the Luftons; Ludovic had to stay with her when he was in London for the House of Lords. He described her as a “stingy old beast.” BL, HR2, JC, ESR, LAA
Stephens, Adm. Naval officer confused with Adm. Phelps by a Southbridge master. CQ
Stevenson, Joan Head of Uplift Poetry Reading Department at Broadcast House. Got David Leslie an unsuccessful audition as a radio broadcaster. Took a first in economics, was once secretary to Prof. Gilbert. A repellent “modern female” who became engaged to equally repellent (and more feminine) Lionel Harvest in WS. They deserved each other. WS, DD
Stoke, Dora Distant cousin of Lord Stoke. Married a Mr. Barclay of Yorkshire. Mother of Capt. Tom Barclay. MH
Stoke, Lady d. 1914. Wife of “Old” Lord Stoke (father of the present one). Was once proposed to by the Hon. Miss Starter’s father, Lord Mickleham. BL, OBH, ESR, 3S&T
Stoke, Lord Father of the present Lord Stoke. Twice married; first wife was a Miss Hooper from Somerset. DH, BL, OBH, JC, ESR, LAA, 3S&T
Stoke, Lord Great-grandfather of present Lord Stoke. Built new Rising Castle. DH, 3S&T
Stoke, Lord Fourth Lord Stoke. Defended Rising Castle against Cromwell. DH
Stoke, Lord Thomas b. 1866. Ancient and eccentric antiquarian, half-brother of Lucasta Bond. A bachelor who once loved Edith Thorne (who married Old Lord Pomfret). Traveled by horse and carriage or on horseback in defiance of modern age. Was convinced that everything he dug up was Viking remains. Extremely and conveniently deaf. In NTL, he is called Algernon Courcy Stoke and is said to have been born in 1876. HR1, DH, PT, B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Stoke, Miss Latin mistress at Fairlawns School during Miss Holly’s time there.  
Stoker Father of Mrs. Morland’s housekeeper. Took to drink, died on the day after an Easter Monday. Real name MacHenry, called Stoker because he shoveled coal at the gasworks. NTL
Stoker Husband (deceased or vanished) of Mrs. Morland’s housekeeper (possibly a figment of Stoker’s imagination.) LAA
Stoker, Mrs. Housekeeper to Laura Morland at High Rising. Garrulous, irreverent, dictatorial, and easily offended but with a soft spot for Tony Morland. HR1, DH, CBI, HR2, ESR, NTL, DA, LAA, 3S&T, MMS
Stone, Miss Schoolmistress who played accompaniment at the Tenants’ Concert at Rushwater. She was unable to perform due to a touch of the flu, so Mary Preston replaced her. WS
Stonor, Col. Deceased husband of Lillian Stonor, father of Denis and Daphne by previous marriage. Col. of 23rd, the regiment in which Old Lord Pomfret’s son, Lord Mellings, was serving when he was killed. Retired at time of second marriage. BL, 3S&T
Stonor, Daphne Stepdaughter of widowed Lillian Stonor. Twentyone years old in BL. Energetic and competent, she married C. W. Bond after a brief engagement to Alistair Cameron. Two sons by the time of LAR. BL, LAR, CC, 3S&T
Stonor, Denis Stepson of widowed Lillian Stonor. Twentyfive years old in BL. Wrote music, took himself too seriously and was full of self-pity for his poor health. Was infatuated with older, married Catherine Middleton.  Went on to become successful composer after ballet produced with money loaned by Lord Bond. Wrote ballet music in U.S, during war when his health wouldn’t let him join armed forces. Returned to England briefly in LAR. Teamed up with Aubrey Clover for successful two-man show. Improved greatly during and after BL to become a likable sort. BL, MB, LAR, CC, DD, WDIM, 3S&T
Stonor, Lillian Widowed sister of John Middleton. Husband was Indian Army Col. Stepmother of Denis and Daphne, close to her own age. Became engaged to Alistair Cameron in BL. Had habit of thinking aloud in a rather disjointed way, which masked a deep understanding of others. BL, MH, MB, 3S&T
Strachan- Davidson Master of Balliol. HR2
Strelsa, Cosimo da 15th-century member of the Italian branch of the Pomfret family, exiled and fined for seducing Violante, a nun. Miss Pemberton believed their offspring was Giacopone Giacopini. NR, ESR
Strelsa, Guido Brother of the present Count Strelsa. “A blackguard who had been turned out of every gambling hell in Europe.” Pictured in LAA as shaky, toothless and bald, being cared for by a nurse. PT, OBH, NTL, DA, LAA
Stringer Lawyer who handled business of the Palace. CQ
Stringer Barchester contractor who built Rokeby Cottage in Hatch End. Lost all his money in speculation and had to go live with his old mother, who always told him how poorly she thought of him and outlived him by three triumphant weeks. PBO
Stringer, Clem Friend of Mr. Wickham from Silverbridge. Horsy fellow who drank. Great-nephew of Mark Robarts of Framley Parsonage. HR2
Stroke, Mrs. Latin mistress at Fairlawns School when Cecily Holly and Molly  Glover (Watson) were students there. MB
Sultan Tom Barclay’s pony when he was a boy. MH
Sumter, Mrs. b. 1909. Maiden name Beauregard. Mother of Lee Sumter. From Virginia. LAA
Sumter, Lee American beau of Edith Graham, cousin of Duchess of Towers. DA, LAA, 3S&T
Sund, Miss Old and deaf, but was brought to Bobbin Day at Hosiers’ Girls’ School because she loved to see young people. HM
Susan Younger sister of Lady Lufton. Died years ago. JC
Sutton Employee of the Leslies at Rushwater. Took up money at gate of  ruins of Rushwater Abbey. WS
Sutton, Mrs. Mother of Lottie. Like all her family, “a bit peculiar.” WS
Sutton, Lottie Daughter of Sutton, former scullerymaid at Rushwater House until  she went mad. Was in county asylum. WS
Swainton, Mrs. Hilda Middleborough resident who sent household tip to parish paper about the usefulness of gloves whose fingers have holes in them.  
Swan, Eric b. 1921. First seen as Southbridge School student who irritated Philip Winter by “looking at him through his spectacles.” Friend and classmate of Tony Morland and Percy Hacker. Went to Cambridge. Married Justinia Lufton after once being in love with Grace Grantly. Was in Africa during war. Became master at Beliers Priory School, later replaced Everard Carter as head of Southbridge School. SH, CBI, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Swan, Flora Ramsey Old school friend of Mrs. Grantly, mother of Eric Swan. Her husband died during war. SH, HR2, JC
Swift-Hetherington, J.W. Student at Southbridge School whose gym shorts were used by Tony Morland to mop up hair fixative he spilled. Also a participant in boxing competition against Fairweather. HR1, DH, CBI
Swop, Washington Costar with Glamora Tudor in “Burning Flesh.” ESR
Sylvia Mrs. Birkett’s cocker spaniel. HR1, DH, SH
Tacker, Mrs. Wife of sexton at Rushwater church, formerly housemaid at Rushwater. PBO
Tadcaster, Lord Of Tadpole Hall, Tadcaster. Married Hermione Bingham, three children by 1948. Also mentioned as Lord Tadcaster. PBO, LAR, CC, ESR, DA
Tadstock, Pamphilia Widow of Canon Tadstock of Barchester in the 1600’s. Had had two previous husbands. There was talk about her and Canon Thomas Bohun, who wrote risqué poetry to her. MH, ESR, DA
Talbot, Dr. Tufnell, F.R.P.S. b.1852. Brother of Prof. Amorel Talbot of Northbridge. Widower for 52 years, liked to complain of loneliness. NR
Talbot, Miss (Marjorie) b.1891. Lived at Aloes in Northbridge with younger sister Dolly and elderly father Prof. Amorel Talbot. In appearance, similar to her sister. Their enthusiasm for the Church is a severe cross borne by Father Fewling. Pillars of the Red Cross. NR, PE, WDIM, DA
Talbot, Miss Dolly b.1892. Lived at Aloes in Northbridge with her sister Marjorie and elderly father Prof. Amorel Talbot. Gray hair, battered tweeds and brogues NR, PE, WDIM, DA
Talbot, Prof. Amorel (1860-1945) or (1857-1952) or ? Father of Miss Talbot and Miss Dolly Talbot of Northbridge. Expert on Medieval Church. Had brothers Sir Alwyn and Dr. Tufnell. Mind not what it once was. Dead by time of PE. Dead again by WDIM, and again by DA (1957) — Wow! NR, PE, WDIM, DA
Talbot, Sir Alwyn 1857-1945. Brother of Prof. Talbot of Northbridge and Dr. Tufnell Talbot. Former principal of the Board of Tape and Sealing Wax. NR, WDIM
Tebben, Gilbert Husband of Winifred, father of Margaret and Richard. Resident of Lamb’s Piece near Worsted. Civil servant, interested in old Norse history and epics. AF, BL, GU, MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM
Tebben, Margaret Daughter of Gilbert and Winifred Tebben of Worsted. Married Laurence Dean, later mentioned as having son and daughter. AF, BL, GU, MB, PE, LAR, JC, WDIM
Tebben, Richard b.1914. Son of Gilbert and Winifred Tebben of Worsted. First seen as self-centered, obnoxious and unsympathetic, considered courtesy a type of hypocritical snobbery.Ashamed of his hard-working, well-meaning parents. Infatuated with Rachel Dean in AF. Saved Jessica Dean from the Leslies’ bull,Rushwater Rubicon, so was given a job in Dean’s engineering firm (in spite of his poor showing at Oxford).ddle East during war, invalided out with tropical disease. Later married domineering Petra Krogsborg and got a job with Mr. Adams. Improved somewhat, but never very likeable. MB, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM
Tebben, Winifred (Ross) Wife of Gilbert Tebben of Worsted. Mother of Margaret and Richard. Took a First in Economics at Oxford, wrote several books on the subject. Was enamoured of her tutor, Mr. Fanshawe, but met and became engaged to Gilbert Tebben on a Scandinavian cruise. Known for her small and impractical economies, especially with leftover food, which was a sore trial for her family. AF, BL, GU, HM, MB, LAR, OBH, DD, DA
Ted “Old Ted” who worked for Lord Stoke’s father,went wherever bees were swarming, because bee-stings were good for his rheumatics. Had a nasty run-in with a pig when a lad, and wore one of the pig’s teeth, which had been removed from his arm, on a old watch chain. BL
Tempest, Canon Angry and elderly clergyman who took services at Worsted when the vicar died. Stayed with a niece but wanted to go back to Devon. Octavia Crawley’s godfather. Had been a great oarsman in his day, so greatly approved of Tommy Needham who replaced him. Was Vicar of St. Ewold’s before Mr. Miller. GU, HR2
Tessé, Madame Dressmaker from whom the Binghams got frocks to wear to Martin Leslie’s 17th birthday party. PBO
Thatcher Of Grumper’s End. Father of Jimmy, Ernie, Herb, Teddy, Edna, Doris, etc. Unwashed and uneducated, with a bad leg. During war, all London evacuee children gravitated to his house because of a natural affinity for dirt. B, CBI, MB, PE, HR2
Thatcher, Bessie From Grumper’s End. Replaced Francis and Peggy Brandon’s old Nurse when she left to go to Lady Cora Waring. HR2
Thatcher, Doris Like her sister Edna, the mother of numerous illegitimate progeny – Gladys, Glamora, Sid and Stan. Worked for the Grantlys in Edgewood. B, CBI, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, 3S&T
Thatcher, Edna Had illegitimate son Purse, named after his father Percy. Worked for Grantlys at Edgewood. B, CBI, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, 3S&T
Thatcher, Gladys (Glad) b. 1936. Illegitimate daughter of Doris Thatcher. B
Thatcher, Herb One of the Grumper’s End Thatchers. Delia Brandon put a splint on his broken arm. A doctor (not Dr. Ford) set it improperly and it had to be rebroken and reset in Barchester Hospital. B, CBI
Thatcher, Jimmy b. 1931. Helped Mr. Miller at church services, wanted to be a dentist. Had appendicitis at the Pomfret Madrigal Fête. Got scholarship to Great Western University. In Air Force, went to be stationed in America. B, CBI, OBH, CC, DD, HR2
Thatcher, Percy (Purse) b. 1937. Illegitimate offspring of Edna Thatcher of Grumper’s End and Edgewood. True Barsetshire in speech. Well-behaved, good with machinery. Received technical scholarship to study “woyreless.” B, CBI, OBH, CC, DD, HR2
Thatcher, Sgt. Alf Possibly brother of Edna, Doris, Jimmy, etc. of Grumper’s End. Possibly also the Lance-Corporal who had been under arrest for pinching stores. Won George Cross for gallantry in the war, but later served a seven-year sentence for attack on a Limehouse pawnbroker. CC
Thatcher, Sid One of Doris Thatcher’s illegitimate children. A bit wanting, but good at growing plants. Caused Palafox borealis to flower early, to the surprise of botanists. Sam Adams planned to hire him for Amalgamated Vedge. OBH, CC, DD, HR2, 3S&T
Thatcher, Teddy Of Grumper’s End. Disqualified in sack race at Fete because he had one foot out of the sack. Red hair. B, CBI
Thomas, Dr. Rector at Worsted, father of Dolly and Phyllis. Aged and deaf, had to be addressed in CAPITAL LETTERS! Dead by the time of GU. AF, GU
Thomas, Miss Dolly Daughter of rector at Worsted. AF
Thomas, Miss Phyllis b.1903. Daughter of rector of Worsted. “Weatherbeaten young woman of thirty.” AF
Thompson, Rev. Barchester preacher who christened Zernebok Womber. LAA
Thorne Conservative member for West Barsetshire before Sam Adams became M.P. Had to give up parliamentary duties because of heart condition. PBO
Thorne “Young Thorne” who farmed with his father over Chaldicotes way. “Best hands in the county”” — an Olympic hopeful. 3S&T
Thorne, Admiral Fought in battle of Trafalgar, had monument in Barchester. CBI
Thorne, Canon d.1948. Elderly bachelor with High-Church leanings. Very deaf; thin with a long neck. Lived like a hermit his last few years. Wagers were made as to the imminent collapse of his house in the Cathedral Close (The Vine ) after all the books were removed. CBI, PBO, OBH, HR2, ESR
Thorne, Dr. Thomas Old Dr. Thorne of the Trollope novels. Married heiress Martha Dunstable and reared Mary, illegitimate daughter of his brother Henry. Distant cousins of the Thornes of Ullathorne. HM, CC, DA
Thorne, Mary From Trollope novels Dr. Thorne and Framley Parsonage>, An illegitimate daughter of Henry Thorne and Mary Scatcherd, adopted by Dr. Thorne of Greshamsbury. Married Frank Gresham after inheriting the Scatcherd fortune. Father was killed by Roger Scatcherd. Great-aunt of Charles Belton, left him some government bonds and, supposedly, “altered her will yearly through a long and quarrelsome life.” Her mother left Barset with a tradesman whom she married and accompanied to Australia or America). HM, LAR, CC, DD, HR2, JC, DA, LAA
Thorne, Miss Sister of Old Canon Thorne, great-niece of old Monica Thorne. CC, HR2
Thorne, Monica Sister of Wilfred Thorne, the “Squire of Ullathorne” in Trollope’s Barchester Towers, Dr. Thorne, and Last Chronical of Barset. CC, HR2
Throckmorton d.1954. Old acquaintance of Leonard Halliday, ten years his senior. ESR
Tidden, Horace Son of Ned Tidden, who was a bit dotty, and his illegitimate cousin Lily, who later was in an asylum. Worked on Lord Pomfret’s estate and killed his old uncle and aunt with a billet of wood. Knocked up the neighbors to boast of what he had done, then threw himself down the well. B, OBH, LAA, 3S&T
Tidden, Lily Illegitimate child who married her cousin Ned. Son Horace. In county asylum, happy and quiet after almost killing one of the nurses. B, OBH, LAA, 3S&T
Toby (or Punch) Pony formerly belonging to Southbridge butcher who gave rides at the Fete for threepence. Later belonged to Simpson, the Pomfret Madrigal grocer. B
Todd Father of Anne Todd Knox. Died and left Anne and her mother badly off. LAA
Todd, Anne Laura Morland’s secretary, married George Knox, novelist and windbag, of High Rising, after turning down proposal from Dr. Ford. WVS secretary in war. Competent and practical, unlike her garrulous husband. HR1, DH, GU, MB, PBO, PE, ESR, NTL, LAA, 3S&T
Todd, Mrs. d.1933. Slightly dotty invalid mother of Anne Todd. Placed huge orders with local merchants for things they neither needed nor could afford. Lived at High Rising, died at end of HR1, freeing Anne to marry George Knox. HR1, DH, LAA, 3S&T
Tolford-Spender A man to whom John Middleton wrote a letter about the church at Monk’s Pardon; this managed to save its architectural style. BL
Tom, Uncle Dotty great-uncle of Southbridge master Shergold. Left all his money to the Ada Clotworth Mental Institution. PE
Tommy Girl at Little Misfit who had a bull terrier and was a friend of Lydia Keith. CBI
Tompion Rather evangelical vicar at Little Misfit. Chaplain in war. Married daughter of a Colonel from Leamington. B, GL, PE
Tompion, Mrs. Wife of Vicar of Little Misfit, a colonel’s daughter from Leamington. Slightly evangelical. Stayed with Col. and Mrs. Parkinson in Leamington during war while husband was a military chaplain. B, GU, PE
Tompkins “Young” Tompkins. Apparently the son of Madame Tompkins the dressmaker. Helped his grandfather as the gardener and handyman in the Cathedral Close. ESR
Tompkins Boot-and-knife man at the Palace. Married a Frenchwoman in the last war, went to New Zealand to escape his wife’s temper, where he was doing well. MB, OBH, HR2, LAA
Tompkins Driver of the locomotive Rising Castle out of Winter Overcotes. GU
Tompkins Father of “Old” Tompkins. Expert in the use of muck as fertilizer. CC
Tompkins, “Old” Madame Tompkins’ father-in-law. jobbing gardener in the Close. Still mowed lawns with a pony-mower and scythe. Archaic and earthy in speech. Replaced the bell which the Bishop had removed from the fishpond. PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, ESR, LAA
Tompkins, Madame Frenchwoman who married the boot-and-knife man at the Palace during WWI. Her temper drove him to go to New Zealand, she did well as dressmaker in Barchester. Also leased rooms to, among others, Bishop Joram. MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, HR2, JC, DA, LAA
Tone, Mars Artist who was suggested as a candidate to do a bas-relief of “Knowledge and Ignorance” for Southbridge School. A leading light of the modern Phallo-Hexagonal School. PE
Toothbane, Lord Anglo-Saxon earl who took in revenues of Bishopric in the 15-year vacancy after the “disappearance” of Bishop Aethwithric. HR2
Topham, Capt. Crosby Billeted on the Villarses in Northbridge during war. Member of the Barsetshires. Married Betty Turner. Inherited a place in Dewitt’s Broad from an uncle and became the local squire. NR
Tory, Mrs. Cook for Admiral Palliser at Hallbury. MB
Tory, Greta Postwoman in Hallbury. Niece of Admiral Palliser’s cook. Permed hair, sandals, nail polish, etc., but a nice girl who gave some of her wages to her mother. Later seen as a waitress at the White Hart in Barchester. MB, LAR, CQ
Towel, E. G. Wrote letters to Mrs. Morland accusing her of hating dogs, because of a statement in one of her books. LAR
Tower, Mrs. Old lady whose grave Hibberd had to dig while the drought was on and the ground hard. NR
Towers, Duke of See Harcourt  
Tozer A cousin of Tozer of Scatcherd and Tozer. Owned the Maison Tozier, a hairdressing establishment. JC
Tozer, Mr. Representative of Scatcherd and Tozer, caterers, of Barchester. A mess waiter on Salisbury Plain during WWI. CBI, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA,3S&T
Traill, Donald Master at Southbridge School. Lived in Maria Cottage, Wiple Terrace. Drove his neighbors crazy with his gramophone. PE, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, ESR, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Trapes, Mrs. Jessica Dean’s dresser in the theatre. “Her sisters went to the bad and did nicely out of it.” Deceased husband was a heavy drinker. CC
Travers Friend of Mr. Wickham. Sent him a bottle of Kirschwasser. OBH
Trees of Barsetshire Wych-elm (where Broad-Tailed Gallowsbird nests) Pocklington’s alder (where Lesser Gallowsbird nests)  
Tristram, Prof Fellow who went “’round discovering murals on church walls that aren’t there.” WDIM
Trotter, Mrs. Temporary cook at Beliers Priory School, replaced by Selina Hopkins. Formerly cook at the Deanery. LAR
Troubridge Friend of Mr. Wickham. On Australia station. HR2
Trouncer, Mrs. “Old” Mrs. Trouncer whose grave was almost late being dug because the sexton was admiringly watching Misses Hampton and Bent digging their wartime garden. Died at 99 in Northbridge, despite a bet with Hibberd the sexton she’d live to be 100. Hibberd was sick with flu and mad with disappointment that he couldn’t dig her grave. Young Bunce dug it. CBI, NR
Trowell Builder in Northbridge. NR, WDIM
Trowell, Norma Worked at the telephone exchange. Apparently daughter of Trowell the builder. NR
Tucker, Mrs. Stoker’s aunt who died of dropsy. She took larger and fewer doses of medication to be more efficient. LAA
Tucker, Mrs. Of Starveacre Hatches. Had three invalid and mentally defective children. PT
Tuckwell, Lillian Author of The Truth about Byron (also the Truths about Keats, Shelley, the Brownings, etc.) CBI
Tudor, Glamora Seemed to be the star of every motion picture at the Barchester Odeon, including “Moonlight Passion,” “Lips of Desire,” “They Loved Too Well,” etc. Always with a different leading man. B, BL, CBI, NR, MH, MB, PBO, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Tupper, Mr. Air-raid warden near Mrs. Spender’s home. NR
Turk (1935-1950) Aged shaggy dog belonging to Lucy Marling. Chased several of the Harveys’ chickens, causing their collapse. MH, LAR, OBH, DD
Turnbull Junior Classics master at Southbridge. Killed in WWI. SH
Turner, Betty Young niece of Mrs. Poppy Turner of Northbridge, with whom she and her sister lived after their parents died of influenza. First encountered on a picnic in B. Began each new statement with her favorite word, “Ackcherly.” Married Capt. Crosby Topham, lived in Norfolk after war. B, CBI, NR, MB, PE, WDIM
Turner, Cecil Deceased husband of Poppy Turner. An unmitigated cad and waster until death removed him after a year of marriage. Spent his final days in a home for alcoholics. NR, JC, WDIM
Turner, Miss Other niece of Mrs. Turner, first name never given. Married Tommy G reaves. CBI, NR, MB, PE, W DI M
Turner, Poppy Resided at The Hollies in Northbridge with her two nieces, Betty and “Mrs. Turner’s other niece.” A sprightly and energetic widow. Ran communal kitchen during war. Harold Downing was attracted, but was prevented from marrying her first by his dominant landlady’s possessiveness (Miss Pemberton) and then by his belief that his studious life was not suited for Mrs. Turner. Mrs. Turner lived with Betty and her husband after war, but returned to Northbridge and married Downing in 1953. CBI, NR, MB, PE, JC, WDIM, DA
Turpin Gardener at Stories for the Brandons. Deaf and cantankerous. B, HR2
Turpin “Old” Turpin, uncle of the Brandons’ gardener. Deceased. It was thought to have been in very bad taste for him to die four days before the vicar’s return in very hot weather. B
Turpin Grandfather of the Brandons’ gardener. Lived nigh on to 100 years and hadn’t had a tooth in his head for 40 years. B
Turpin Father of the Brandons’ gardener. Was 93 when “Mr. Moffet took and buried him.” B
Turpin, Bobby Participant in sack race at Fete. Cried because he was convinced he’d never get out of the sack (which was tied at the neck). B
Turpin, Hettie Housekeeper at Pomfret Madrigal vicarage, wife of the brother of the gardener at Stories. B
Twicker Gardener for the Keiths. Married the Keiths’ old Nannie. Name is spelled “Twitcher” in some books. Dead by time of LAA. SH, PE, WDIM, LAA
Twicker, Nannie The Keiths’ Nannie. Married the gardener before the war. Thought poorly of her own grown children because they weren’t gentry. SH, GU, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM, ESR, LAA
Umbleby, Canon Canon of Barchester, related to the lawyer Yates Umbleby. CQ
Umbleby, Yates Sponsor of a bazaar attended by John Leslie. Lived in Greshamsbury. Three children. A lawyer, descendant of a Trollope character of the same name, who mismanaged the Gresham estate so badly that he was replaced by Mortimer Gazebee. CQ
Updike b.1918. Elder son of Philip and Betty Updike. Was studying law when war began, rose to rank of colonel. Later joined father in solicitor’s practice. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, CQ
Updike b.1922. Elder daughter of the Updikes of Harefield. Promoted rapidly in WAAFs during war. after which she started a domestic  science school. Very quiet and competent. Later was head of Barchester Library, then secretary for Lord and Lady Pomfret. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, DA
Updike b.1926. Younger daughter of the Updikes of Harefield. Was doing well at St. Perdita’s School in HM. The school was evacuated from St. Leonard’s to Abergobblyn. Received scholarship to Cambridge. Entered a travel agency after war. HM, LAR, HR2
Updike b.1928. Younger son of the Updikes of Harefield. Raking in scholarships in HM (1943) while attending Southbridge School. Entered military service in LAR, became an accountant after war. HM, LAR, HR2
Updike, Betty Wife of Harefield solicitor Philip Updike. Tall, fair, very young- looking. two sons, two daughters. Engagingly incompetent, continually sustaining minor injuries in a ridiculous manner. HM, LAR, DD, HR2, DA, CQ
Updike, Phil Lived at Clives Corner in Harefield. A solicitor with 4 children ages 15 to 25 at first appearance. Quiet, short, gray-haired and middle- aged. From a long line of solicitors. Bit of a gossip. HM, LAR, DD, DA, CQ
Valoroso Family of evacuees taken in by Bishop Joram during war. Father was an acrobat, later in service in Middle East. Mother had taken to drink but Bishop Joram put a stop to that. Daughters Ruby and Marleen were excellent tap dancers. All more than a bit low-class. HM
Van der Meer Of Van der Meer and Applebaum, the American branch of Johns and Fairfield, publishers. PT
Van Dryven, Betty See Dean, Betty  
Van Dryven, Cutsam Porck Deceased father of Woolcott Van Dryven. Was American minister at Ducal Court of Schaur-Antlitz. BL
Van Dryven, Woolcott Jefferson Wealthy American who married Betty Dean. He “looks after his money and does a spot of archaeology.” Had a Classical Excavation diploma from U. of Pittsburgh. BL, PE, LAR, WDIM, LAA
Van Pork, Cutsam Wealthy Baltimorian whose wedding the Duchess of Towers helped plan. LAA
Van Storck, Lt. Officer to whom Rose Birkett was once engaged. SH
Vance, Mrs. Nurse for Mrs. Brandon at Stories, later for Francis and Peggy Brandon’s children. PE
Vaugeot Author of Entrechats Grisabout modernist ballet. B
Verena Heifer at Noel Merton’s Northbridge Manor estate, named after Mrs. Villars, the vicar’s wife. PE
Verger Dean Crawley’s butler. PE, WDIM, DA, 3S&T
Vidler Odd-job man in Little Misfit. Son Percy and another. ESR
Vidler Poulterer in Northbridge. NR, PBO, WDIM
Vidler, Bill Fishmonger for Little Misfit and Hatch End. ESR, DA
Vidler, Jno. Struck by lightning while …well,…er,… The “Foreigner” with him was killed, too. Buried in Little Misfit Churchyard. ESR
Vidler, Mrs. Mother of Bill Vidler the fishmonger. Was childless until an old lady at Starveacres sold her a charm. DA
Vidler, Mrs. Northbridge shopkeeper. Sister-in-law of the poulterer, probably the aunt of Mrs. Hubback of Little Misfit. WDIM, ESR
Villars b. 1914. Elder son of Gregory and Verena Villars. A professor in a provincial university. NR, PE, CQ
Villars, John b. 1918. Younger son of Gregory and Verena Villars. Rather likeable but self-centered and immature. Wing Commander in Air Force during war. Married with two children by 1952. NR, GU, PE, JC, CQ
Villars, Rev. Gregory b. 1886. Vicar of Northbridge. Former headmaster of Coppin’s School. Canon of Barchester by LAX SH, CBI, NR, GU, MB, PE, CC, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA
Villars, Verena b. 1892. Wife of Rev. Gregory Villars, vicar of Northbridge. Typical languid, middle-aged, attractive Thirkell heroine. Had “a bit of a heart.” Two sons. SH, CBI, NR, GU, MB, PE, DD, JC, WDIM, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Violante A nun seduced by Cosimo de Strelsa whose offspring is believed by Miss Pemberton to be Giacopone Giacopini, creator of altar pieces. NR
Vixen b.1926. Wife of Charles Belton’s friend Joe. Had two kids, lived in a flat in Chelsea, had been on the stage. LAR
Wagstaffe Signals officer for Barsetshire Regiment. GU
Walker Of Walker and Winthrop, lawyers for Sir Harry Waring. DD 
Walker Taught higher mathematics at Southbridge School. Very old. CBI
Walker Mr. Yates Umbleby’s Latin master at St. Paul’s. CQ
Wallie Grandson of the Dales’ cook, brother of Alfie. Mentally defective, but quite intelligent if shown a sixpence. MB
Walter Footman at Rushwater. Once was walking out with Ivy. WS, LAR, ESR
Walton Butcher in Northbridge. NR
Wamba the Witless Saxon ancestor of the Pucken family. From Scott’s Ivanhoe. LAA, 3S&T
Wamber, Fred Old Barsetshire laborer who named his son Zernebok. Descendant of Wamba the Witless. CQ, LAA
Wandle Butcher in Hallbury Old Town. MB
Warbury See Gissing  
Ward, Sister Nurse “Wardy,” who shared an apartment with Sisters Heath and Chiffinch. DH, MB, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, CQ, 3S&T
Waring Sir Harry’s grandfather. Married a London heiress and had the Priory built by a friend of hers. GU
Waring, Cecil Cousin and heir of Sir Harry Waring. Brother of Leslie. Parents had been killed in an accident. Lt. Commander in Royal Navy. Tall and spare with hawk’s nose and light blue eyes. Had a bit of shrapnel in him from D-Day, which came loose, but he was rushed to Barchester Hospital by Cora Palliser, whom he later married. Inherited Beliers Priory, farmed the land, also started a prep school for naval orphans. GU, LAR, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Waring, Gen. Sir Harry (1866-1949) Resident of Beliers Priory before war. Son George (deceased), wife Harriet. Was in 408th Regt. in Boer War and WWI. Although he had been a general, he hated making tough decisions. Lived in servants’ quarters during war while most of the Priory was a convalescent hospital. Died by the time of DD. GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Waring, George (1900-1918) Son of Sir Harry and Lady Waring. Killed just before Armistice Day in WWI. Attended Southbridge School. Had been in love with Dean Crawley ‘s oldest daughter, then 15, when he left. GU, PE, LAR, DD, HR2, CQ, LAA
Waring, Lady Cora See Palliser, Lady Glencora  
Waring, Lady Harriet (1878-1949) Wife of Gen. Sir Harry Waring. Tall and distinguished. Competent, hard-working, intelligent and well educated. Never truly recovered from the death of her son in 1918. GU, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, WDIM, CQ
Waring, Leslie Cousin of Sir Harry and Lady Waring. Sister of Cecil. Worked in Naval charities organization until she had a breakdown and came to Beliers Priory to recuperate. Had been torpedoed while returning from America and was in an open boat for 2 days. Married Philip Winter and helped him turn Beliers Priory into a school after the war. Children Noel (1946) and Harriet (1948). GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, CQ
Waring, Plantagenet Cecil b.1952. Son of Sir Cecil and Lady Cora Waring. At first mention called Harry. HR2, JC, WDIM
Waring, Sir George Father of Sir Harry. Modernized the Priory to some extent for his hunting friends. Built Ladysmith Cottages in Worsted. GU
Watkins, S.W. Acquaintance of some of the Harefield people. Had a bookplate that read “Stolen from S.W. Watkins.” HM
Watson Housemaster at Southbridge School. His wife shut herself up whenever their son was in a boxing match. HR1, CBI
Watson Son of Southbridge housemaster. Despite his mother’s fears for his safety, the best boxer in Tony Morland’s form. HR
Watson Grandfather of Hallbury solicitor. Built drill hall and recreation room during South African war, now used as a work center for village. MB
Watson, Charles Hallbury solicitor. Father of Tom. MB
Watson, Clare b.1938. Daughter of Lettice (Marling) Watson and the late Roger Watson. MH, MB, CC, DD
Watson, Diana b.1936. Daughter of Lettice (Marling) Watson and the late Roger Watson. MH, MB, CC, DD
Watson, Lettice See Marling, Lettice  
Watson, Molly Glover Wife of Hallbury solicitor, mother of Tom. Capable organizer of all village activities. Fat and jolly with a loud voice. An Old Ethylburgian, former classmate of Miss Holly at Fairlawns, where she played tennis and basketball. MB
Watson, Roger d.1940. First husband of Lettice Marling. Killed at Dunkirk. MH
Watson, Tom b.1936. Young boy tutored by Robin Dale in Hallbury. Son of Charles and Molly Watson. MB
Weaver, Sir Hosea Master of the Hosiers’ Company, a Cambridge man with a degree in Political Economy. Was in hush-hush job with Philip Winter at Dower House during war. HM, DD
Welk, Harold Father of Mavis Parkinson. Wife died when she was 27. An undertaker by profession, well-to-do, practical, definitely of the people but nice. PE, CC, HR2, LAA
Welk, Harold Sr. Father of Mr. Welk the undertaker. Remembered by Sir Edmund Pridham as handy at building anything with wood. Descendant of woodmen near Gundric’s Fossway, became an undertaker because his future wife’s father wouldn’t let her marry a gypsy. HR2
Welk, Mavis Married Theodore Parkinson, the rather naive theological student who later became vicar first of Pomfret Madrigal, then of Greshamsbury. Three children, Harold, Connie, and Josiah. PE, CC, ESR, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Welper Gave up his chicken farm near Marling Hall because of grain rationing. MH
Wesendonk, Robert Friend of Tony Morland at Southbridge School. Intelligent but never said anything (only uttered once in several books where appeared.) Interested in model trains and electricity. Had three sisters and was fond of babies. Played harmonica to indicate emotional moods. Later became an Olympic swimmer. HR1, DH, SH, MB, 3S&T, MMS
Weston Chauffeur at Rushwater. WS
Wheeler Father of “S”. Sarah Wheeler. Odd-job man and patron of the Old Begum Alehouse. Wife was a laundress. HM, LAR, CQ
Wheeler Aunt of housemaid at Pomfret Towers. Figured in an amusing story about a folding fire escape at Pomfret Towers. Apparently also the aunt of Bill Wheeler. PT, WDIM
Wheeler “Old Wheeler,” a Keith retainer at Northbridge. PE, WDIM
Wheeler Groom at Pomfret Towers. OBH
Wheeler Ran garage near Little Misfit. B
Wheeler, Mrs. Caused some unpleasantness with Mrs. Spindler over a cask at the Vicarage Fete at Pomfret Madrigal. B
Wheeler, Bill “Wheeler’s cousin” at Little Misfit, the only man who really understood the Pomfret Towers chimneys. “Old Wheeler” of the Pomfret estate. PT, HM, LAR, OBH, CC, HR2, JC, WDIM, CQ, LAA
Wheeler, Ernie Evacuee who stayed with Mrs. Gibbs in Northbridge, but moved to Poppy Turner’s home when Mrs. Gibbs’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law moved in with her. NR
Wheeler, Esme Married sister of Pomfret Towers housemaid. PT
Wheeler, Florrie b.1927. Housemaid for the Beltons at Arcot House. HM, HR2
Wheeler, Sarah (S.) Nurse-housekeeper for Beltons at Harefield House. Only grudgingly admitted to having a first name; the Beltons only knew the initial “S.” The Sarah was extracted by Government Officialdom. Aunt of Ellen Humble. HM, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, WDIM
Wheeler, Sid Landlord of the Nabob’s Head in Harefield. HM, LAR, HR2, WDIM
Wickens Ex-scout from St. John’s,with a game leg. Along with his deaf, silent wife, looked after Mr. Sydney Carton at Harefield. Served in WWI. HM, HR2
Wickham b.1898. Middle-aged naval man invalided out after Dunkirk. Acted as estate agent for Noel Merton at Northbridge Manor. Known as “Wicks.” Was a farmer between service in both wars. An avid birdwatcher with a remarkable capacity to absorb alcohol, large quantities of which were sent him by naval friends all over the world. Nephew of Mr. Johns, publisher. Proposed to and was refused by Effie Arbuthnot, Isabel Dale, and Margot Phelps (in each case the refusal was a great relief!) PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Wickham Uncle of Wickham (the Mertons’ estate agent) over Chaldicotes way. Died and left Wicks £600 a year. Supposedly a brother of Wickham’s mother, but unless she married a Wickham that doesn’t seem right. Possibly a brother-in-law? WDIM
Wicklow, Alice b.1944. Daughter of Roddy and Alice Wicklow. Attended Barchester High School, planned to be a vet. PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA
Wicklow, Alice See Barton, Alice  
Wicklow, Guy b.1941. Son of Roddy and Alice Wicklow. Planned to enter forestry. PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Wicklow, Phoebe b.1943. Daughter of Roddy and Alice Wicklow. Planned to attend art school. PE, OBH, WDIM, LAA, 3S&T
Wicklow, Roddy Son of Mr. Wicklow of Barton and Wicklow, Architects. Assistant estate agent to Mr. Hoare at Pomfret Towers, later took over the estate himself. Big, good-natured, he married Alice Barton and became invaluable assistant to his brother-in-law Giles, Lord Pomfret. Wounded in leg, which kept him out of most of war, but returned to fight in Belgium near war’s end. PT, B, BL, CBI, MH, GU, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, DD, WDIM,  ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Wicklow, Sally b.1914. Daughter of Mr. Wicklow the architect. Enthusiastic outdoorswoman who loved horses and dogs, “the best hands in the county.” Married Giles Foster, who became Lord Pomfret, and took much of the burden of duties over from him because of his poor health. Children Ludovic, Emily, Giles. Conscientious and hard-working, she was on every important committee during and after the war. PT, B, CBI, MH, HM, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, WDIM, ESR, NTL, DA, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Widdowson Mathematician who worked on Law of Inverse Relations and Friction of Constants. MB
Williams Mrs. Spender’s “Daddy” who was consul in Mixo-Lydia. NT
Williams, Dr. Physician for Princess Louisa Christina of Cobalt. Recommended bran in her diet, according to Miss Starter. BL
Wilson Contemporary of John Leslie Jr. at Southbridge School. Wrote Latin assignment in different colored inks, incurring the wrath of his masters. CQ
Wimple, Lady Guest at Pomfret Towers house party. Covered three sofas and 45 chairs with needlepoint, but was forced to listen to Hermione Rivers telling her how to do it. PT
Winston Kitten born to the Phipps’s cat Flossie and a Persian tom cat. Given to Matron to replace the cat shot by Private Jenks. Silky and smoke-colored. GU
Winter, Leslie See Waring, Leslie  
Winter, Miss Wife of Helen Keith’s uncle Andrew. Supposedly had a trace of black blood as her parents lived in Bermuda. SH
Winter, Philip Under-housemaster to Everard Carter at Southbridge School, where he was Senior Classics Master. Son of a clergyman. At first meeting, a hot-tempered communist sympathizer. Was engaged to Rose Birkett, the nitwit daughter of the headmaster, and was extremely jealous. Became unengaged on day of memorable picnic on an island in the Rising River at Northbridge, culminating in Rose’s throwing her ring at him (a relief to all concerned.) Joined the Territorials during the war, rose to rank of Colonel, and lost his communist sympathies. Was called “Carrots” and “Fireworks” in school because of red hair. Married Leslie Waring, started Priory School in Beliers Priory, later moved school to Harefield. SH, CBI, GU, MB, PBO, PE, LAR, OBH, CC, DD, HR2, JC, ESR, CQ, LAA, 3S&T
Winthrop Of Walker and Winthrop, Sir Harry Waring’s solicitors. A Dickensian character – tall, thin, bespectacled, with string tie. Elderly bachelor with dry manners. Lived at Silverbridge. DD
Wiple Small master builder of Southbridge. Created Wiple Terrace in 1820 – Four small cottages named for his four daughters (Maria, Louisa, Adelina, and Editha). In 3S&T Wiple Terrace was rescued from Sir Ogilvy Hibberd’s plan to raze it and build a factory CBI, PE, JC, 3S&T
Wixett, Miss Barchester High School’s first headmistress, predecessor of The Pettinger. Retired in Lyme Regis. CBI
Woolff, Hector Leader of the dance band, The Happy Hectorians. ESR
Woolton, Lord Apparently responsible for rationing during war. GU
Wuffy Sally Wicklow’s Airedale. PT
Wyckens, Bishop Bishop who was extremely unpopular with Pomfret Madrigal Abbey over matter of waste land at Starveacres. Thought by some to be subject of painting in Pomfret Madrigal Church. B
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Yardley Maths master at prep school attended by Ludovic, Lord Mellings. Produced the school plays. WDIM
Yates, Marcia Classmate of Grace Grantly in fifth form at Barchester High. Good at geometry. Her father, who kept greyhounds, was planning to send her to a finishing school near Oxford. Her mother once wrote her an excuse from school to go to the Derby because it was educational. OBH
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