Officers and Directors North America

  • Secretary: Sunny Gwaltney
  • Treasurer: Susan Scanlon
  • Divagations Co-editors: Lynne Crowley and Penelope Fritzer
  • Production and Proofing: Susan Verell
  • Book and Publications Chair: Jerri Chase
  • Publicity Chair: Tom Johnson
  • New Members: Janet Schmeltzer
  • Secretaries Emeritus: Edith Jeude, Barbara Houlton, Penelope Fritzer

The Angela Thirkell Society of North America was formed to further educational and literary interest in Angela Thirkell. A $15 membership brings you access to the ATS Journal, usually published annually in the UK, and the ATS Divagations, published three times a year, as well as access to books and articles, and information about North America and UK meetings.

The Angela Thirkell Society
c/o Susan Scanlon, Treasurer
PO Box 1376
Southeastern PA 19399-9002